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Key and Lockable Cabinets for Schools & Universities

Let’s face it, lots of places need proper control and organisation, not to mention management practices. Without these in place there may be some form of chaos, especially when it comes to schools and universities, where you have so many requirements whether its key management or safeguarding personal information. For this very reason, that is why key and lockable cabinets are ideal solutions to those needs. Let us look at how schools and universities can make use of Telkee Lockable Cabinets.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Small Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 530 Model 245 Key Hooks BeigeI_T382

Schools and universities have a large number of rooms and as well as building complexes, not to mention cupboards, lockers, offices and the list goes on. For all these situations, the responsible staff will need to make sure that they are safeguarded during closed hours, or in fact if there are items that are not always needed in demand, ensure that they are locked away for safeguarding. What is the common denominator here? That’s right, keys! You will need keys to all these items, and there may be more than one key.

Whether it is the administration, custodians, or janitorial staff, there may be many reasons why you will need access to the various locales. Therefore, for all these personnel, there should be a way in which they can get to the keys, and usually a custodian is in charge of them, and in some cases, the school or university administration. To safeguard the keys in itself, you need a lockable key cabinet that comes with proper means of safety to ensure that they are all stored in one location, with proper management practices taken to make sure someone is accountable when they take out keys from the key cabinets.

There are several solutions to your key management needs, one being using separate key cabinets that come with expansion panels and areas to denote them via numbering systems and there are also key hook panels that can be placed within filing cabinets that can be pulled out. In the latter case, this solution is ideal when it comes to office administration, as you can hold onto the master keys as well as any documentation that correlates to that room, building, or area, ensuring that there is a centralised location for all the master information, in case the duplications are lost or misplaced.

Regardless of who is to use these key and lockable cabinets, there is definite a very good use for them, and with the right practices put in place, you are sure to run a smooth sailing ship.

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