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Indexing/Classification Systems for Key Management Solutions

Keyed locks for all assets and sensitivity/high-value information is a necessity, and where the key will serve as a security token in order to access the contents locked within, where persons possessing the key will be able to gain access. Managing these keys falls on the duty/responsibility of security officers of your organisation and it helps to have key management solutions. A physical attack on your assets could be detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of your office or business, and in order to safeguard these assets as well as ensure the duty of care of these personnel, it's important to enforce all these security measures. With the aid of key management solutions in the form of a lockable key cabinet offered along with accessories and a choice of indexing management system.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets Key Management Solutions Indexing System

Indexing/classification system (often also known as filing systems), are policies and procedures that direct how a file (or in this case, a key), should be stored and recorded (with reference to its origin/use/etc) to facilitate their retrieval, usage and disposition. It makes looking up for items easier as the reference numbers/text/code will correspond to the particular key in question. Usually stored on a printed medium for easy lookup such as an index book or card, these indexing systems when used for key management allows for record keeping, records inventory, retention schedule and filing plan. When given the accessories that you need, you can customise them to fit your requirement. Often, the key cabinet accessories also include signature strips/receipt forms which can be hung on the hook of the dispatched key. This is most commonly seen in the outside world for valet systems; the same system applies.

There are many types of indexing systems for keys; alpha-numeric/numeric-alphabetic and numeral systems. The most common would be the latter, however, it's been noted that alphanumeric indexing systems offer more means of referencing and making them unique. Essentially, it's a method of classifying items for storage and access by using letters and digits. Usually these codes differ depending on the application and use. Here is an example of alphanumerical indexing;

System Coding File description
A A A Master Key
APL Architecture, Planning and Landscape
1 Construction Informatics
1 Admissions Cabinet
2 Classroom
2 Architecture
1 Classroom
HR Human Resources
1 Department
2 Offices
1 Head of HR
2 Deputy HR
3 Manager
4 Security Officer

With concern to dispatching the Head of HR office key out of the lockable key cabinet, you will need to sign-out the key tagged "HR-2-1".

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