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Health and Work: Creating the Perfect Mix

Safeguarding your employees from any potential risks at work is fundamental to ensuring they stay happy, healthy and at your organisation, which in turn results in continued success for your business. When it comes to creating the perfect mix of health and work to ensure the safety of your employees, there are a couple of key rules that should be followed consistently to produce the perfect result. Here’s a look at six of these rules that can be easily adapted to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards

This is an important first step to take when aiming to create a safe workplace. For example, when working in a warehouse environment, ensure floors are free of “slip and trip” hazards by carrying out regular safety checks. The floor should be clear of stray cords, liquids etc and any cracks on the floor should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid employee injuries.

Clearly Label Designated Hazardous Zones

If there are chemicals or any dangerous equipment that has potential to be a risk to employees, it should be carefully stored away in designated hazardous zones. Clear signage should be used to identify these areas. These zones can be illuminated using black and white tape or with stripes painted on the floor so that it can’t be missed. This will help employees be aware of hazardous zones and practice caution in these areas.

Provide Training and Refresher Courses

Education is key to ensuring your employees are aware of safety protocols, which reduces the risk of potential injuries, absenteeism because of injury and damage to expensive equipment. Instead of just carrying out training as an employee joins, aim to have refresher courses on a regular basis to keep staff up to date with knowledge of safety practices within the workplace.

Stay Organised with a Workplace Health  and Safety Cabinet

Telkee Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinet

Keep key information such as signing in of contractors, managing duty of care and WHS requirements for work-on-sites secure in a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet. Telkee’s range of lockable key cabinets features a WHS cabinet that is perfect for use as an outdoor storage cabinet with a rust-resistant aluminium construction and stainless steel components which makes it durable.

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