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  • Getting Yourself Organised When Using Secure Key Cabinets

    Running an office is not easy, but if you are part of administration responsible for tasks, proper management and organisation goes a long way in ensuring that things do not go wrong, or missing. Secure key cabinets are the perfect solution for your key management requirement, whether you opt for a wall mounted option, or a filing cabinet addition, you need to be on top of things to ensure that they are utilised to the maximum potential and your administration requirements and needs are met.

    The first step in making sure that your keys are stored securely is to acquire or purchase a key cabinet with the right tools. That is with hooks for hanging the keys, a numbering system or slots to add them and preferably some form of expansion capability in case you feel there will be a requirement for it in the future. Making sure that they are secure comes with the locking mechanism, and these can be anything from a key entry to a key-less entry.

    Depending on your requirement and the number of personnel that are responsible for it, you will have to make this decision based on that criteria. Based on the type of office you run, that is, real estate, vehicle yards, government office,apartment complex, and so forth, the need for secure key cabinets may differ. However, one thing remains, and that is, you need to figure out an easy way to get to your keys.

    Therefore, start numbering the keys that you have in hand by using stamped, printed, or blank key tags and attaching the relevant key to the corresponding key tag. You can then use either printed or blank perforated sheets to number the hooks in your secure key cabinet up to the number you have used while numbering the key tags. Once that is done, one stage of key management process is complete.

    The next step would be to ensure that when you need to find a key quickly, you have all the information readily available and this is done via the use of index cards, books, or logs. These can be numbered alphabetically or numerically depending on your preference and requirement. This will help you find your keys easier, and save time. Furthermore, you could also put to use signature strips so that the responsible person can quickly find out why a key is missing from the secure key cabinet, and to know the person accountable for dispatching the key.

    You can organise your key cabinet better with these ways. Make sure to also purchase the right accessories or ensure that the accessories come in the package when you purchase a lockable key cabinet.

  • Key Cabinets for Real Estate Agents - Save Money & Time

    Keeping things organised when you’re always on the move showing properties to potential customers can be extremely daunting. At Telkee Lockable Cabinets, we have a few office management solutions that will make keeping track of real estate documentation and keys a breeze.

    In the real estate industry, there are many listings in the market whether it’s for sale or rent, and as a real estate agent, you’ll need to be diligent of the safety of the properties your clients place in your hands. Whether it’s from the various files and papers to the keys, you need to stay on top of things with all important information being secured carefully. For instance with files, the place to store them would be with an alphabetically or numerically catalogued filing system in a piece of furniture that any office will have - a filing cabinet.

    At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, you have the convenient and affordable option of using existing filing cabinets to not only store documents and papers for your real estate business, but also organise and secure  keys to the properties in the same filing drawer as the documents. These key file suspension panels are equipped with key hooks and placement for labelling so that you can easily identify which key belongs to which hook.

    If you figure out a handy organisation system, it will be even more efficient, especially with the accessories provided by TelKee to make life a little easier around the office, such as with index cards, perforated key hook labels, printed and colour key tags, and much more. Isn’t that convenient?

    When it comes to secure key management, which is crucial in the real estate market, you can utilise a central location to store all keys in the likes of a TelKee lockable key cabinet.

    Depending on the size of your real estate agency, you can decide on the size, which you should purchase, ranging from small, and medium to large key management solutions. The great thing about these key cabinets is that you are able to expand on the capacity due to the availability of expansion panels for more keys to be stored.

    These key cabinets are secured either with a keyed or keyless entry system. Depending on your preference, you may chose the standard locking option available with the standard key cabinets for purchase at TelKee Lockable Cabinets or opt to upgrade to the likes of a mechanical keypad or any other locking mechanism available for choosing.

  • Adjustable Shelf Cabinets vs Pull Out Shelving for Offices

    Keeping your business organised at all times is a crucial part of being successful in today’s fast paced world. Depending on your industry, business size and office organisation style, there are plenty of different lockable cabinet storage systems to choose from. With most offices, floor space is a huge problem and most Telkee Key Cabinet customers are always on the lookout for office storage solutions that are not bulky, but lean, durable and easy to use. Here’s a quick look at why adjustable shelf cabinets meet the bill perfectly, compared to regular pull out shelving for offices.

