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  • Effective Security with Filing Cabinet Key Storage

    If space is an issue for you, but you still require an effective key management control system, filing cabinet key storage is the answer for you. Apart from providing a safe and organised environment for your keys to minimise the risk of theft and loss, the Telkee filing cabinet key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard size filing cabinet - resulting in less floor space being taken up by yet another bulky cabinet. Keep reading for more information on convenient office key storage solutions from the Telkee team of experts.

    Why Keep Keys in a Filing Cabinet?

    Apart from the reasons listed above, depending on your industry you may need to keep a large number of keys organised for instance in the case of a vehicle rental company, car sales establishment or a real estate property management agency. Keeping large bunches of keys in a desk drawer will not work when it comes to keeping your valuable property safe and also results in time wasted when trying to locate the right key in a hurry. Using Telkee’s Filing Cabinet Solutions can really simplify things for you, allowing easy tracking of where each key is stored and who has access to them which will help you reduce the risk of theft and the cost of replacements.

    Key Management Solutions for Business Sizes and Industries

    The great part about Telkee filing cabinet key storage solutions is that it can be used conveniently by small, medium or large businesses in a variety of industries. Easily slotting into any existing standard sized filing cabinet, the hanging panels hold upto 25 hooks that is durable and allows easy hanging of keys. Each key storage solution is available in sizes of 50,100 or 200 hook systems, so that you have control to choose the key management system that suits your unique needs. Telkee key cabinets believes in providing a complete key storage solution, so all key suspension panels are supplied complete with all tags and numbering required to ensure your office key management system is well organised.


    Purchase your Telkee lockable key cabinet today and watch how you effectively reduce losses and control your resources better, resulting in a boost in the overall efficiency and smooth sailing of your company.

  • The Top 3 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Key Cabinets

    With a wide variety of lockable key cabinets to choose from, finding the ideal key storage system for your company is no simple task. The easiest way to approach the procurement is to first spend some time assessing your unique need and then move onto  researching different storage cabinet vendors. Here are three questions to keep in mind, that will help you speed through the process.

    How many sets of keys do I need to store?

    The answer to this question has two parts…today and in the future.  This will help you identify the kind key storage capacity you require, which will help you filter your choices of key storage cabinets. It’s important to choose a key cabinet that is modular and capable of expanding as your business grows and the number of keys being stored increases.

    Telkee key cabinets are flexible in nature and can be easily expanded by adding on panels with key hooks. This makes our lockable cabinets are popular option in the Australian market as it does not require purchasing new cabinets and they can be added to your existing Telkee key storage system.

    Are most of your keys 1-2 regular “house size” keys?

    The capacity of each cabinet is based on 1-2 regular house size keys per hook.  In many situations, like car yards or property management the set of keys has either oversized keys and remotes or have a large bunch of keys on a hook.  In this situation, the capacity of the key cabinet and each panel will be reduced by ½ of the standard capacity, sometimes even more.  For example, if you have lots of bunches of keys, you will not be able to fill the cabinet with the maximum number of panels and still get the door to close.  With oversize keys, you may need to use every other hook or every other row, further reducing the capacity of the cabinet in this instance.  If you are not sure what cabinet is right for you, give us a call and we can help.

    Who needs to access my key cabinet?

    The answer to this question will help you choose the right locking mechanism for your key safes. For instance, if the key storage system is for car rental company it’s important to choose keyless entry with a combination lock, along with a manager override key. Telkee lockable key cabinets can be upgraded to include  a mechanical keypad which allows sales staff to access keys during the day using just a combination, but at night the key safe can be secured by a manager using a standard cam key lock.

    Check out the different key cabinet lock upgrades available at Telkee key cabinets by visiting our website.

  • Choosing the Right Key Cabinet Solution for your Business

    The Telkee team have received so many questions on choosing the ideal lockable key cabinet, that we thought we should put together a quick “how to guide” with some importants pointers on making this decision. No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, a good key management system is a necessary part to keeping your property secure by minimising theft and loss - but with so many Australian lockable key cabinet options, how do you find the right one?

