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  • Key Storage Solutions

    Are you on the lookout for key storage solutions? We have a great range for your selection at TelKee Lockable Cabinets. Here are our popular choices for you to have a look at!

    TelKee Key Cabinets | Key Management Solutions | Key Storage Cabinets

    Small Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: All our TelKee Key Cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and match most office interiors with their sleek look and beige/gray tones. Within our range of small key management solutions, we can easily first break them down into categories by the type of security being used. Are you opting for a lock-and-key control system, or would you prefer to go with a keyless entry system via the use of a mechanical keypad.  You can opt to upgrade your security mechanism as per your wish as they are all upgradable. The models within Small Key Storage Solutions Range allows you to store from a maximum of 35 keys to 60 keys with the expansion panels that are easily latched onto the interior of the lockable key cabinet. The models include TelKee 347/35, TelKee 347/60, and TelKee 347C/20.

    Medium Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: Available with choices of opting for keyed to keyless entry mechanisms and the choice of colour to match your office interior design, you are able to look towards your "duty of care" responsibilities in details. These include questions such as what is the capacity you are looking at; are you planning to expand your requirement in the near future; and you would need accessories for key management to go along with them. All these questions matter, and are easily answered with the great features a TelKee lockable key cabinet has to offer. The model within the Medium Key Storage Solutions Range allows you to store from a maximum of 100 keys to 245 keys, with the models being TelKee 530/100, TelKee 530/175, TelKee 530/245, and TelKee 530C/80.

    Large to Extra Large Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: As all the cabinet solutions TelKee has to offer, these too are available with different modes of security and interior design aesthetics in mind. These large to extra large key storage solutions allows you to store from a capacity of 150 keys and hooks to 550 with the help of expansion panels. The models within the large key management solutions range includes TelKee 686/150, TelKee 686/250, TelKee 686/350, TelKee 686/450, TelKee 686C/100, TelKee 686L/150, TelKee 686L/250, TelKee 686L/350, TelKee 686L/450, TelKee 686L/550, and TelKee 686LC/150.

  • How to Choose a Key Cabinet

    When purchasing office management equipment, you need to address why it's needed and the features you will be requiring from it. These are all great things to consider. We have put together a "How-to" about choosing and purchasing a key cabinet, all courtesy of TelKee Key Cabinets.

    TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets | How to Choose a Key Cabinet

    First off, let's address the types of Key Cabinets that are available to you. You can categorise the key cabinets by purpose, that is, will these cabinets be used for storage of infrastructural keys (consisting of buildings, offices, rooms, cupboards, etc) or will they be used to house vehicular keys (that are bulky in nature). The latter falls into the Vehicular Key Cabinets range. Then there's the matter of security, in terms of how you lock your key cabinets. You could opt for the standard, which consists of a lock-and-key system, or you could go digital with a mechanical keypad (which does come with a manager override feature too).

    Secondly, you need to address the sizing and capacity you require.  Will you be looking for a small, medium or large key cabinet to house your keys? If so, what is the maximum capacity you are looking at, and will you be expecting to expand in the future?

    At TelKee Key Cabinets, you are provided with the following capacity and sizing options to choose from when looking through the Key Cabinet models.

    Size : S

    Capacity (Hooks) : 35, 60

    Models: Standard (347/35, 347/60), Vehicles (347C/20)


    Size : M

    Capacity (Hooks) : 100, 175, 245

    Models: Standard (530/100, 530/175, 530/245), Vehicles (530C/80)


    Size : L / XL

    Capacity (Hooks) : 150, 250, 350, 450

    Models: Standard (686/150, 686/250, 686/350, 686/450), Standard XL (686L/150, 686L/250, 686L/350, 686L/450), Vehicles (686C/100, 686LC/150)

    The fact of the matter is TelKee Key Cabinets are a great investment. Not only do you get what you are looking for in terms of all the requirements, as you get the accessories to your key cabinet such as printed key tags, perforated label sheets, signature strips, index cards to name a few items, where you also get a logging system for the mechanical keypad too.

    If you believe you have a need for expansions or an increase in capacity, it considers it. As long as you stay within the size capacity brackets, you need not purchase a large cabinet as you can make do with expansion key hook panels. However, that's not all, TelKee Key Cabinets offer. You can also add suspension key hook panels to your existing filing cabinets and utilise it effectively.