    Telkee Adjustable Shelf Cabinets are Wall Mounted

    Adjustable shelf cabinets and all other Telkee lockable cabinets can be easily wall mounted to save floor space. Wasted space behind the cabinet is eliminated and floor space in front of it is maximised as well. Additionally, wall mounted cabinets can be set at a height that allows you to make use of the space beneath, perhaps by placing filing cabinets, shelving or a desk or table below. This is perfect for housing a small amount of equipment in a crowded mixed-use work space.

    Adjustable Shelf Cabinets are Durable

    The full length door hinge on adjustable shelf cabinets are ideal for daily use, while the castors on pull out shelving have been known to succumb to gradual wear and tear with daily use. Adjustable shelf cabinets also use an all steel construction which ensures your lockable cabinet solution will remain in perfect working condition over the years.

    Adjustable Shelf Cabinets are Ideal for General Storage

    Store a variety of different office valuables to keep them organised and secure at all times. Multi use cabinets are ideal for locking away medical supplies, first aid supplies, CD/Disc storage, OHS manuals, mobile phones and cameras, as well as other small safety equipment like safety googles etc.

    Telkee Adjustable Cabinet

  • Why is Key Control and Security Important?

    This may seem like a simple question enough to answer, but there are still a lot of business owners who don’t understand the importance of establishing a secure key management solution. While staying organised to save time locating your keys is an important  part of it, keeping your keys safe in a lockable key cabinet can also help save you money! Keep reading this Telkee blog post to find out how.

    Reduced chances of loss and theft

    Whether you’re running a car rental business or in the real estate management industry, keeping your keys secure plays a critical role in saving money wasted on replacing lost keys and reducing theft of your valuable possessions.

    Use premium quality key racks and lockable key storage cabinets that are upgraded with locking mechanisms that reflect your business need. For instance, a car sales organisation will find it helpful to use a vehicle key cabinet that has larger hooks for key bunches. Upgrading the cabinet to include a slam lock door along with a mechanical keypad locking mechanism and a manager override lock will allow sales team members keyless entry at any time during the day, while a manager will be able to secure the cabinet at night to ensure no one has access to it.

    Lower Insurance Costs

    Lockable key cabinets will help you reduce your insurance costs in the long run, by reducing the risk of losing your valuable keys or having them stolen.

    Especially when it comes to houses, someone you thought was a potential customer can take the car keys and come back to steal the vehicle at any time. This is extremely convenient since most vehicles have electronic door locks. With this in mind, it’s very important to use a durable key safe which should be placed in a location that’s not easily accessible to customers or other non-employees that are at your business.

  • Why Does Your Construction Site Need a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet?

    Weather resistant, Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are perfect for construction sites, as well as regular offices to keep all vital WHS manuals and information in a centralised secure location to avoid the risk of loss and being held liable  in event of a contractor accident. While you probably know this lockable cabinet will be an asset to your construction site, here’s a more in depth look at the Telkee WHS cabinet,it’s features and benefit.

    Sturdy Construction and Ideal for the Outdoors

    Telkee WHS Cabinet is available in a durable 2mm thick rust resistant Aluminium construction along with a full length stainless steel hinge that is built to last. The neutral Nurse Grey colour it comes in, allows the cabinet to blend well into its surroundings and it’s weather resistant design allows it to be used outdoors or indoors as well.

    Secure Important Documents in this Secure Lockable Cabinet

    All Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are equipped with stainless steel Mechanical Keypads for keyless entry access to the safe. The cabinet also minimises the chance of error with a secure auto-latching door, which means the cabinet will be secure even if you forget to lock it.

    How can the WHS Cabinet Help Your Business?

    A lockable Telkee Workplace Health and Safety cabinet will Improve site safety with a secure weather resistant location for WHS materials. It also allows you to meet your duty of care with easy access to all up to date WHS documentation.

    You can also reduce liability with documented work permits and work safety documentation that’s easily accesible in one single WHS/Contractor info location which increases efficiency too.

    WHS Telkee Cabinet
  • Quick Tips for Setting up a Workstation at Home

    Whether you run a business out of your home or you work for an organisation that offers flex hours with working from home as an option, setting up a designated workstation is important! When setting up a home office there are three areas you should take into consideration to ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your home.

    Ensure Proper Circulation

    Your work from home station should be positioned in an area that does not affect the movement of other residents and is away from the hustle and bustle of the house activity. Thebest area to set it up would be in locations that are least used by the other occupants such as under the stairs, right beside the foyer if the house has one, or old cabinets can be redone to form part of the furniture of the homework station.