    The first thing to consider is what type of keys you’re looking to house in your key rack. If you’ll be using it for the storage of regular key bunches such as for buildings, school lockers, office, rooms, cupboards etc a regular key cabinet will do. However, if you are in the car sales or vehicle rental business and will be storing larger bunches of car keys, you will need to purchase vehicular key cabinets which have been customised with the right depth and spacing.

    You will also need to take into consideration the sizing you require. For instance will you be storing a smaller quantity of keys or will you require lockable key cabinets to store a large number of keys. With Telkee key cabinets you have the unique advantage of flexibility with its modularity nature, where you can expand the capacity of your existing key cabinet by simply adding an extra panel.

    Depending on your business need, you can also choose to upgrade the locking mechanism from a standard cam lock that all standard key cabinets come equipped with to anything from a bi-lock cam lock and 3 digit combo lock to keyless entry lock upgrades like a mechanical keypad with or without a slam latch door and manager override cam lock.

    When choosing key storage management, check what your key cabinets come with. While some manufacturers supply them as a cabinet only, Telkee key cabinets provides the necessary key management accessories like numbered key tags, perforated number sheets for easy retrieval and signature strips with your key cabinet purchase.

    Don’t forget to contact Telkee for all your key cabinet solution needs and enjoy a great selection, available at an affordable price along with a 100% guarantee.

  • What are the Different Lock Mechanisms Available for Telkee Key Cabinets

    When choosing a Telkee key cabinet for your business, different factors should be considered. The size of your business, industry you’re in, as well as the unique requirement for a lockable key cabinet are just some of the questions you will need to think about as they affect the final decision you make. One of the key advantages of purchasing Telkee key cabinets is that they are modular and offer easy expansion by just slotting in new panels to make room for extra keys as your organisation grows.  Telkee also allows easy lock upgrades to suit your needs. Here’s a brief look at the  key cabinet lock upgrades available for Telkee cabinets.

    3-Digit Combo Lock

    Upgrade to 3-digit Combo Lock

    This combination lock is the entry level option for strong keyless security in a lockable key cabinet. The compact lock mechanism is an optional upgrade for all Telkee cabinets and has a range of different users. Similar to one that you would find on a briefcase, luggage or toolbox, it can be either purchased along with your Telkee key cabinet so that the Telkee team can handle the fitting or you can fit it yourself as an upgrade.. Since the locking mechanism is secured by a 3-digit number combination, there is no need to carry around a key.

    Mechanical Keypad on a Slam Latch Door (with Manager Override Function)

    The premium lock upgrade available at Telkee, this two point locking system provides the benefit of keyless entry with a mechanical keypad, along with a slam latch door and  manager override function using a standard cam lock. This can be used on larger Telkee cabinet models such as the 530 , 686, 686L but not at max capacity since the slam latch encroaches into the cabinet by about 15mm and the therefore, the final panel cannot be fitted.

    Mech Key Pad + Slam Latch + Manager Override

    Any existing  mechanical keypad cabinet can be upgraded to slam latch on a Telkee 530 cabinet or larger as it has the same footprint with the same hole placements. However, you will need to purchase the new Mechanical keypad lock along with the slam latch door, as the slam latch mechanism cannot be used with the older mechanical keypad.

    While this double duty lock can be used for key storage cabinets in a variety of industries, it is ideal for a car yards and property management or vehicle rental business as the keys can be accessed by the sales team during the day using keyless entry, while at night the manager can secure the keys using the standard cam lock.

    Mechanical Keypad Only

    This secure push button lock has been used on Telkee key cabinets for the last several years. Offering convenient keyless entry to your key cabinet, this allows a 4-6 digit combination (numbers cannot be repeated) which provides owners with a million different combination options.