    Check out our website when you are in the market for a Key Cabinet Solution.

  • Key Cabinets for Estate Agents

    When you're in the market of selling and renting out houses for your clientele, it can be a daunting task to keep everything organised. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we have a few office management solutions that will make keeping track of real estate documentation and keys a breeze.

    In the real estate industry, there are many listings in the market whether it's for sale or rent, and as a real estate agent, you'll need to be diligent concerning the duty of care of the properties your clients place in your hands. Whether it's from the various files and papers to the keys, you need to stay on top of things. Concerning files, the place to store them would be with a alphabetically or numerically catalogued filing system in a piece of furniture that any office will have - a filing cabinet.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Real Estate Property Management Solutions Filing Cabinet

    At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, you are offered the option of using already existing filing cabinets to not only use for storing documents and papers for your real estate business, but also to store keys to the properties in the same filing drawer as the documents. These key file suspension panels are equipped with key hooks and placement for labelling so that you can easily decipher which key belongs to which hook. If you figure out a handy organisation system, it'll be even more efficient, especially with the accessories provided by TelKee to make life a little easier around the office, such as with index cards, perforated key hook labels, printed and colour key tags, and much more.  Isn't that convenient?

    When it comes to secure key management, which is crucial in the real estate market, you can utilise a central location to store all keys in the likes of a TelKee lockable key cabinet. Depending on the size of your real estate agency, you can decide on the size, which you should purchase, ranging from small, and medium to large key management solutions. The great thing about these key cabinets is that you are able to expand on the capacity due to the availability of expansion panels for more keys to be stored.

    These key cabinets are secure either with a keyed or keyless entry system. Depending on your preference, you may chose the standard locking option available with the standard key cabinets for purchase at TelKee Lockable Cabinets or opt to upgrade to the likes of a mechanical keypad or any other locking mechanism available for choosing.

  • Property Key Cabinet Solutions

    If you are in the real estate market, property key cabinet solutions can definitely come in handy.  Whether you are in the business of selling or renting properties such as house, office space and buildings alike, or even employed to take care of them as a custodian/care taker, you will be responsible and tasked with safe guarding and being accountable for the keys to those properties. Therefore, you will find that the key cabinets will not only prove to be the right solution for the job, but the most efficient one as well.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Telkee 686 / 450 Grey

    The number of properties under your wing may be a few or they may be a lot, therefore according the quantity you require, the size of the bulk of keys you will need, the total number of hooks and space needs to be figured out. If there are many keys to a single bunch, then you might want to incorporate more space for certain hooks when organising your keys. There are many models of key cabinets to facilitate your key management and secure storage. You should also consider expansion options, as extra expansion panelling is also offered.

    As the keys to the properties you oversee are in your duty of care, it is important that they a securely stored. The fact that these property key cabinets come with bi lock as well as mechanical keypad entry locking mechanisms and that it's made out of sturdy aluminium is an assurance that they are indeed safe.

    The models of property key cabinets available include the following:

    Telkee 347/35 measures at 347mmH x 280mmW x 80mmD and available in Grey.

    The Telkee 530 Model Series that measure at 530mmH x 330mmW x 165mmD, is available in either Grey or Beige, offered with either the bi lock or mechanical keypad locking mechanism. The maximum capacity of keys/hooks offered is 245 slots.

    • Telkee 530/245
    • Telkee 530/245 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 530 Cabinet Only
    • Telkee 530 Cabinet Only with Mechanical Keypad

    The Telkee 686 Model Series that measure at 686mmH x 330mmW x 191mmD, is available in either Grey or Beige, offered with either the bi lock or mechanical keypad locking mechanism. The maximum capacity of keys/hooks offered is 150, 250, 350 and 450 slots respectively.

    • Telkee 686/150
    • Telkee 686/150 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686/250
    • Telkee 686/250 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686/350
    • Telkee 686/350 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686/450
    • Telkee 686/450 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686 Cabinet Only

    The Telkee 686L Model Series that measure at 686mmH x 330mmW x 260mmD, is available in either Grey or Beige, offered with either the bi lock or mechanical keypad locking mechanism. The maximum capacity of keys/hooks offered is 150, 250, 350, 450 and 550 slots respectively.

