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Hospitals and Aged Care Uses for Key Management Solutions

Hospitals and Aged Care Institutes have hundreds or thousands of people though the doors, whether it is for routine checkups or hospitalisation, or long-time assisted residence, the facilities, assets and information contained are numerous. To safeguard and ensure that they are safe, key management solutions are put into place all over the facilities, whether it is the security posts, administrations and more.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Medium Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 686 Model  150 Key Hooks Gray

Lets first look at Hospitals and how they are segmented, and what information and assets they could carry. There are departments for administration to lab work and pharmaceuticals, and then there are hospital wards for various treatments and so forth. All these departments, sections, and wards hold different forms of data that is also considered private and confidential and should be kept under key due to confidence between the patients and their caretakers. That is why you need the assistance of key management solutions to be able to keep these under lock & key, and well as, have a place where all these keys can be organised and put away, such as that of a lockable key management cabinet.

The advantage of opting of Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets is that they are available in different sizes and depth in order to cater to the needs of each department, ward, or administration office, depending on their needs and requirements. If there are keys for paediatric and adult wards, they can be identifiable with printed and colour key tags specifying they are for those specific wards, and so forth. Supplies and other items can be colour coded differently or even kept in a separate cabinet to ensure that only the relevant personnel are able to access the items inside.

There are also various accessories that are available for purchase to ensure that no miscommunication happens when a key has been taken from the lockable cabinet. You are sometimes required to add signature strips to notify that a certain personnel were the last to use the key. You will also require proper documentation such as index cards, perforated number sheets to give each key and tag a designated slot on the panels of the cabinet, split rings, various coloured and shaped key tags  printed with numerals, and more for easy management and organisation.

The very same applies to Aged Care Institutes, depending on the needs and requirements. If there are other requirements for the likes of filing cabinets, Telkee can assist you with that requirement as well.

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