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Get Organised with Printed Key Tags for Your Lockable Key Solutions

When you keep a lot of valuable resources in your office or at your workplace your first action would be to ensure the security of those resources. The best way to ensure resources security is to ensure the security of the keys to whatever places or receptacles in which those resources are stored in. With a company such as Telkee you will find plenty of key security solutions for your company so I think you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to the safety of your keys. The next thing that you would be concerned about is the organisation of the said key. Because we all know with all those keys to be stored and protected, it will be very easy to misplace one key. This is where getting organised with printed key tags for your lockable key solutions from Telkee will help lessen your burden.

Printed Key Tags

Telkee Printed Key tags will be essential key to successful property maintenance and sales. You can have the key tags printed with your Logo, business name, and website, address and telephone details. This way they become an essential give away or identifying tag for all your key storage needs. These Printed Key Tags come supplied with split rings and can be numbered to suit your Telkee key storage cabinet, and are available in 8 popular corporate colours to perfectly co-ordinate with your office logo. These colours include black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, white and yellow. With each printed key tag costing only around $1 it will be a steal having to attach your key with them.

The Uses

Printed Key tags gives you what you want the most when it comes to key organization, Unique identification of a key as well as distinguish its availability among the rest of your lockable key Solutions. Because you will be able to either number or label the keys you will be able to find a specific key at a moment’s notice. If you sort the keys in order of number or alphabetically it will become even easier. If you have different sets of keys the easiest thing to do would be to colour code them differently so that it will be much easier to divide and make key groups that will take down your key locating burdens immensely.

After key security it must definitely be key organisations for any work place. Sometimes the entire work flow of an office my hinge on the organisation of the keys at that premises. Invest in Telkee and trust in Telkee. They will help you with getting organised with Printed Key Tags for Your Lockable Key Solutions to make sure your keys are safe and secure.

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