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Key Cabinets for Car Dealerships

Are you an automobile lover? Does your professional life also revolve around it? Maybe you own a car dealership! You're in luck, because we've got a fabulous product for you that will help with key management of your vehicles up for sale. With a great range of Vehicle Key Management Solutions by TelKee Key Cabinets, find out what makes them an ideal choice for your car dealership business.

Vehicles Key Solutions TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets 347C 20 Keys Vehicles Grey

Maybe your car dealership business deals with a large number of vehicles, or requires you to stay on top of things with regards to car rental keys if one of your supplementary businesses is that too. One thing is for sure, you will definitely benefit by using the TelKee Key Cabinets that are specially designed for vehicles.

The concept of the TelKee vehicle key cabinets is about being organised and to offer security & control of the multitude of keys. It can be easily done in an efficient & effective manner with this key management solution due to its various features as well as the accessories it comes with that offers ways of managing your keys.

These vehicle key cabinets are convenient, easy to use but extremely secure. With the keyless mechanical keypad that comes with a manager override feature, the added security is definitely reliable. When dealing with a large number of keys on a daily basis and traffic in terms of sales personnel, the use of a keyless access control option not only allows secure access but also it comes with a logging function which documents who has accessed the vehicle key cabinets too.

Vehicles Key Solutions TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets 686LC 150 Vehicle Beige

Available in four sizes, the TelKee Vehicle Cabinets offer the diversity of being a great solution for businesses big and small. The design of the key hook panels accommodates the possibility of a bulky key tag (which is usually the case with automobile keys). The models available catering to the size and capacity of your requirement include the following.

The model number is made out of three components denoting the specific product where the initial numbers refers to the height of the vehicle key cabinet; the "C" and "LC" refers to the type of cabinet where "LC" offers more key storage capacity; and the number at the end signifies the number of keys that can be accommodated inside.

These vehicle key cabinets are also ideal for car park management companies, fleet management services, and more. Opt for TelKee's Vehicle Key Cabinets for your business!

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