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Industrial Key Cabinets

Are you looking to reduce theft? Minimise your insurance exposure? Meet your 'duty of care' needs and enhance inventory control procedures? If you are looking for a solution to all these requirements, we've got it for you! Industrial key cabinets can help you with all of them and more. Catering to industrial, commercial and even residential requirements for key management, and ranging from small secure cabinets to medium and then large, you are assured that the industrial key cabinets available for purchase courtesy of TelKee Lockable Cabinets and their distributors Australia wide can help you improve efficiency and effectiveness in your workplace.

TelKee Key Cabinets | Industrial Key Cabinets | File Suspension Key Hook Panels

These industrial key cabinets are ideal for industrial estates, mining sites, corporate offices and buildings, estate management firms, architecture firms and sites, government offices and complexes, aged care centres and hospitals too. It's always best to be prepared and well organised and these cabinet solutions be it the complete product such as the key cabinets with its accessories or the likes of add-on features to existing cabinets can help you get there. Examples of the latter are the key suspension panels that allow you to utilise your own filing cabinets to take advantage of the key management solutions on offer.

The Industrial Key Cabinets fall within the category of key management solutions, whilst the Suspension Files that come with key hooks to be utilised with existing filing cabinets are listed under key management accessories. The key cabinets are further categorised into those for standard keys and keys used for vehicles which have car key fobs and are bulkier than normal thus requiring more space. These models are specifically made for them with more room for their bulky heads, thus even accommodating companies with fleet management services as well as car park operations to name a few.

TelKee Key Cabinets | File Cabinet Key Management Accessories

Sturdy, made with aluminium steel, and weather resistant makes the industrial key cabinets a good choice for construction and mining sites, with these cabinets are available in small, medium and large models depending on the minimum capacity to which expansion panels with key hooks can be easily adjusted to fit the maximum capacity, thus a great option for business continuity. Along with these cabinets and expansion/suspension panels, you also get accessories for the industrial key cabinets, which include numbered key tags, alpha and numerical indexing systems, signature strips for key 'check-out', perforated number sheets for slotting in behind the key hooks, and more.

With these industrial key cabinets and it's accessories for key management and control, you'll be able to manage your keys and valuables better. Choose TelKee Key Cabinets, Australia's Leader in Lockable Steel Cabinets!

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