    The mechanical keypad can be selected as a lock upgrade on any Telkee key cabinet except the model 347 since it has rows of hooks on the inside of the door which interferes with the positioning of the mechanical keypad lock mechanism.  If you retro-fit a keypad, you will need to drill a couple of holes in the door to fit the MKP.

    Standard Cam Lock (provided with 2 keys

    Standard Cam Lock + 2 Keys

    This standard security lock comes with two keys and is the basic, entry level lock available on all Telkee key cabinets and adjustable shelf cabinets. Similar to a mailbox lock, this fundamental locking mechanism is popular across all industries for its simplicity and the ease it offers. If you lose your keys, the standard cam lock key can be replaced by any locksmith by just providing the cylinder code printed on the lock.

    Bi-Lock Cam Lock

    Upgrade to Bi-Lock Cam Lock

    A high security lock mechanism, the bi-lock cam lock is pick resistant and completely bump proof. This lock works for an organisation that has an existing high security or master key system in place, the bi-lock cam lock is a popular restricted keying system that is often purchased separately from a key cabinet and retrofitted. This unique locking mechanism has extensive retrofitting and compatibility features allowing it to be easily added to many existing locking systems by any locksmith.

  • How to Choose a TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet

    If you are looking to purchase a key cabinet solution from TelKee Australia, and you are not too sure which one to get, we are here to help. We have for you, not only ways in which you can use your TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet more efficiently but ways in which you use the accessories that come with the purchase as a value added service and what else you can do to ensure maximum key control and management.

    First off, you should be aware that TelKee Key Cabinets are ideal for offices and homes too, but some of the industries that the key cabinets are extremely beneficial to include government and state offices, hospitals and care institutions, real estate agencies, property management companies and automotive businesses that require key control and management. The fact that they are expandable and modular key cabinets is one of the key selling points at TelKee Key Cabinets Australia!

    The locking options allow you the customisability to fit your requirement. Choose from the variety of locks available for upgrades if the standard cam lock does not fit your security requirement. These include mechanical keypad lock, bi-lock, 3-digit combo lock or bi-lock cam. The mechanical keypad lock is also available with a manager override feature and can track access to the key cabinet.

    However, that’s not all; along with every purchase of a TelKee Key Cabinet, you also get to choose from the variety of accessories that will complement the key management system you hope to put in place. These include signature strips, split rings and index cards that have been designed to simplify and keep your business organised. For the entire range of key management accessories, check out the Telkee Accessories. Paired with a key control policy system, you will be able to run a tight ship. For insight into using a key cabinet in a real estate firm would be beneficial, make sure to read one of our former blog posts “Key Control Systems and How they Help Real Estate Management”, as well as setting up a policy for a government office can be found at “Government Office Key Management Policy”.

    Basically, when it comes to establishing a key control and management policy, you need to carry out three essential things;

    • Enforcing/maintaining maximum security of premises with reasonable usability of physical assets
    • Maintaining strict control over office key and lock systems including Master keys & duplicates as well as distribution amongst key authorities/personnel
    • Measures taken to record chain of accountability for key issuance and use/management of lockable key cabinets

    All the above can be carried out by a TelKee Key Cabinet, the only thing you will then need to figure out is how many keys you want to store and also whether you are planning on expanding that number (thus needing more capacity). Telkee can provide expansion panels with key hooks to store up to 550 keys to be fitted into the 686L TelKee Key Cabinet Model.

  • The Importance of Key Management Systems

    Keys and locks come with a level of reliability and effectiveness in terms of physical protection and prevention that cannot be matched. They are also easy to install, requires low maintenance, and comes with a minimal cost.  That is why effective key management is important, however not as a standalone security solution. To maintain the integrity of the key and lock system you have in place as well as ensure that you reduce risk exposure, it needs to be coupled with an effective key control and management system.

