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Benefits of Metal Filing Cabinets & Security Cabinets

Organisation and proper management is crucial for business growth, and a lockable cabinet aids in the process greatly. Across various industries, there have been many great uses for secure cabinets, whether they are for filing and storage of various items.

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Types of Lockable Cabinets

There are many types of lockable cabinets available out in the market, ranging from wood, plastic and metal. Wood though quite the sturdy option is costly and can depreciate over time due to wear and tear, as well as be affected by nature. Plastic, is the cheapest yet, not the most reliable. Metal lockable cabinets are the best option, especially in an office environment. Made in the likes of aluminium, which offers a solution against rust, they are available in different styles and sizes, be it a key cabinet, or a shelving or filing cabinet available with various accessories to such as adjustable shelving and also suspension style key hook panels to be installed into these metal lockable cabinets.

Benefits of Lockable Cabinets

There are a few advantages to using metal lockable cabinets, over other forms of cabinets available out there, whether for storing files or keys. Available with locking mechanisms, with key or keyless entry, you are assured of the safety of your contents, and the sturdiness of its build.

One of the greatest conveniences is that metal lockable cabinets come preassembled, and are safe, sturdy and reliable from the get-go. Therefore you need not worry about assembling them yourself, which saves time and money.

Telkee's Lockable Cabinets are made out of high grade aluminium, and are powder coated in shades of either beige or gray to complement the majority of office interiors. This paint is scuff resistant; therefore you need not worry about the short term depreciation. Cleaning your cabinets is also a breeze, as all you will need is a sponge and soap water to simply wipe it clean. Reliability in terms of security is a great advantage, whether in terms of access control or the physical structure as they are fire and weather resistant.

Whether you are looking to safeguard your office or vehicle keys, in lockable key cabinets or add them to filing cabinets via suspension panels, or store your important artefacts such as workplace health and safety documents, DVD, files and more in storage cabinets, there are many options for you to choose from these free standing or wall mounted options.

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