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How to Organise Your Key Management Tasks

As an office employee, whatever industry you may be in or committee that you are to part of, management duties can be at times difficult especially a responsible task such as key management (for a room and its contents, a floor, a department/unit, a building and more). Having the appropriate tools can greatly help in ensuring that your duty of care is fulfilled.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Large Key Management Solutions Australia

First off, you need to know your requirement. You need to answer questions such as;

  1. What are you storing?
  2. What is the capacity?
  3. Will your capacity requirement increase, ie, will you need more space and storage options?
  4. Who will be in charge?
  5. What security measures are needed?
  6. How will management and maintenance occur?

These are some valid questions you can ask yourself before you commit to your key management solution. When it comes to purchasing a lockable cabinet, be it for storing miscellaneous office items to storing keys, factors such as the capacity, expansion options, security and management measures are important.

Once you have decided on what your requirements will be, such as;

“A secure lockable key cabinet to house 210 keys with possible increase in capacity, a mechanical keypad lock (for multiple access based on user ID and logging) and accessories for accountability and easy management”.

This requirement can be solved with a TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet model from the Large Key Security Management Solutions range (TelKee 686 /250 Beige/Grey) and later to add Suspension Panels that has 100 key hooks (50 hooks on each side) that can be easily attached to the large key storage cabinet to accommodate up to 550 keys. The accessories that can be used to manage/maintain the lockable key cabinet includes the logging system that comes with the mechanical keypad that records who has accessed the key cabinet with a date/time stamp, as well as the likes of perforated numbered sheets/blank sheet for each respective numbered/printed/blank key tags on the panels. Index cards/books can also be used to index a key to a hook number for easy referencing when looking up or checking out a key. Signature strips also come in handy when dispatching a key from its hook by noting who issued the key, date/time, hook number and signature too and placing it on the respective issued key hook until the key is returned.

With these key management systems, you are able to make your job responsibilities easier and more convenient. Find out which TelKee Lockable Cabinet is right for you by browsing through the online products catalogue.

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