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  • Getting Yourself Organised When Using Secure Key Cabinets

    Running an office is not easy, but if you are part of administration responsible for tasks, proper management and organisation goes a long way in ensuring that things do not go wrong, or missing. Secure key cabinets are the perfect solution for your key management requirement, whether you opt for a wall mounted option, or a filing cabinet addition, you need to be on top of things to ensure that they are utilised to the maximum potential and your administration requirements and needs are met.

    The first step in making sure that your keys are stored securely is to acquire or purchase a key cabinet with the right tools. That is with hooks for hanging the keys, a numbering system or slots to add them and preferably some form of expansion capability in case you feel there will be a requirement for it in the future. Making sure that they are secure comes with the locking mechanism, and these can be anything from a key entry to a key-less entry.

    Depending on your requirement and the number of personnel that are responsible for it, you will have to make this decision based on that criteria. Based on the type of office you run, that is, real estate, vehicle yards, government office,apartment complex, and so forth, the need for secure key cabinets may differ. However, one thing remains, and that is, you need to figure out an easy way to get to your keys.

    Therefore, start numbering the keys that you have in hand by using stamped, printed, or blank key tags and attaching the relevant key to the corresponding key tag. You can then use either printed or blank perforated sheets to number the hooks in your secure key cabinet up to the number you have used while numbering the key tags. Once that is done, one stage of key management process is complete.

    The next step would be to ensure that when you need to find a key quickly, you have all the information readily available and this is done via the use of index cards, books, or logs. These can be numbered alphabetically or numerically depending on your preference and requirement. This will help you find your keys easier, and save time. Furthermore, you could also put to use signature strips so that the responsible person can quickly find out why a key is missing from the secure key cabinet, and to know the person accountable for dispatching the key.

    You can organise your key cabinet better with these ways. Make sure to also purchase the right accessories or ensure that the accessories come in the package when you purchase a lockable key cabinet.

  • Tips When Buying Lockable Key Cabinets

    When deciding on office equipment and furniture, you might have an interior design aesthetic in mind. However, when it comes to ensuring that your property, assets and information are safeguarded, with the likes of lockable key cabinets, you may have to consider more criteria. In this article, we will be offering you tips on the decision making process when purchasing lockable key cabinets.

    TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Small Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 530 Model 175 Key Hooks Gray

    Consider the following criteria when deciding on the type, size and features of your lockable cabinets.

    1. Types of keys being stored, i.e., will they be stored as bunches, or are the keys oversized?

     ♦ Consider the space that each hook capacity allows for hanging keys. The standard is to hold 1 or 2 regular house keys per hook.

    ♦ Oversized keys, such as car keys with insignias and bunches are by standard possible, however, they do take up a lot more space and can reduce overall capacity. In such cases, using every one row or hook to ensure that surrounding capacity of the hooks will not be hindered by oversized keys or bunches.

    ♦ Sometimes, in such cases of oversized or bunches of keys; you can opt to not include the last or final panel in order for the door to close without a hassle. For example, the Telkee 686 Cabinet model comes with a maximum of 450 hooks and 4 panels, where the maximum capacity with bunches would be 350 keys/hooks with 3 panels or even 250 keys/hooks with 2 panels.

    ♦ Number of hooks for key storage/security requirement. Will there be a requirement for expansion?

    Firstly, consider the types of key being stored and the use of the cabinet. Accordingly, also consider whether future expansion will occur, and therefore, depending on the budget and investment, look into expansion measures with the available types of lockable cabinets. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers 4 sizes, namely the following;

                                              i.    T347 (upto 1 Panel,  maximum of 60 hooks)

                                             ii.    T530 (upto 3 Panels,  maximum of 245 hooks)

                                            iii.    T686 (upto 4 Panels,  maximum of 450 hooks)

                                           iv.    T686L (upto 5 Panels,  maximum of 550 hooks)

    2. Need for special locking mechanisms, measures or features.

    ♦ The standard locking feature available with Telkee Lockable Cabinets would be the cam lock that comes with 2 keys

    ♦ You may opt to upgrade to the likes of Keyless entry with a mechanical key pad, 3-digit combo lock, higher security with the likes of a mechanical key pad with 3 manager override or a 3-point locking system.

    These are a few tips on aiding you in the search for the ideal lockable key cabinet. Stay tuned for more tips.

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