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  • Pokemon Go Becoming an Office Trend? How to Keep Your Employees Focused at Work

    Pokemon Go has gone international with just about everyone from school kids to office workers and grandmothers addicted to this augmented reality game. While reports have shown that healthwise it’s doing a lot of good by getting you up and moving, it’s not ideal when your office become a pokestop  leaving everyone searching for pokemons instead of focusing on the task at hand. The Telkee key cabinets team is  here to help with some great suggestions to help stop your employees from staring at their phones and slipping away from their desks.

    How is Pokemon Go affecting Workplaces?

    Don’t Ban Pokemon Go, Instead Setup a Policy

    While this may seem like the first step to take, it will just lead to employees coming up with ways to play the game behind your back. Passive aggressive signs like the one below won’t work either as they’ll just be ignored. Instead devise a policy that lays out proper guidelines for device management. By doing this you have a solid framework to address unreasonable employee device usage.

    You can also include a section on the use of cameras at your workplace. Adding this to a policy will allow you to deem that the Pokemon Go AR mode is counted as using a phone camera and should be disabled when the game is played within office premises.

    Analyse Employee Performance

    Look beyond the amount of screentime used by an employee, instead analyse their performance. If you notice a huge drop in performance after the viral game hit the office - it’s definitely worth talking to the employee and highlighting the use of the game a possible problem.

    If an employee is playing the game without letting it affect their performance you should just leave it instead of trying to micromanage their time. Most high-performers can be trusted to manage their time efficiently, so if they need to a couple of minutes to swipe through social media or a couple of Pokeballs, trust them to do that while getting their job tasks done too.

    Set Deadlines Clearly

    Research has shown that employees tend to waste time browsing social media and playing games when they don’t have enough to do. This typically happens when you don’t also have any set work deadlines and are just meandering through tasks. To avoid this happening, it’s important to set clear tasks and priorities for your team either on a daily or weekly basis.

    While employees will most likely play the game during their breaks, you will be restricting the game to their downtime since they have to check off their day's work against their prioritised tasks.

  • Why Does Your Construction Site Need a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet?

    Weather resistant, Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are perfect for construction sites, as well as regular offices to keep all vital WHS manuals and information in a centralised secure location to avoid the risk of loss and being held liable  in event of a contractor accident. While you probably know this lockable cabinet will be an asset to your construction site, here’s a more in depth look at the Telkee WHS cabinet,it’s features and benefit.

    Sturdy Construction and Ideal for the Outdoors

    Telkee WHS Cabinet is available in a durable 2mm thick rust resistant Aluminium construction along with a full length stainless steel hinge that is built to last. The neutral Nurse Grey colour it comes in, allows the cabinet to blend well into its surroundings and it’s weather resistant design allows it to be used outdoors or indoors as well.

    Secure Important Documents in this Secure Lockable Cabinet

    All Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are equipped with stainless steel Mechanical Keypads for keyless entry access to the safe. The cabinet also minimises the chance of error with a secure auto-latching door, which means the cabinet will be secure even if you forget to lock it.

    How can the WHS Cabinet Help Your Business?

    A lockable Telkee Workplace Health and Safety cabinet will Improve site safety with a secure weather resistant location for WHS materials. It also allows you to meet your duty of care with easy access to all up to date WHS documentation.

    You can also reduce liability with documented work permits and work safety documentation that’s easily accesible in one single WHS/Contractor info location which increases efficiency too.

    WHS Telkee Cabinet
  • Work Safety Tips to Secure Your Workplace

    Making your workplace safe and secure is nothing something that can be accomplished overnight and not updated. Continuous improvements are required to ensure your work safety is not jeopardised at any point. This can range from the use of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinets for managing the duty of care and WHS requirements for work on-sites to conducting training sessions for employees to keep them aware of their surroundings and helping them recognise potential hazards. Even the smallest daily tasks, can make a huge difference when it comes to significantly reducing risk - keep reading for some great tips from Telkee Key Cabinets.


