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Key Cabinet with Combination Lock

A key cabinet is a useful piece of office equipment to any business organisation, whether large or small. Offering more than just a means of storing your keys to your premises or vehicles safe and sound, it also offers numerous advantages in managing your keys too. When you choose a lockable cabinet, make sure to be aware of all the features it provides, along with the standard model combination locking mechanism and not to mention the complementary accessories you are offered along with the purchase of this secure key management solution.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet 686 Secure Key Cabinet Model

The following includes some of the features included in a TelKee Lockable Cabinet for key management.

  • Whether you’re looking to store standard keys or you need to store oversized keys individually or in bunches, TelKee’s key cabinets have accounted for this possibility, where the capacity is designed based on 1-2 regular house sized keys per hook. There are ways in which oversized/bulky keys can be stored by either using every other row or hook, or leaving an empty slot (for a panel, an example –the 686 TelKee key cabinet model allows up to 4 panels for a maximum of 450 keys or if bunches are used can accommodate 3 panels for 350 keys or 2 panels for 250 keys).
  • Locking mechanisms plays a big role in ensuring the safety of the keys, and TelKee offers various options. One such locking options is the 3 Digit Combination Lock that offers 3 digit changeable combinations, a cam lock mechanism,                 mechanical system without batteries being a necessity, no maintenance, and also the default locking option available for all the TelKee models.
  • If you need to increase your capacity, the TelKee secure lockable cabinet for key management has features for expansions with the use of panels that have key hooks. Whilst taking into consideration the type of keys being stored (that is, standard and/or bulky keys), there are 4 types expansion models – T347 (up to 1 panel,  60 hooks max), T530 (up to 3 panels,  245 hooks max), T686 (up to 4 panels,  450 hooks max), and T686L (up to 5 panels,  550 hooks max)
  • Each cabinet comes with accessories such as plastic key tags that are numbered sequentially from one up to the maximum capacity of each cabinet model in either red or blue. For example, a T530/175 key cabinet includes tags #1-175.

TelKee Key Cabinet Models

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