    When you take into consideration your key system, it needs to be paired with a key management system where you store the keys safely in a lockable key cabinet that offers the desired level of security and is also tamper-proof. With it, you should set in place means to record the access transactions about the key being dispatched from its hook and by whom, and who accessed the cabinet. There are various means to do so based on your budget and requirement; manual or automatic. For instance, when it comes to TelKee Key Cabinets, you are able to choose which type of locking mechanism your key cabinet will be fitted with, that is, the standard that is a bi-lock, a 3-digit combo lock, or a mechanical keypad (that also comes with a manager override). The keyed entry locked obviously comes with manual record keeping measures inclusive of a signature strip left behind with the date, time and dispatchers name.

    Accountability is an important factor in a key management system. When you think about lost or mismanaged keys that can open up so many vulnerabilities, overall safety and security can be compromised. That is why instances such as loaning keys between personnel for them to be lost or stolen can be avoided with a proper key control and management system and a policy to go with it.  Pairing a key and lock system with a key management via a quality lockable key cabinet will aid in avoiding circumstances where you will need rekey locks which can be an expensive practice. Though mechanical keypad lockable cabinets are pricier than the standard cabinets due to their features, the automated functionality in which access to the cabinet is recorded via the inbuilt software is extremely useful.

    How you go about enforcing a key management system is as follows;

    1. The building needs to be inventoried in order to figure out access points and locks that have been installed. These can be categorised and separated into lockable key cabinets depending on access measures mentioned below.

    2. Identify the operational needs of the employees who will require access to said points and locked areas. Appoint personnel who will be accountable for managing the key cabinets. Allow access to said cabinets depending on frequency, rank and authority.

    3. Put in place a policy that offers procedures that are easy to follow to enforce effective key control and management.

    Image Credit: Affordable Fitouts

  • Telkee Key Security Management Solutions

    Are you looking for an all Australian-made product for office key security? TelKee Lockable Cabinets is an Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Offering high quality key security management solutions as well as for the storage of keys and miscellaneous office items, TelKee offers a complete solution alongside faultless customer service wherever possible.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australian Key Storage Management Solutions

    Catering to various industries from real estate offices, government departments, hospitals & schools (whether as a whole infrastructure or per wing/floor), and even companies with vehicle fleet management (including valet services), TelKee Lockable Cabinets and its product catalogue offers complete solutions that looks into various requirements in these industries and more. Not limited to just keys, you are able to also use the cabinets that come with adjustable shelf cabinets that are ideal for storing miscellaneous office items that are better off with safekeeping as well as to use it as a Workplace Health & Safety cabinet too.

    Each and every TelKee Lockable cabinets are fitted in with a standard Bi-locking mechanism. However, you are able to upgrade to the various other locking options available including keyless entry via a mechanical keypad. The cabinets are made of 1ml-1.6ml steel with a baked enamel finish in either grey or beige to match office aesthetics. Wall mountable and weather proof, it's also ideal for outdoor usage such as at construction sites and more.

    TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet Locking Solutions Vehicle Cabinets Multi Use Storage Cabinets

    Another benefit of having a TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet is the expansion feature, whether you are looking for a capacity of a minimum of 35 hooks at the smallest model to a 550 hook capacity as one of the largest models (the TelKee 686L).

    Real estate agencies/firms find the TelKee key control solutions ideal for key management of the properties under their property portfolio. Not only does TelKee offer lockable key cabinets, they also offer suspensions file system (panels) that are fitted with key hooks that can be used with existing filing cabinets. This makes it easier to store keys to properties alongside their documentation, thus making it easier for real estate agent to organize their work better.

    Hospitals and Aged Care institutes have also noted that these cabinets are ideal when dealing with the safety of their patients and professionals, and not to mention the valuable and at times volatile contents that they deal with which requires safeguarding. From the key to storage cabinets as well as the various accessories that TelKee offers with the sale of their lockable cabinets, you are able to take measures to ensure accountability and responsibility on the road to fulfilling duty of care of authorized personnel too.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets has an unblemished reputation in the Australian office management market for supplying key control lockable cabinets of the highest quality.

