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3 Toxic Work Habits to Avoid in 2016

While we would love to pretend that bad work habits are not our forte,  we all do pick them up at some point or another in our work journey and shedding them can be quite a struggle. While bad habits are usually just annoying to others and can impede work productivity, toxic work habits are on a whole other level. Toxic habits have more long lasting effects that go beyond merely annoying co-workers, instead they can drastically reduce employee morale, sabotage overall team performance and destroy work relationships within the office and outside too.  At Telkee key cabinets we are are constantly trying to find ways to evolve our personal work ethic, along with the service we provide our customers, so here’s a look at some of the most important habits avoid at work.

A Negative Attitude

This is not necessarily just at work and can drastically affect  affect your personal life and everyone around you too! Instead of focusing on the negative which is energy zapping and morale draining for yoout some otheu and your co-workers, try to focus on the positive and instead try to approach each day expecting the very best. This is not the easiest shift, but over time you will find it becoming easier, leading to healthier work relationships, overall health and increased chances of advancing.

Not Being a Team Player

Being a good team contributor makes you a valuable asset to any company and will not be ignored by management. Avoid toxic habits like refusing to work on tasks that are not specifically assigned to you and only focusing self gain, instead look for opportunities to support your colleagues and aim to have a friendly disposition at all times. Even if it’s outside work hours, create opportunities to get to know your co-workers to improve your relationship with them.

Resisting Change

Changes are imminent at any workplace in today’s constantly evolving business world. In order to stay abreast with all the new technologies and advancements, you will constantly need to implement changes to succeed irrespective of whether you’re  in senior management or an executive. Instead of resisting changes implemented, spend time researching it and building your understanding of it with a positive mindset. However if you feel the new methods will be counterproductive, don’t be afraid to put it in writing and list out some other alternatives to consider.

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