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Do Car Dealerships Need Effective Key Control Systems?

Yes, not just car dealerships but any small, medium or large business will require some form of a key management system for easy and secure organisation. While that was just the short answer, keep reading for a more detailed look at why vehicle yard key management solutions are important along with some important options to look for.

Take Control of Your Keys

This may seem like the most obvious answer, but there are so many businesses in a variety of industries that overlook this important step and instead run the risk of losing or not being able to find keys in real-time!

Especially when it comes to a car dealership where time is of the essence, spending time locating car keys can result in losing a sale. Keep an organised key inventory using lockable key cabinets that have perforated number sheets slotted in behind the steel hooks of the panels to match key tag numbers to the hook where the key should live along with pre-numbered or branded key tags.  

Telkee key cabinets are ideal for new and used car dealerships, service departments and car rentals as they are modular in nature allowing easy expansion of your key storage system completely. Simply purchase a new panel to fit your existing key cabinet, providing more space for your new keys minus the cost of having to replace your key cabinets completely.

Keep Your Car Dealership Keys Secure

Using an effective key control system you can dramatically reduce liabilities of theft and possibly also reduce floor plan insurance premiums too.By keeping your car keys secure in a durable key rack you eradicate the risk of losing keys and and remotes which can be expensive to replace.

Telkee lockable vehicle key cabinets offer a range of  tamper-proof locking key mechanisms that  range from the standard cam lock to the more advanced keyless entry complete with a slam latch door and manager override lock that’s ideal for a car dealership. This is more than a standard lock as it allows push button code access which gives your sales team members access during the day, but at night the manager can secure the key cabinet with a standard lock which won’t allow access using the mechanical keypad.

Advanced Lock Mechanisms for Telkee Key Cabinets

Telkee vehicle yard cabinets eliminates the mess and hassle of pegboards and lockboxes, while retaining customer’s excitement for that first drive and minimising frustration while you search for those keys! Reduce mystery mileage and damage that could occur and contact Telkee for more details on our extensive range of vehicle key cabinets.

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