    • Telkee 686L/150
    • Telkee 686L/150 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686L/250
    • Telkee 686L/250 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686L/350
    • Telkee 686L/350 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686L/450
    • Telkee 686L/450 with Mechanical Keypad
    • Telkee 686L/550
    • Telkee 686L Cabinet Only
  • Great Organisation and Management Tips with Lockable Cabinets and More

    Is your office a clutter with heaps of items lying around your desk and work surfaces whether its office supplies, keys, paper and much more? How about we put those things away and design a system that really works when it comes to organising your office for efficiency and productivity.  Let's get to it!

    Clean out your Desk Drawer. If this is the first place you reach for once you are seated in your desk? Then you should make sure that you keep the essentials in it, in a manner that makes it easier for you to get to them. You can utilise a lockable multi-purpose cabinet to store the stuff you have cleared out from your desk drawer. If you have keys that need storing but don't own a key cabinet, opt for a filing cabinet suspension panels and hang all your keys there.

    Clean and Clear your Desktop. Remove all items from your desk, clean it every week to ensure it's neat and tidy, and only leave your essentials on it such as your computer (and peripherals), phone and office organiser. File away your papers and documents into filing cabinets, hang your keys in key cabinets, and store other miscellaneous office and stationery items such as CD/DVDs, supplies and more in lockable multi-purpose cabinets. Use various containers to organise office supplies too. If you are using office paper organisers, use a variety of them in order to organise them according to category, type and purpose. It's also always a good idea to use a separate drawer for personal items.

    Manage your Filing System. If you are utilising a filing cabinet already, then use it with a simple management system. There are many accessories for filing cabinets, where you are able to store more than just files, such as the TelKee Key Suspension Panels to store keys. Colour coding your files will make it easier and faster to find the information you are looking for, but make sure that you don't over stuff the folders or overload the filing drawer as it can be difficult to retrieve items from the filing cabinet. It's advisable to divide larger files and subsequently colour code and index them accordingly.

    Telkee Filing Cabinet Office Management Solutions

    You can easily create a good office organisation system by following the 5S methodology, which includes five processes that promote organising your work place in a manner that increases efficiency and effectiveness by " identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order". It's always important to store away non-urgent items and have items that are relevant to the project(s) you are currently working on alone to ensure a systematic flow of information and processes related to it.

  • Setting up Policies for Key Control & Management with TelKee Key Cabinets

    The purpose of a Key Control & Management Policy is to ensure that there is reasonable security to the likes of members, employees, residents of a property for their personal protection as well as the property/properties in it. Key cabinet solutions can greatly see to it that it's fulfilled with the help of such a policy system set in place. In order for you to set up a Key Control Policy, you'll need to define the following areas of scope and concern.

    TelKee Key Lockable Cabinets Australia | Key Control and Management Policy Document

    1. Definition of Key Control Department: Define the department which is responsible for key control, management and maintenance and assign responsibilities, roles and action plans.

    2. Personnel Authorised to Issue Keys: Denote how the issuance of keys is authorised, by which personnel and the procedure required to accomplish it

    3. Rules Regarding Issuance of Keys: Denote to which category of personnel each rule is relevant to and how they are apply to them in terms of key control, management and maintenance

    4. Lock Policy: Provide information to whom the responsibilities of keys lie with, as well as processes they must follow.

    5. Numbering System for Keys: Providing a form of identification for each key in the form of coloured and/or printed tags, with a numbering system that will be used for key control and management.

    6. Lost/Stolen Keys: In the instance of lost or stolen keys, you are required to follow certain protocols, of which  should be written down and shared with relevant people via some form of communication, either with a safety manual, memo or pamphlet.

    7. Termination/Retirement/Separation from Organisation: List down the procedure that should take place in the instance a member/employee or resident of your organisation is terminated/retired/separated in order for operation to proceed without issues.

    8. Repair of Locks, Keys or Door Hardware: Set guidelines as to who is responsible for the repair of locks, keys or door hardware, and how it should be carried out in order to follow through on processes and ensure that tasks are completed and all locks, keys and door hardware are operational.

    9. Storage of Keys: All keys in use will require safe keeping, therefore it's best to utilise reliable, sturdy and lockable key cabinets such as those offered by TelKee Lockable Cabinets that cater to various sizes and capacities, as well as offer means of key control and management options via its accessories.

