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Filling Cabinets Solutions

No matter where you work or what you do, an organised workspace will always raise the efficiency of the work that you are doing. This is why a lot of offices or even huge companies pay a lot of attention and commit resources to increase the organisation and eventually the efficiency of the workspaces. One of the most popular methods of workplace organisation has become the filing cabinet. Space efficient and easy to use it has become a must have for any workplace. But what if your office is in in the business of storing and using keys? This is where Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions will come in handy.

Cabinets for Keys?

Why do you need cabinets for keys, you may ask? Why not keep it in the old fashioned way in a desk drawer or a cupboard? The answer is that sometimes you might have to store such a large number of keys, at a vehicle rental establishment or a real estate property management agency, in such places it can be a real challenge to keep track of where each key is stored and who has access to them. This is where Filing Cabinet Solutions as offered from Telkee can be really useful.

The advantage of a Telkee Filing Cabinet Solution is that for example a Telkee Suspension File key storage system can fit neatly and easily into any existing standard filing cabinet. You can have Key storage panels which hang effortlessly inside your filing cabinet drawers just like any of your existing cardboard suspension files. With a Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions such as this, you won’t have the need for an exclusive cabinet, your office key storage solution is taken care of within your existing office equipment.

Solutions for Everyone

In these Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions, every one of these hanging panels will hold up to 25 hooks. The other best part is that Telkee can supply all the tags and numbering that you will need to complete the Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions, key management system for your office. The Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions will be available in sizes of 50, 100 or a 200 hook system so that everyone with the need of a key management system will be able to select and use the filing cabinet of their choice.

The organisation of a workplace can place a heavy burden on the balance sheet of a corporation at the end of the year. Efficient control of workplace resources can really boost the efficiency of the entire company. With the kind of Filing Cabinet Solutions that are offered from Telkee, you can achieve exactly that.

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