    Special Consideration

    If the workstation juts out of a preferred wall, it definitely reduces the effectiveness of an area, so aim to keep it contained to a specific area of your house. It must be adequate in size. If the homework station extends beyond a preferred wall or space, it loses its value because it will disrupt the effectiveness of the area. When choosing your furniture as well, make sure the lockable cabinets, storage shelves etc all fit neatly within the area to prevent having to move around a lot, which will improve work productivity.

    Choosing the Right Fixtures

    Your workstation will need to have a table and matching chair, multi-use cabinet for storage, magnetic whiteboard along with a key cabinet if you deal with numerous keys. Make sure you take the size of your office into consideration when making these purchases as leaving things jutting out, will make things messy and affect the flow of the rest of the house too.

  • 4 Tips for Organising your Workspace

    Staying organised can be tough, especially if you’ve got a lot of things that lend themselves well to creating clutter. Hiding things away in desk drawers and boxes may seem like an easy office storage solution, however this does not fix the problem in the long term as chances are you won’t be able to find important resources when you require them. Here are some of the Telkee key cabinet team’s favourite go-to organisation tips to ensure you’ll not only have a clutter free workspace, but also be able to find your important resources in seconds.

    Tip 1 : Trash all outdated paperwork and resources

    This is obvious enough, but designate some time to declutter your workspace monthly. Most of the items you are keeping have no further use. Don’t be a packrat when it comes to papers, trinkets, and more. “When in doubt, throw it out.” Throw out any old documents, keys, files etc that are not required. Don’t rush this step incase you throw out required information accidentally, instead try rooting through drawers one at a time.

    Tip 2 : Categorise all resources clearly

    Categorise everything you’ll be keeping with folders or other related storage solutions. For instance if your business requires a lot of keys, instead of leaving them lying around invest in a good quality lockable key cabinet that comes complete with numbered hooks. Use numbered printed  key tags to file your keys accordingly on each related hook in the key rack and always make sure to place them in their correct place for easy access. With this simple tip you know you’ll be keeping your valuable resources safe and reduce the risk of theft and loss.

    Don’t forget to use obvious names or a numbering system when organising your resources. A folder named “Meeting October” is less obvious than “Meeting Oct.16 Sales” when you need to find a document in a hurry and will be so much easier than having to go through mountains of folders.

    Tip 3: Have a designated clean up time everyday

    Schedule 15 minutes of cleanup time each day. Perhaps, first thing when you come in. Or if you are really disciplined, before heading home. Put it right on your calendar so that you allocate time for it.

    Tip 4: Enlarge your workspace

    If you really have too much important stuff that just won’t fit on your desk, the next solution would be to enlarge your workspace with some adjustable shelf cabinets that are great for some extra storage that is still secure and organised.

  • Work Safety Tips to Secure Your Workplace

    Making your workplace safe and secure is nothing something that can be accomplished overnight and not updated. Continuous improvements are required to ensure your work safety is not jeopardised at any point. This can range from the use of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinets for managing the duty of care and WHS requirements for work on-sites to conducting training sessions for employees to keep them aware of their surroundings and helping them recognise potential hazards. Even the smallest daily tasks, can make a huge difference when it comes to significantly reducing risk - keep reading for some great tips from Telkee Key Cabinets.


      1. Maintaining a clean work area is of paramount importance. This will reduce the risk of injury by letting employees clearly see potential hazards, which they would otherwise miss in a cluttered environment. Consider using high quality adjustable shelf cabinets or other office cabinet storage solutions to keep things neat and tidy at all times and provide a more productive work environment for your employees.

    Telkee Australian Adjustable Shelf Cabinets
    1. Apart from ensuring machinery and materials are well positioned to ensure the smooth flow of production, it is important to provide clear work instructions to all employees. While conducting  thorough training is crucial, there should also be clear, written instructions placed in highly visible positions. Along with documenting work processes in this manner, aim to include basic safety instructions that each worker can read and acknowledge.

    2. Get your employees on board with work safety by asking them for their input on safety standards and regulations. No one can identify potential risks than those who actually carry out the tasks and create shortcuts. Follow their suggestions for ensuring the work areas remain safe at all times and also encourage employees to bring their safety concerns to management’s attention at all times. Once this has been done, it’s the management’s responsibility to act on these concerns and eliminate the risk, to win the trust of your employees.