    10. Key Control Database: It's important to ensure you have proper management and control of your keys, therefore set in place a system that is centralised with the key storage location which includes key control data such as key issuance details, key numbering systems, purpose and other information that is relevant to your organisation

  • Tips for Organisation in the Workplace with TelKee Lockable Cabinets

    There are many types of workplaces in the world, depending on the type of occupation you've chosen. Some of us work behind a desk or computer, some of us at sites and some of sit in board meetings. No matter what you do, you'll need some form of organisation to get you on top of things concerning your job. This week at TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we bring you some tips to staying organised in the workplace, and how you can use secure lockable cabinets to help you in that regard.

    1. Clean up, Tidy Up: It may come as no surprise that the first order of business to organising your workplace, would be to start by cleaning and tidying it up starting with your work desk or area. File papers away into filing cabinets, put things that need safeguarding into lockable cabinets with adjustable shelving (these are convenient because it can be adjusted to fit a certain height you require), and not to mention keys should be safely stored in their lockable key cabinets to ensure your responsibilities are well secured.

    2. Practice Good Habits: Manage your time by planning ahead and setting a course of action beforehand. Being mentally prepared and organised will ensure that you will be able to stay steady during a hectic workday. Make sure to plan, schedule and clean up at the start and end of the day so you start strong and finish strong.

    3. Manage Your Time Effectively: Some people are good at multi-tasking, while some prefer giving their undivided attention to each task. Whatever works for you, be on top of your game by not only managing the time but also the resources you utilise, be it papers, various office items or keys, and make sure they are placed back in their rightful places, i.e., filing cabinets, lockable key cabinets and storage cabinets.

    4. Make your Work Area "Yours": It's important to own your work, as well as the place you work, because then, you are able to give it your all. Personalise it, arrange it to your convenience (if there are items you can move around and allows you to), then go ahead. It also helps when you can add your own organising system, be it the way you store away your papers or various office items, or the way you catalogue for key management, and other items.

    5.  Plan but Be Realistic: It's great to have a plan, and even a contingency upon which your plan doesn't go as planned. It's always good to be realistic because you never know when things may go wrong. That's why you need to be prepared for such instances, such as with a lockable key cabinet that comes with a manager override key in case the mechanical keypad hits a snag when the key code is forgotten.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinet Solutions

  • 5S in your Workplace with TelKee Lockable Cabinets

    The 5S methodology is essentially a Japanese discipline that has been proposed for workplace productivity. What 5S will do is to make the workplace more pleasant, improve work efficiency & safety, as well as improve customer satisfaction and more. With TelKee Lockable Cabinets, you are able to easily supplement and facilitate the execution of these disciplines with the aid of the nature and functionality of products offered by TelKee. Be it key cabinets, multipurpose cabinets, Workplace Health & Safety cabinets, or other accessories made available to you, they will be able to bring you one step closer to achieving the desired benefits of a 5S system.

    Telkee Key Security Management Solutions

    Being a methodology founded by the Japanese, there are few steps involved in 5S, which stand for Seiri (sort), Seiton (straighten/streamline), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize), Shitsuke (sustain). Each phase is important, and can be valuable practices for productivity and efficiency. They include;

    1. Sort: The removal of unnecessary items and proper disposal, as well as making work/tasks easier by the removal of obstacles, removal of clutter, and the evaluation of items dependant on the need, frequency of use and the storage method in place. In terms of lockable cabinets, be it for keys or multi-purpose items, proper storage and security of said items is valuable in the workplace and necessary to put these practices in place.

    2. Straighten/Streamline: Involves the location and placement of items in terms of function, clear identification or designation for their placement, as well as easy retrieval of items. Once more, the TelKee lockable cabinets will be helpful due to the accessories that are supplemented along with the cabinets when purchased, which allows for proper identification on the likes of the key hooks and key tags, as well as use of index cards and signature strips for easy retrieval, etcetera.

    3. Shine: This involves keeping your workplace clean and clutter free, and upkeep of products and items to avoid deterioration, as well as keeping the work environment safe and easy to work with.

    4. Standardize: By upholding standards within the workplace be it for cleanliness and hygiene to order and upkeep, you can make sure that your productivity and efficiency is also maintained.

    5. Sustain: Involves continuity of the practices and methodology by keeping things in order, which is highly possible with the TelKee lockable cabinets, products and accessories on offer, along with the processes that are recommended when using them (such as with the use of signature strips, alpha index cards, and more).