  • TelKee Key Control and Management Systems

    In the market for key control and management systems? Have you had a chance to gleam through the options made available through TelKee Lockable Cabinets? With various models spanning from the business size/capacity to use, you are able to make an informed decisions when it comes to protecting your keys and other assets. 

    We've highlighted a few of the TelKee Cabinets available for purchase on lone or through the distribution network in order for you to make an informed purchasing decision. The following includes some choice models from the TelKee Lockable Cabinets range. All key cabinets include Removable panels (based on capacity ordered), Numbered key tags, Alpha and Numerical Indexing Systems, Signature Strips for Key ‘Check-out’, and Perforated Numbers for slotting in behind hook.

    MODEL 347 (347mm x 280mm x 80mm) 1mm steel Beige Grey
    35 Key Capacity NA T35
    60 Key Capacity T375 T376
    MODEL 530 (530mm x 330mm x 16mm) 1.2mm steel
    100 Key Capacity (1 panel) T378 T379
    175 Key Capacity (2 panels) T380 T381
    245 Key Capacity (3 panels) T382 T383
    530 Cabinet Only - No Tags or accessories T308 T309
    MODEL 686 Standard (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 1.6mm steel
    150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T388 T389
    250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T392 T393
    350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T394 T395
    450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T396 T397
    686 Cabinet Only - No Tags or Accessories T320 T321
    MODEL 686 Large (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 1.6mm steel
    150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T398A T398AG
    250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T398C T398CG
    350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T398E T398EG
    450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T398G T398EGG
    550 Key Capacity (5 panesl) T398H T398HG
    686L Cabinet Only - No Tags or Accessories T3930 T3930G


    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Models
    Suspension Files

    • Tighter control over the key inventory
    • Suitable for use in any standard filing cabinet drawers
    50 Hook System (2 panels + accessories) T200G50
    100 Hook System (4 panels + accessories) T200G100
    200 Hook System (8 panels + accessories) T200G200
    Panel ONLY T200G


     TelKee Lockable Cabinets Suspension Files
    Vehicle CabinetsAll Vehicle Cabinets include:

    • Mechanical Key Pay and Manage Override lock
    • Reusable Vehicle Key Tags and Split Rings
    • One-use Vehicle Stickers

    Removable Cabinet Panels (based on capacity ordered)

    Beige Grey
    C347 - 20 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1mm steel TC347B TC347G
    C530 - 80 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.2mm steel TC530B TC530G
    C686 - 100 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686B TC686G
    C686L - 150 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686LB TC686LG



    Advertising Key Tags:

    • Custom printed
    • 8 colours
    • Minimum 250
    • Numbering available
    • 32 x 80mm
    Key Tags:

    • Blank or numbered
    • Available in Round: Blue or Green
    • Square: Red or Yellow


    Beige Grey
    Panel Only for 530 cabinet (70 hooks) T317 T318
    Panel only for 686 cabinet (100 hooks) T340 T341


     Telkee Lockable Cabinet Accessories
    Multi-Use Adjustable Key Cabinets 

    • Secure lockable cabinets with 2 or 3 adjustable shelves
    • Wall mountable to reduce space
    • Ideal for medical supplies, OHS manuals and small safety equipment


    Beige Grey
    S530 - (530mm x 330mm x 165mm) 2 shelf, 1.2mm steel T401 T402
    S686 - (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T411 T412
    S686L - (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T421 T422


     TelKee Multi-Use Adjustable Key Cabinets
    Workplace Health & Safety (weather resistant)TelKee’s weather resistant Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet provides a centralised location to store all vital WHS manuals and information via a push-button lock with secure sign-in sign-out.

    • Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminum construction
    • Powder coated in neutral beige
    • Auto-latching door, when the door is closed, the cabinet is secure
    • Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock
    • Water resistant design for indoor/outdoor use
    Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet (weather resistant) 750x415x367mm, 2mm steel T500




     TelKee Workplace Health & Safety (weather resistant)
  • Key Control Procedures and Filing Systems with Telkee Cabinet Accessories

    With a system and the right tools, anything is possible, especially when it involves the workplace. When it comes to setting office filing & key control, TelKee's array of lockable cabinet models and accessories can indeed be helpful. However first off, you should set in place a policy document in order to systematically highlight, each factor that goes into ensuring proper management - this is mostly applicable with concern to Access Control.

     Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets   Model 530/245 key capacity (530mmH x 330mmW x 165mmD)

    Essentially, key control systems focuses on offering an organised and formal security procedure that not only handles the control of master keys to a building, facility, room or important lockable cabinets,  as well as utilitarian keys too. The use of a key control system prevents unauthorised access to said assets by means of documentation, management as well as status reporting of critical items bringing up red flags when they are not within their parameters. These critical items with relation to facilities security include issued or stored physical keys, key holders, physical locations, as well as information on the products used in a location.

    The following includes factors in the form of questions you need to consider when devising such a document and should feature a brief note on its purpose.

    - What type of keys are you​​ safekeeping?

    - Are you segmenting key storage by asset type or location?

    - Are you indexing your keys?

    - How will you account for issued keys? Will there be any indication of who has them?

    - Do you have an infrastructural blueprint with demarked access locations? Have these been coded for identification? Will this code denote who has authority to it?

    - What authority should each key holder possess? What is their access level? What are they allowed to access?

    The above questions will relate to how your keys are stored based on various factors such as the size/bulkiness of the keys, the location/area to which it provides access to and who has the authority to issue and utilise the keys. The way you store the keys in the TelKee Lockable Cabinets depends on these factors, as well what its purpose is in order to better manage the resources allocated to them. Various TelKee Lockable Cabinets and accessories are available that caters to various industries from automotive, real estate, government authorities, hospitals and care services, and more.

  • Setting up Policies for Key Control & Management with TelKee Key Cabinets

    The purpose of a Key Control & Management Policy is to ensure that there is reasonable security to the likes of members, employees, residents of a property for their personal protection as well as the property/properties in it. Key cabinet solutions can greatly see to it that it's fulfilled with the help of such a policy system set in place. In order for you to set up a Key Control Policy, you'll need to define the following areas of scope and concern.

    TelKee Key Lockable Cabinets Australia | Key Control and Management Policy Document

    1. Definition of Key Control Department: Define the department which is responsible for key control, management and maintenance and assign responsibilities, roles and action plans.

    2. Personnel Authorised to Issue Keys: Denote how the issuance of keys is authorised, by which personnel and the procedure required to accomplish it

    3. Rules Regarding Issuance of Keys: Denote to which category of personnel each rule is relevant to and how they are apply to them in terms of key control, management and maintenance

    4. Lock Policy: Provide information to whom the responsibilities of keys lie with, as well as processes they must follow.

    5. Numbering System for Keys: Providing a form of identification for each key in the form of coloured and/or printed tags, with a numbering system that will be used for key control and management.

    6. Lost/Stolen Keys: In the instance of lost or stolen keys, you are required to follow certain protocols, of which  should be written down and shared with relevant people via some form of communication, either with a safety manual, memo or pamphlet.

    7. Termination/Retirement/Separation from Organisation: List down the procedure that should take place in the instance a member/employee or resident of your organisation is terminated/retired/separated in order for operation to proceed without issues.

    8. Repair of Locks, Keys or Door Hardware: Set guidelines as to who is responsible for the repair of locks, keys or door hardware, and how it should be carried out in order to follow through on processes and ensure that tasks are completed and all locks, keys and door hardware are operational.

    9. Storage of Keys: All keys in use will require safe keeping, therefore it's best to utilise reliable, sturdy and lockable key cabinets such as those offered by TelKee Lockable Cabinets that cater to various sizes and capacities, as well as offer means of key control and management options via its accessories.

    10. Key Control Database: It's important to ensure you have proper management and control of your keys, therefore set in place a system that is centralised with the key storage location which includes key control data such as key issuance details, key numbering systems, purpose and other information that is relevant to your organisation

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