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Helpful Tips for Organising Your Storage Cabinets

Keeping your storage cabinets organised is an extremely important part of ensuring your workplace runs smoothly. Taking the time to purchase cabinetry that’s suitable for your business will ensure minimum time wasted searching for things, which inturn makes office processes that much more efficient and productive. We understand that getting paperwork and loose office supplies arranged can get downright messy sometimes; here are some simple, but useful tips to keep your storage key cabinets and filing cabinet solutions in tiptop shape!

Organising Key Cabinets

Ideal for decluttering large amounts of keys, key cabinets are popularly used in a variety of different occupations from real estate agents to vehicle hiring firms. From small key management solutions for a single emergency key box to larger options for over 400 keys, you will ideally need secure key cabinets to maintain authorised access to restricted areas, especially  if the key cabinet is located in a public area.

Bring some order to your lockable key cabinets by using placeholders with a numbering system. - a time tested practice that’s easily implemented and promises good results. Use a permanent ink stamp to number each key tag, number the placeholders clearly in the secure key cabinet as well and place each key on its corresponding hook for easy retrieval.

Include placeholders for absent keys with a descriptive tag (placed on small stickers) such as “Key Loaned” or any other innovative tags to make organisation of your storage key cabinets easier.

Organising Filing Cabinet Solutions

The first step to arranging your paperwork is to think about how you would search for something and then arrange your files in that logical order. While. it may seem obvious enough, labeling everything is a  critical part of organising your filing cabinet and should include file folders, cabinets and boxes for quick retrieval.

Throwing out trash and unnecessary paperwork is an important segment of maintaining your filing cabinets. Set up an easy, weekly process  to weed through new paperwork and route each document to their correct filing location. Ensure you don’t misplace anything by keeping all paperwork that reaches your desk prior to filing  in one place, such as your desktop inbox.

If you require a key management system, but  prefer not to use separate key cabinets,  key storage panels fit neatly inside any existing file cabinet and are just as effective. Follow the same  good practices used to organise storage key cabinets for quick and easy retrieval.

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