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Choosing the Right Key Cabinet Solution for your Business

The Telkee team have received so many questions on choosing the ideal lockable key cabinet, that we thought we should put together a quick “how to guide” with some importants pointers on making this decision. No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, a good key management system is a necessary part to keeping your property secure by minimising theft and loss - but with so many Australian lockable key cabinet options, how do you find the right one?

The first thing to consider is what type of keys you’re looking to house in your key rack. If you’ll be using it for the storage of regular key bunches such as for buildings, school lockers, office, rooms, cupboards etc a regular key cabinet will do. However, if you are in the car sales or vehicle rental business and will be storing larger bunches of car keys, you will need to purchase vehicular key cabinets which have been customised with the right depth and spacing.

You will also need to take into consideration the sizing you require. For instance will you be storing a smaller quantity of keys or will you require lockable key cabinets to store a large number of keys. With Telkee key cabinets you have the unique advantage of flexibility with its modularity nature, where you can expand the capacity of your existing key cabinet by simply adding an extra panel.

Depending on your business need, you can also choose to upgrade the locking mechanism from a standard cam lock that all standard key cabinets come equipped with to anything from a bi-lock cam lock and 3 digit combo lock to keyless entry lock upgrades like a mechanical keypad with or without a slam latch door and manager override cam lock.

When choosing key storage management, check what your key cabinets come with. While some manufacturers supply them as a cabinet only, Telkee key cabinets provides the necessary key management accessories like numbered key tags, perforated number sheets for easy retrieval and signature strips with your key cabinet purchase.

Don’t forget to contact Telkee for all your key cabinet solution needs and enjoy a great selection, available at an affordable price along with a 100% guarantee.

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