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Benefits of Key Lockable Cabinets

Whether it is for personal reasons or professional requirements, most of us will have come across the need to safeguard items of value in key lockable cabinets, whether it is the keys of various possessions to assets, documents and other items. With some great products available in the market, whether it is the size, the features, and accessories to the security that is integrated into each key lockable cabinet, there are many benefits that one will be offered when using such cabinets.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Medium Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 686 Model  250 Key Hooks Gray

A home or even a business will use various keys from the doors of the property, to office furniture, storage supplies and cleaning closets, vehicle fleets and much more. That is why the need for key storage and security is a necessity to ensure that proper management and organisation is upheld, especially when it comes to the backup or replacement keys of the originals that you are using currently.

Some of the key benefits that a lockable key cabinet provides are as follows:

  1. Lockable security with the use of numerous locking mechanisms such as cam locks, to bi locks and even mechanical keypad locking mechanisms to ensure that the contents within the lockable cabinets are indeed safe and sound. In addition, you can opt to limit or restrict access to the cabinet by allowing only a select few access to the access codes in terms of a mechanical lock. This way, in the case of a business organisation, with the addition of new employees or with high employee turnover, you are ensured that keys will not go misplaced with such management options.
  2. In the case of a burglary, with the keys of  doors and other storage suppliers where goods may be kept and the likes being in lockable cabinets, they are ensured of being safeguarded against theft, as the essentials are safely locked away.
  3. Depending on your need and requirement initially, you may opt to for a smaller key lockable cabinet, but with expansion panels with key slots on either side your initial investment in the key lockable cabinets is still valid despite expansion or newer requirements.
  4. Proper management can be upheld with accessories such as slot numbering, with key tags and numbering on the physical keys as well, with indexing tables to ensure that each key has its own place in the key lockable cabinet and will not be mixed up with all the others. You can also utilise signature strips to be issued when the keys have been issued to personnel with their information and the date details, and so forth.

With these basic but key benefits of utilising lockable key cabinets and various accessories, you can be assured of proper organisation and management of your keys and assets.

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