    3. Safety guidelines are not something that should be created and then ignored. Revisit these documents every year as nothing stays the same in any workplace. As new machinery is purchased, employees changes and office spaces change, previous safety guidelines may not be applicable and will need to be modified to reflect the change.

  • Health and Work: Creating the Perfect Mix

    Safeguarding your employees from any potential risks at work is fundamental to ensuring they stay happy, healthy and at your organisation, which in turn results in continued success for your business. When it comes to creating the perfect mix of health and work to ensure the safety of your employees, there are a couple of key rules that should be followed consistently to produce the perfect result. Here’s a look at six of these rules that can be easily adapted to suit your organisation’s requirements.

    Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards

    This is an important first step to take when aiming to create a safe workplace. For example, when working in a warehouse environment, ensure floors are free of “slip and trip” hazards by carrying out regular safety checks. The floor should be clear of stray cords, liquids etc and any cracks on the floor should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid employee injuries.

    Clearly Label Designated Hazardous Zones

    If there are chemicals or any dangerous equipment that has potential to be a risk to employees, it should be carefully stored away in designated hazardous zones. Clear signage should be used to identify these areas. These zones can be illuminated using black and white tape or with stripes painted on the floor so that it can’t be missed. This will help employees be aware of hazardous zones and practice caution in these areas.

    Provide Training and Refresher Courses

    Education is key to ensuring your employees are aware of safety protocols, which reduces the risk of potential injuries, absenteeism because of injury and damage to expensive equipment. Instead of just carrying out training as an employee joins, aim to have refresher courses on a regular basis to keep staff up to date with knowledge of safety practices within the workplace.

    Stay Organised with a Workplace Health  and Safety Cabinet

    Telkee Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinet

    Keep key information such as signing in of contractors, managing duty of care and WHS requirements for work-on-sites secure in a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet. Telkee’s range of lockable key cabinets features a WHS cabinet that is perfect for use as an outdoor storage cabinet with a rust-resistant aluminium construction and stainless steel components which makes it durable.

  • Workplace Health and Safety Regulations by TelKee Lockable Cabinets

    "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", that's Murphy's Law, and for this fact and for the general wellbeing of the populace, taking proper care to enforce security and safety to workplace and its surroundings is critical, to the employer, employees and the population. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers some insight into workplace health and safety. One rule of thumb that is advised by TelKee is to maintain a Workplace Health and Safety cabinet to keep all WHS Acts, Regulations, Policies and Procedure documents and manuals in order for all personnel in the organisation will be made aware and you are able to take steps to ensuring a safe working environment for everyone.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Workplace health and safety cabinets Australia laws

    Each of Australia's state has a regulator for Workplace Health & Safety. It's important to be aware of WHS laws and regulations in your state and you should be able to contact your WHS state regulator for advice on the following matters;

    • Complying with Work Health and Safety laws
    • Reporting a workplace incident
    • Renewing or applying for licences
    • Workers' compensation claims
    • Registering plant and plant designs

    The following are their contact information.

    Jurisdiction Regulator Telephone
    New South Wales WorkCover NSW 13 10 50
    Victoria Victorian WorkCover Authority 1800 136 089
    Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Qld 1300 369 915
    South Australia SafeWork SA 1300 365 255
    Western Australia WorkSafe WA 1300 307 877
    Australian Capital Territory WorkSafe ACT 02 6207 3000
    Tasmania WorkSafe TAS 1300 366 322 (Within Tasmania)03 6233 7657 (External)
    Northern Territory NT WorkSafe 1800 019 115
    Commonwealth Comcare 1300 366 979

    There aren't many incidents that require a regulator present, and is only require in the event of a serious incident, where it triggers requirements to preserve the site of the incident pending further direction from the regulatory authority. Such incidents include;

    • the death of a person
    • a ‘serious injury or illness’, or
    • a dangerous incident arising out of work carried out by a business, undertaking or a workplace

    In the event of such an incident, by WHS law, you are to do the following;

    • immediate notification of a ‘notifiable incident’ to the regulator, after becoming aware of it
    • if the regulator asks—written notification with 48 hours of the request, and
    • preservation of the incident site until an inspector arrives or directs otherwise

    Make sure to store this information in your Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet!

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