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  • Getting Yourself Organised When Using Secure Key Cabinets

    Running an office is not easy, but if you are part of administration responsible for tasks, proper management and organisation goes a long way in ensuring that things do not go wrong, or missing. Secure key cabinets are the perfect solution for your key management requirement, whether you opt for a wall mounted option, or a filing cabinet addition, you need to be on top of things to ensure that they are utilised to the maximum potential and your administration requirements and needs are met.

    The first step in making sure that your keys are stored securely is to acquire or purchase a key cabinet with the right tools. That is with hooks for hanging the keys, a numbering system or slots to add them and preferably some form of expansion capability in case you feel there will be a requirement for it in the future. Making sure that they are secure comes with the locking mechanism, and these can be anything from a key entry to a key-less entry.

    Depending on your requirement and the number of personnel that are responsible for it, you will have to make this decision based on that criteria. Based on the type of office you run, that is, real estate, vehicle yards, government office,apartment complex, and so forth, the need for secure key cabinets may differ. However, one thing remains, and that is, you need to figure out an easy way to get to your keys.

    Therefore, start numbering the keys that you have in hand by using stamped, printed, or blank key tags and attaching the relevant key to the corresponding key tag. You can then use either printed or blank perforated sheets to number the hooks in your secure key cabinet up to the number you have used while numbering the key tags. Once that is done, one stage of key management process is complete.

    The next step would be to ensure that when you need to find a key quickly, you have all the information readily available and this is done via the use of index cards, books, or logs. These can be numbered alphabetically or numerically depending on your preference and requirement. This will help you find your keys easier, and save time. Furthermore, you could also put to use signature strips so that the responsible person can quickly find out why a key is missing from the secure key cabinet, and to know the person accountable for dispatching the key.

    You can organise your key cabinet better with these ways. Make sure to also purchase the right accessories or ensure that the accessories come in the package when you purchase a lockable key cabinet.

  • Telkee Model 347 Vs Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

    Telkee Key Cabinets is Australia’s number one choice for premium quality, affordable key management systems.  All Telkee lockable cabinets come with a 5 year warranty, have a 100% guarantee  and are shipped across Australia which ensures you’re making a safe choice by sticking with Telkee, however with so many models how do you choose? Here’s a closer look at two of our best selling key cabinets, with more info on their similarities and differences.

    Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet

    The Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet is ideal for a business looking to implement a small  or medium sized key management system as key cabinets in this range can hold 35 or 60 keys each. The setup of the key cabinet is ideal for building, industrial, commercial, mining, government and office use, as the Telkee 347 security cabinets can be easily wall mounted if floor space is a problem and includes the standard safety cam lock.

    You can choose to order the cabinet alone or as a bundle with two sets of keys, numbered plastic key tags and perforated number sheets for the key hooks to organise your keys efficiently. The 347 key cabinet can also be upgraded to the 3-digit combo lock or any other Telkee lock mechanisms either by us when you purchase your key cabinet or purchase the locking mechanism separately from us and have any locksmith make the switch for you.

    Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

    Similar to the Telkee Model 347 cabinet, the heavy duty Telkee 530 key cabinets are wall mountable, constructed with all steel components and have a powdercoated finish. Available in a choice of either beige or grey, this lockable cabinet is suitable for medium to large businesses in a range of industries and can hold between 100 - 245 keys. The modular nature of Telkee key cabinets means that it can be easily upgraded by adding on extra key panels to increase the number of key hooks as your business need increases.

    While the basic 530 key cabinet comes equipped with the standard cam lock, the 530 model can be upgraded to include a slam lock door with a mechanical keypad for keyless entry or any other locking mechanism available on our website.

  • Quick Tips for Setting up a Workstation at Home

    Whether you run a business out of your home or you work for an organisation that offers flex hours with working from home as an option, setting up a designated workstation is important! When setting up a home office there are three areas you should take into consideration to ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your home.

    Ensure Proper Circulation

    Your work from home station should be positioned in an area that does not affect the movement of other residents and is away from the hustle and bustle of the house activity. Thebest area to set it up would be in locations that are least used by the other occupants such as under the stairs, right beside the foyer if the house has one, or old cabinets can be redone to form part of the furniture of the homework station.

    Special Consideration

    If the workstation juts out of a preferred wall, it definitely reduces the effectiveness of an area, so aim to keep it contained to a specific area of your house. It must be adequate in size. If the homework station extends beyond a preferred wall or space, it loses its value because it will disrupt the effectiveness of the area. When choosing your furniture as well, make sure the lockable cabinets, storage shelves etc all fit neatly within the area to prevent having to move around a lot, which will improve work productivity.

    Choosing the Right Fixtures

    Your workstation will need to have a table and matching chair, multi-use cabinet for storage, magnetic whiteboard along with a key cabinet if you deal with numerous keys. Make sure you take the size of your office into consideration when making these purchases as leaving things jutting out, will make things messy and affect the flow of the rest of the house too.

  • 4 Tips for Organising your Workspace

    Staying organised can be tough, especially if you’ve got a lot of things that lend themselves well to creating clutter. Hiding things away in desk drawers and boxes may seem like an easy office storage solution, however this does not fix the problem in the long term as chances are you won’t be able to find important resources when you require them. Here are some of the Telkee key cabinet team’s favourite go-to organisation tips to ensure you’ll not only have a clutter free workspace, but also be able to find your important resources in seconds.

    Tip 1 : Trash all outdated paperwork and resources

    This is obvious enough, but designate some time to declutter your workspace monthly. Most of the items you are keeping have no further use. Don’t be a packrat when it comes to papers, trinkets, and more. “When in doubt, throw it out.” Throw out any old documents, keys, files etc that are not required. Don’t rush this step incase you throw out required information accidentally, instead try rooting through drawers one at a time.

    Tip 2 : Categorise all resources clearly

    Categorise everything you’ll be keeping with folders or other related storage solutions. For instance if your business requires a lot of keys, instead of leaving them lying around invest in a good quality lockable key cabinet that comes complete with numbered hooks. Use numbered printed  key tags to file your keys accordingly on each related hook in the key rack and always make sure to place them in their correct place for easy access. With this simple tip you know you’ll be keeping your valuable resources safe and reduce the risk of theft and loss.

    Don’t forget to use obvious names or a numbering system when organising your resources. A folder named “Meeting October” is less obvious than “Meeting Oct.16 Sales” when you need to find a document in a hurry and will be so much easier than having to go through mountains of folders.

    Tip 3: Have a designated clean up time everyday

    Schedule 15 minutes of cleanup time each day. Perhaps, first thing when you come in. Or if you are really disciplined, before heading home. Put it right on your calendar so that you allocate time for it.

    Tip 4: Enlarge your workspace

    If you really have too much important stuff that just won’t fit on your desk, the next solution would be to enlarge your workspace with some adjustable shelf cabinets that are great for some extra storage that is still secure and organised.

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