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How to Choose a TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet

If you are looking to purchase a key cabinet solution from TelKee Australia, and you are not too sure which one to get, we are here to help. We have for you, not only ways in which you can use your TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet more efficiently but ways in which you use the accessories that come with the purchase as a value added service and what else you can do to ensure maximum key control and management.

First off, you should be aware that TelKee Key Cabinets are ideal for offices and homes too, but some of the industries that the key cabinets are extremely beneficial to include government and state offices, hospitals and care institutions, real estate agencies, property management companies and automotive businesses that require key control and management. The fact that they are expandable and modular key cabinets is one of the key selling points at TelKee Key Cabinets Australia!

The locking options allow you the customisability to fit your requirement. Choose from the variety of locks available for upgrades if the standard cam lock does not fit your security requirement. These include mechanical keypad lock, bi-lock, 3-digit combo lock or bi-lock cam. The mechanical keypad lock is also available with a manager override feature and can track access to the key cabinet.

However, that’s not all; along with every purchase of a TelKee Key Cabinet, you also get to choose from the variety of accessories that will complement the key management system you hope to put in place. These include signature strips, split rings and index cards that have been designed to simplify and keep your business organised. For the entire range of key management accessories, check out the Telkee Accessories. Paired with a key control policy system, you will be able to run a tight ship. For insight into using a key cabinet in a real estate firm would be beneficial, make sure to read one of our former blog posts “Key Control Systems and How they Help Real Estate Management”, as well as setting up a policy for a government office can be found at “Government Office Key Management Policy”.

Basically, when it comes to establishing a key control and management policy, you need to carry out three essential things;

  • Enforcing/maintaining maximum security of premises with reasonable usability of physical assets
  • Maintaining strict control over office key and lock systems including Master keys & duplicates as well as distribution amongst key authorities/personnel
  • Measures taken to record chain of accountability for key issuance and use/management of lockable key cabinets

All the above can be carried out by a TelKee Key Cabinet, the only thing you will then need to figure out is how many keys you want to store and also whether you are planning on expanding that number (thus needing more capacity). Telkee can provide expansion panels with key hooks to store up to 550 keys to be fitted into the 686L TelKee Key Cabinet Model.

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