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3 Simple Ways to Inspire Employee Motivation

Everyone knows that motivated employees play a vital role in the success of a business as the more motivated an employee is the more productive they are and a productive workforce are more adept at meeting business objectives and goals. While most managers believe employee motivation is simple, there is a certain level of strategic analysis required to ensure you develop the right environment to motivate and retain the best employees for your business. Here’s three simple ways to achieve this easily.

Praise and Encourage Your Employees

Show your employees that you appreciate their effort and hard work instead of solely basing it on  outcomes. Praising employees only for their achievements or criticising employees for short-term failures builds a mindset that every mistake is a failure. This will result in employees being afraid to try something new as there’s a chance of them failing. Instead, motivate them to take risks that may not always show immediate results, but instead work in the long term. Use your words to build them up and focus on praising effort and application to really inspire your employees.

Offer Opportunities for Employees to Advance

No motivated employee wants to stay stagnant in one position for the rest of their working life. Everyone is motivated when they are working towards a goal and as a manager it is your responsibility to open up these opportunities for your employee, instead of expecting them to remain happy in a dead-end job.

Work with your HR team to develop regular training sessions that groom young employees with the skills required to help them climb the career ladder and reach better opportunities. Not only will this keep your employees motivated and focused on working towards key business objectives, but it also improves your company’s reputation as a great place to work.

Get Out of the Way

Empower employees with your trust and you’ll be amazed at the results! Instead of micromanaging your employees, motivate them by setting general goals and then allowing employees to figure out how to reach these goals. Most employees will have a better idea at how they can streamline processes to make them more time and cost efficient, but they won’t necessarily share these with senior management unless given an open environment to do so. Spend time asking employees for their input and then implement the changes. Seeing this will truly motivate employees and show them that their voices are being heard.

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