      1. Maintaining a clean work area is of paramount importance. This will reduce the risk of injury by letting employees clearly see potential hazards, which they would otherwise miss in a cluttered environment. Consider using high quality adjustable shelf cabinets or other office cabinet storage solutions to keep things neat and tidy at all times and provide a more productive work environment for your employees.

    Telkee Australian Adjustable Shelf Cabinets
    1. Apart from ensuring machinery and materials are well positioned to ensure the smooth flow of production, it is important to provide clear work instructions to all employees. While conducting  thorough training is crucial, there should also be clear, written instructions placed in highly visible positions. Along with documenting work processes in this manner, aim to include basic safety instructions that each worker can read and acknowledge.

    2. Get your employees on board with work safety by asking them for their input on safety standards and regulations. No one can identify potential risks than those who actually carry out the tasks and create shortcuts. Follow their suggestions for ensuring the work areas remain safe at all times and also encourage employees to bring their safety concerns to management’s attention at all times. Once this has been done, it’s the management’s responsibility to act on these concerns and eliminate the risk, to win the trust of your employees.

    3. Safety guidelines are not something that should be created and then ignored. Revisit these documents every year as nothing stays the same in any workplace. As new machinery is purchased, employees changes and office spaces change, previous safety guidelines may not be applicable and will need to be modified to reflect the change.

  • Health and Work: Creating the Perfect Mix

    Safeguarding your employees from any potential risks at work is fundamental to ensuring they stay happy, healthy and at your organisation, which in turn results in continued success for your business. When it comes to creating the perfect mix of health and work to ensure the safety of your employees, there are a couple of key rules that should be followed consistently to produce the perfect result. Here’s a look at six of these rules that can be easily adapted to suit your organisation’s requirements.

    Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards

    This is an important first step to take when aiming to create a safe workplace. For example, when working in a warehouse environment, ensure floors are free of “slip and trip” hazards by carrying out regular safety checks. The floor should be clear of stray cords, liquids etc and any cracks on the floor should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid employee injuries.

    Clearly Label Designated Hazardous Zones

    If there are chemicals or any dangerous equipment that has potential to be a risk to employees, it should be carefully stored away in designated hazardous zones. Clear signage should be used to identify these areas. These zones can be illuminated using black and white tape or with stripes painted on the floor so that it can’t be missed. This will help employees be aware of hazardous zones and practice caution in these areas.

    Provide Training and Refresher Courses

    Education is key to ensuring your employees are aware of safety protocols, which reduces the risk of potential injuries, absenteeism because of injury and damage to expensive equipment. Instead of just carrying out training as an employee joins, aim to have refresher courses on a regular basis to keep staff up to date with knowledge of safety practices within the workplace.

    Stay Organised with a Workplace Health  and Safety Cabinet

    Telkee Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinet

    Keep key information such as signing in of contractors, managing duty of care and WHS requirements for work-on-sites secure in a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet. Telkee’s range of lockable key cabinets features a WHS cabinet that is perfect for use as an outdoor storage cabinet with a rust-resistant aluminium construction and stainless steel components which makes it durable.

  • Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

    Given the limited number of hours in a workday, being efficient with time management is crucial. One way to do so is to work smarter as opposed to worker more hours. The only factor that requires merit is the need for more deliberation with your time management. Here are some tips on how to increase productivity at work by working smarter!

