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Great Tips for Selecting Key Cabinets

When you are in the business of storing and securing keys then you know how important it becomes to find good equipment that helps you in this endeavour. Telkee offers you a wide range of these such as lockable key cabinets to satisfy your needs. But what if you are not sure of what exactly you need to satisfy your requirement or if you have question with regard to your selection; well, Telkee offers you great tips for selecting key cabinets to resolve exactly these kinds of situations.

Can I store oversized keys or keys in bunches?

With these great tips for selecting key cabinets you will be able to solve many trivial but all the same important queries. One of these is if the key cabinet is able to store huge keys or key bunches. Telkee cabinet’s capacity is designed based on 1-2 regular house sized keys per hook. The only problem that you will have with key bunches is that they just take up more room, thus reducing the overall capacity. You can leave an empty slot (the space for a panel) to ensure the door will shut.  For example, the 686 cabinet (up to 4 panels – maximum 450 hooks) maximum for bunches may be 350 (3 panels) or even 250 (2 panels). Isn’t that a great tip for selecting key cabinets

Will I be able to Expand my Key Capacity? And What about Special Locks?

Taking into consideration the type of keys to be stored, you should balance the initial cost with their desire to have room to expand.  Telkee sells  4 sizes of cabinets, which are:  T347 – up to 1 panel, 60 hooks max, T530 – up to 3 panels, 245 hooks max,  T686 – up to 4 panels, 450 hooks max and T686L – up to 5 panels, 550 hooks max.   Our standard cabinets come with a cam lock and two keys.  There are two common upgrades; First keyless entry via a Mechanical Key Pad or 3-digit Combo Lock, and Second higher security via a Manager Override or 3-point locking system. These great tips for selecting key cabinets will help anyone in resolving their issues.

Do you have any special key tag requirements and what colour Can I Get?

All Telkee cabinets come standard with one plastic key tag numbered sequentially from "one to the number of hooks in the cabinet” in red or blue.  For example a T530/175 includes tags #1-175.   We also sell Yellow and Green tags and custom numbering (we have the ability to stamp from 0001-9999).  Any special tag request is OK, but we charge to hand stamp the tags and therefore they costs $0.10 extra per tag.  For example, T686L/450 with Green tags #1151-1600 would cost $45.00 extra. Cabinets come in two colours, beige (best for the office) and hammertone grey (hides scratches better).  All of the cabinets are painted with a baked enamel scratch resistant finish.

Telkee is here with such great tips for selecting key cabinets and more if you want to. Come by and get them resolved.

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