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Key Cabinet Accessories

When you are tasked with ensuring your building is secure, as well as responsible for the duty of care of the assets within, you probably need various office management solutions such as storage and key cabinets. You probably also asked yourself “which key cabinet is right for me” at some point in your requirement gathering stage. You may have stumbled upon this post when looking for options and reviews so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your key cabinet accessories.

A key cabinet can be small enough to hold your home keys (to doors and various other locks) and large enough to house hundreds of infrastructure keys or even vehicular keys with bulky heads. There are many features that make them attractive to a buyer, not forgetting their aesthetics to match the office or interior and also the accessories it’s accompanied by. These secure key cabinets are quite beneficial to any office or business as not only do they fulfill the requirements of secure key storage, but it also offers various key management solutions also. These key cabinet accessories are quite the complement to the main star (being the secure key cabinet).

Key Cabinet Accessories from TelKee Key Cabinets range from printed and coloured key tags to perforated sheets that can either be numbered or blank for your preference to locking systems depending on your choice of security, index cards for easy referencing to the key you’re looking for, signature strips for due responsibility, expansions and more.

The Indexing Systems made available by TelKee, Australia’s leading supplier of key management solutions, include both alphabetical and numerical means of categorizing, where you are given the option of using cards or an alphabetically categorized book.

The Locking Systems available, whether it’s the standard or an upgrade feature allows you to select your preference of locking system. Choose from the lock and key options to even keyless locking mechanisms. You have the option of choosing the standard cam lock that comes with 2 keys, the 3-digit combination/combo lock, the bi-lock and a mechanical keypad that comes with or without a manager override and not forgetting a logging software option to log who has accessed the key cabinet based on their pass codes.

With many more great key cabinet accessories available on the TelKee Lockable Cabinets website, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to buy for your key storage and management solution. Shop online with TelKee Lockable Cabinets by choosing your shopping options.

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