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High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia

No matter in what sort of field you operate in or whatever sort of office you work in keeping and protecting access to your valuable resources is essential for any enterprise or organization. If you are in a country such as Australia with vast expanses of distance between major cities, and even more when it comes to smaller towns in the outback, keeping track of all the resources spread around all your separate branches in those places will be an arduous task. The only way you can do this is by Key control by using methods such as lockable cabinetry. When it comes to High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia Telkee is at the forefront.

Securing Your Keys in Australia

If you are working in an office in Australia and wondering about how to protect your keys, which give access to your securities and resources, you don’t have to look further than Telkee. Telkee offers you High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia second to none. With a range of options, methods and accessories, the range of Key control options available from Telkee, you will be able to choose a solution that will cater to your speific needs easily. Telkee offers you key control cabinets in three different levels in order to suit your needs. From Small key management solutions to medium key management solutions to large key management solutions which contain cabinets that range from around 35 hooks up to ones that contain 550 hooks. These will suit any type of real estate offices, government departments, apartment building property management, business and corporate services, providing an efficient and effective solution for the ‘duty of care’ you need to have in place for any office key storage. Telkee is an Australian owned and operated company, and all Telkee Lockable cabinets are manufactured in Australia and it is the place to go for High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia.

Locks and Accessories to Go With Your Key Control Cabinetry

Telkee not only offers you only High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia but also provides you with the best locks and accessories to go with them. Starting from the standard cam lock, the bi-cam lock, and 3 digit combination locks, Telkee even offers you the options of Mechanical Key Pads and Mechanical Key Pad with a manager override lock. Accessories such as key tags, perf number sheets are also available for you at Telkee.

Whatever your Key control and security requirement may be Telkee gives you the best High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia. So make the wise choice and select Telkee for your needs.

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