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3 Common Myths About Time Management

To be highly productive at what you do, managing your time well is important. You need to be able to focus on core tasks and manage distractions to ensure you’re on the right path to achieving your goals. There are several common myths when it comes to time management that can affect your productivity negatively and lead to time wastage - Telkee Key Cabinets is debunking three of them for you today!

Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets - Time Management

Myth 1: To-Do Lists Help You Effectively Manage Your Time

Just listing your tasks down can actually be counterproductive to effective time management, however to-do lists can be great tools depending on how you structure your list and work through it. Aim to prioritise the tasks you have to complete for the day or week and itemise the tasks that are the most important first, then work your way through the list.

For to-do lists to be effective we need to use them as more than just lists of “stuff” you want to do and instead use it as a tool to sort, prioritise and control tasks that you need to do.

Myth 2: You Work Best Under Pressure

While this is commonly mistaken as a positive attribute, it really isn’t. It does sound great, that some of your best work is achieved when you’re working on a tight deadline, but most often working best under pressure can be translated to mean you’re  a procrastinator who puts everything off until crunch time.

It is highly unlikely that someone’s “best work” is produced at the last minute, instead it just means that poor work habits may in fact mean that the individual works faster under stress. It is important to be able to hone your organisation skills to appropriately plan and schedule critical tasks, so that the quality of work is more superior and it is achieved in a less stressful manner.

Myth 3: Delegation is More Trouble Than it’s Worth

Not delegating means that you’re limiting your achievements to what you can get done by yourself. By delegating effectively you expand your horizons to multiply your effectiveness and improve productivity. Delegating to other employees  will strengthen the capabilities of the individual performing the task and also build morale, while  freeing up time in your schedule to focus on more important management tasks and other core tasks.

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