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Accessorise your Secure Key Cabinets

Ensuring that your keys are safe and secure is very important, especially with the times and the possibility of theft ever lurking around the corner. With secure key cabinets, it ensures that your keys are safe, thereby you are assured that assets to those keys will be too, whether they access building, offices or even desks, cupboards and lockers, and even vehicles!

TelKee Key Management Solution Accessories Printed Numbered Key Tags

The great thing about these secure key cabinets is that you are safeguarding yourself from the probability of theft whilst organising and enabling key management. The standard locking mechanism that assures safety and security of your keys include the likes of cam style locks with the possibility of upgrading to mechanical keyless entry keypad system or a 3-digit combo lock.

If you are planning on purchasing a secure key cabinet, you might be asking yourself what kind or size of cabinet you will need. If the cabinets are to secure small keys, you can opt for the standard type of secure key cabinets, but if you are looking to store and manage large, bundle or vehicle keys, the vehicle range of secure key cabinets will be the best option for you. The cabinets in itself are built to accommodate 1 or 2 keys per hook, and when it comes to large or bundled keys, you should take that into consideration and purchase a lockable key cabinet in excess of the number of key bunches you have in hand. The expansion swinging panels that come with the cabinets are removable and also have the ability to be spaced out inside the key cabinet to suit your needs. The largest capacity secure key cabinet model can accommodate from 35 to 550 keys.

When it comes to accessorising your secure key cabinets, the best option would be with key tags. You can purchase key tags according to your requirement, and even add-on some special requirements, such as having them printed with custom naming labels and so on. Telkee Lockable Cabinets come with the standard accessories, but you may purchase them separately as well. Key tags are available in bags of 50 each, which are also numbered in that number of units too. The pre-numbered key tags are available in the following colours - blue (round) & red (square): available up to 550, green (round) & yellow (square): available up to 100. Numbering outside of these limits can be requested for an extra charge.

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