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Choices of Secure Key Cabinets

At Telkee Lockable Cabinets there are a lot of solutions for you to choose from across the board in terms of industries and their different requirements, as well as the types and models of secure key cabinets from the barest of minimums to concise solutions for your requirements. In this article, we will go through the choices of secure key cabinets on offer at Telkee Lockable Cabinets and its uses depending on the range of requirement.

Telkee Government Office Small Key Cabinets  347 Models 35 Keys Cabinet Grey I_T35_1

Key Storage Cabinets

This type of key storage cabinets are available and facilitate the basic requirements you may have, being to store your keys. However, with the right tools and accessories, you can definitely enforce proper key management practices along with it too. These secure key storage cabinets come with standard security and locking mechanisms using locks and keys such as the bi-lock, cam lock and 3-digit combo lock.  As a solution, they would be ideal for use by the likes of industries in real estate, school & universities, and hospitals or aged care institutions. They all come with expansion panels, up to a certain limit depending on their models which include the likes of Telkee 347, Telkee 530, Telkee 686 and Telkee 686L that allows for various capacities of expansions panels.

Digital/Electronic Secure Key Cabinet

When looking to add further security to your key cabinets, digital/electronic or rather keyless entry locking mechanisms are the way to go, and this is option is available with Telkee Lockable Cabinets to ensure safety for your keys. You may opt for the mechanical keypad, or even the mechanical keypad with a manager override lock feature.  These keyless entry locking mechanisms include 4 or 6 digit changeable combinations. The likes of the high security safe lock offers more security features such as a downloadable audit trail for accountability, lockdown and time-lock capacity, and more. The models that can be fitted with these digital/electronic locks include all models except for Telkee 347/35 for the mechanical keypad, whilst the high security safe lock is available for models 530, 686 and 686L.

Large Capacity and Deep Key Variety of Secure Key Cabinets

If you work with a high volume of keys, and require large capacity secure key cabinets, don't you worry. Usually, such requirements stem from government offices or the likes of vehicle yards or car park management offices. In such cases, you will need large capacity/deep key variety of cabinets and Telkee Lockable Cabinets has a range especially for that requirement. They usually come with a mechanical key pad keyless entry with or without the manager override lock mechanism depending on your need, and allow for expansion with key hook panels. The models include Telkee 347/60, 530/100, 530/175, 530/245, 686/150, 686/250, 686/350, 686/450, 686L/150, 686L/250, 686L/350, 686L/450, 686L/550 and from the vehicle range, Telkee 347C/20, 530C/80, 686C/100, and 686LC/150.

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