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Key Management Accessories

  • Getting Yourself Organised When Using Secure Key Cabinets

    Running an office is not easy, but if you are part of administration responsible for tasks, proper management and organisation goes a long way in ensuring that things do not go wrong, or missing. Secure key cabinets are the perfect solution for your key management requirement, whether you opt for a wall mounted option, or a filing cabinet addition, you need to be on top of things to ensure that they are utilised to the maximum potential and your administration requirements and needs are met.

    The first step in making sure that your keys are stored securely is to acquire or purchase a key cabinet with the right tools. That is with hooks for hanging the keys, a numbering system or slots to add them and preferably some form of expansion capability in case you feel there will be a requirement for it in the future. Making sure that they are secure comes with the locking mechanism, and these can be anything from a key entry to a key-less entry.

    Depending on your requirement and the number of personnel that are responsible for it, you will have to make this decision based on that criteria. Based on the type of office you run, that is, real estate, vehicle yards, government office,apartment complex, and so forth, the need for secure key cabinets may differ. However, one thing remains, and that is, you need to figure out an easy way to get to your keys.

    Therefore, start numbering the keys that you have in hand by using stamped, printed, or blank key tags and attaching the relevant key to the corresponding key tag. You can then use either printed or blank perforated sheets to number the hooks in your secure key cabinet up to the number you have used while numbering the key tags. Once that is done, one stage of key management process is complete.

    The next step would be to ensure that when you need to find a key quickly, you have all the information readily available and this is done via the use of index cards, books, or logs. These can be numbered alphabetically or numerically depending on your preference and requirement. This will help you find your keys easier, and save time. Furthermore, you could also put to use signature strips so that the responsible person can quickly find out why a key is missing from the secure key cabinet, and to know the person accountable for dispatching the key.

    You can organise your key cabinet better with these ways. Make sure to also purchase the right accessories or ensure that the accessories come in the package when you purchase a lockable key cabinet.

  • Office Furniture: Secure Storage Cabinets

    If you are in the market for secure storage cabinets that will match your office furniture and interior aesthetics, TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers some great options as part of their office management solutions.  With storage cabinets that can easily be locked, you will be assured that your assets and items will be safe and secure.  The following include some of the products that are offered by TelKee Cabinets in Australia.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia Cabinet Makers

    Secure Key Cabinets

    When you need storage solutions that offer both safety and management of your key assets such as keys, you will be in the market to buy some secure key cabinets, whether they are for commercial/residential keys to vehicle/bulky keys. With separate cabinets made specifically for these types of keys as well as with a system suggested along with key management accessories to make the processes easier, you will be purchasing a complete secure key management solution.

    Secure Multi Use Cabinets

    If you are looking to store items than just keys, you will probably in the market for some multi-use cabinets that can be secured especially if you have important or valuable items that you would like to safely stow away. However, these types of cabinets available for multi-purpose use can even be used for outdoor settings, even work sites where you can use these weather resistance secure cabinets to house miscellaneous items such as files to a dedicated workplace health and safety manuals cabinet.

    Cabinet Accessories

    In the event you already own the likes of a TelKee lockable key cabinet or standard filing cabinets, these accessories will be extremely helpful for expansions purposes especially when key management is concerned. You can get the likes the likes of suspensions panels with key hooks for your TelKee key cabinets as well as suspension key hook filing panels to be fitted into a standard filing cabinet that already exists in your office. How convenient!

    Key Management Accessories

    These management accessories for key cabinets by TelKee Australia make it convenient to maintain and ensure the duty of care assigned to relevant personnel. These key cabinet accessories include key hook labels that come as perforates sheets (either blank or numbered), key tags (printed/branded or blank), signature/receipt tags to be placed on the hook where a key has been removed as a reference, index systems to fit your requirement and much more.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Sydney Australia Storage and Key Management Office  Solutions

    There are many things to consider when purchasing durable office furniture. Browse through the TelKee Lockable Cabinets and other products to find the best office storage solution for you.

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