    Telkee Signature Strip

  • TelKee Key Cabinet Locking Systems

    Finding the right key cabinet is important when you are making an investment for your business. The size, capacity, sturdiness and security of said lockable key cabinets and multipurpose cabinets are important as you'll need them for your day to day activities as well as integral to your duty of care responsibilities. Therefore be wary of what's available in the market and choose wisely when you are investing in a lockable cabinet.

    Here's what you should opt for when you are about to buy a lockable cabinet for your office.

    Sturdiness: Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminium construction, with durable stainless steel full length hinge for high use sites.

    Security: Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock with mechanical keypad keyless entry or standard bi-lock keyed entry security, coupled with auto-latching door.

    Size: Ranging from small to large, depending on key/storage capacity with space and measures for expansion (via employment of panels).

    Capacity: Based on size, where small cabinets can accommodate 35 hooks up to 60 hooks, medium can accommodate 100 hooks, 175 hooks or 245 hooks, large can accommodate from 150 hooks up to 550 hooks.

    Appearance:  Powder coated in neutral beige/gray to blend with office interior design.

    Functionality: Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use, can be wall mounted or free standing. Mechanical keypad entry cabinets as well as standard cabinets allows for tracking/data trail with secure sign-in/sing out either using tracking software or log book.

    Locking systems are important to ensure that you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities as well as ensure the proper flow of processes that only improves your efficiency and effectivenes of tasks at hand.  At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, they are fitted with standard locks with the option of upgrades too. These include the following cabinet locking systems.

      • Standard Cam Lock: One of these is included in the price of all cabinets, and is supplied with 2 keys, where replacement keys may be purchased from any locksmith by quoting the number on the lock.
      • Mechanical Keypad with Manager Override Lock: Available with 4-6 digit changeable combinations, no maintenance or batteries required due to its mechanical nature, this lock comes with a Manager Override Lock (for models 530, 686 & 686L), and is available on all cabinets except 347/35 hook model.
      • 3 Digit Combo Lock: 3 digit changeable combination, no maintenance or batteries required due to its mechanical nature, least expensive option for keyless entry and available on all cabinets.
      • Bi-Lock Cam Lock: 12 tumblers restricted keying system with quick release barrel for re-keying.

    TelKee Key Cabinets | Locking Mechanisms | TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia

  • Secure Storage Cabinet

    Security is a must in this day and age. Whether it's physical, cyber or intellectual, you need to make sure that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your assets and intellectual property is safe and guarded. One way to do that is by ensuring you keep things under lock & key, be it in a room or safely away in a cabinet. But where would you keep those keys? Have you considered a secure storage cabinet to ensure that physical intellectual property as well as keys to assets would be safeguarded? It would be a great idea, in fact.

     TelKee Secure Lockable Cabinet Family Australia

    There are many types of secure storage cabinets for you to choose from when you looking for reliable storage solutions in Australia. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of cabinets that serves all these purposes and caters to commercial and industrial sectors be it real estate, transport, government offices, hospitals, and more. If you are wondering what the advantages of owning and using a secure storage cabinet by TelKee are, they include the following.

    • Save Money via efficiency and effectiveness with reduced time searching for items when they are placed in cabinets that are denoted and labelled accordingly.
    • Reduce Risk of Theft with the inbuilt locking mechanism and sturdy exterior of the secure storage cabinets. Locking mechanism include keyed and keyless entry.
    • Meet your "Duty of Care" by ensuring that you work efficiently and effectively due to the convenience & practicality it brings
    • Minimize Insurance Exposure by avoiding the risk of theft and ensuring your assets are well protected.
    • Enhance Inventory Control by not only having a designated place for your assets and keys to property, both physical and intellectual, but ensuring that you label and account for them by means of the accessories provided or the logging software available for the mechanical keypad entry secure storage cabinets, you can definitely be on top of things.

     TelKee Secure Key and Storage Cabinet Solutions Australia

    The range of models and accessories available through TelKee include key cabinets, expansion panels for key cabinets, suspension files for storing keys in existing filing cabinets, vehicle cabinets that allow for longer or bulkier keys, multi-use adjustable key cabinets with adjustable shelves, Workplace Health & Safety key cabinets that are also weather resistant making them ideal for storing WHS documentation at work sites, and accessories such as key tags (blank, numbered, printed and advertising) and locking options that include the likes of 3 Digit locks and mechanical keypads.

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