    1. Track and limit the time spent on tasks: Become an expert in gauging time to be spent on certain tasks with the help of the Rescue Time app.
    2. Take breaks regularly: Whilst some will contest this, taking scheduled breaks will allow your brain to jumpstart it’s concentration levels. It’s been said that a person’s concentration starts to wane after 45 minutes on the same task.
    3. Set manageable self-imposed deadlines: Setting deadlines especially to open-ended projects can greatly affect the focus and productivity as you are watching the clock.
    4. The “Two-Minute” rule: A rule penned by Entrepreneur Steve Olenski, it involves making the most of small time windows to get tasks done, especially if they can be completed within 2 minutes or less.
    5. Saying no to meetings: Meetings can often eat up a lot of your time. Choose to have them over other mediums such as chat, phone, or a web-based meeting platform. As long as you are getting the same goals/tasks completed, your physical presence should not be a necessity. If a physical meeting IS required, consider having a standing meeting as it has shown to drive engagement and performance.
    6. End multitasking: Many would assume that multitasking actually gets a lot done, but experts say it could very well be the opposite. Focusing on one goal can help finish it faster than scattering it in various projects.
    7. Utilise commute time: If you are indeed commuting and you’re able to utilise your phone, take that time to read and respond emails, create your daily plan or even brainstorm ideas.
    8. Minimising Interruptions: Setting office hours, closing the door and or even working from home during critical projects is a good way to ensure your productivity soars and you get tasks done.
    9. Set an appealing environment: Sometimes having something to look at can be inspiring, even the wall colour helps. That is why most offices attempt to incorporate blue in their colour palette as it is found that it drives productivity.
    10. Turn off notifications: Something that relates to minimising interruptions, often putting your ringer on silent or disabling text/social media notifications can greatly help in focusing on the tasks at hand.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Regulations by TelKee Lockable Cabinets

    "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", that's Murphy's Law, and for this fact and for the general wellbeing of the populace, taking proper care to enforce security and safety to workplace and its surroundings is critical, to the employer, employees and the population. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers some insight into workplace health and safety. One rule of thumb that is advised by TelKee is to maintain a Workplace Health and Safety cabinet to keep all WHS Acts, Regulations, Policies and Procedure documents and manuals in order for all personnel in the organisation will be made aware and you are able to take steps to ensuring a safe working environment for everyone.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Workplace health and safety cabinets Australia laws

    Each of Australia's state has a regulator for Workplace Health & Safety. It's important to be aware of WHS laws and regulations in your state and you should be able to contact your WHS state regulator for advice on the following matters;

    • Complying with Work Health and Safety laws
    • Reporting a workplace incident
    • Renewing or applying for licences
    • Workers' compensation claims
    • Registering plant and plant designs

    The following are their contact information.

    Jurisdiction Regulator Telephone
    New South Wales WorkCover NSW 13 10 50
    Victoria Victorian WorkCover Authority 1800 136 089
    Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Qld 1300 369 915
    South Australia SafeWork SA 1300 365 255
    Western Australia WorkSafe WA 1300 307 877
    Australian Capital Territory WorkSafe ACT 02 6207 3000
    Tasmania WorkSafe TAS 1300 366 322 (Within Tasmania)03 6233 7657 (External)
    Northern Territory NT WorkSafe 1800 019 115
    Commonwealth Comcare 1300 366 979

    There aren't many incidents that require a regulator present, and is only require in the event of a serious incident, where it triggers requirements to preserve the site of the incident pending further direction from the regulatory authority. Such incidents include;

    • the death of a person
    • a ‘serious injury or illness’, or
    • a dangerous incident arising out of work carried out by a business, undertaking or a workplace

    In the event of such an incident, by WHS law, you are to do the following;

    • immediate notification of a ‘notifiable incident’ to the regulator, after becoming aware of it
    • if the regulator asks—written notification with 48 hours of the request, and
    • preservation of the incident site until an inspector arrives or directs otherwise

    Make sure to store this information in your Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet!

  • Productivity Solutions for Government Offices

    Working for a high traffic office with critical information passing your desk daily? Being in the digital era, these documents are usually stored virtually, perhaps on a cloud based system or in-house data centre. However it's no surprise that there are many times that physical records are needed and you need to rely on filing cabinet solutions, multiuse lockable cabinets and a means to safeguard the keys for these very cabinets - secure key cabinets.

    Here are some productivity tips and solutions we've compiled that may be beneficial working in a high paced office.

    Creating a DMS - A document management system can be implemented both virtually and physically. This is set in place in order to maintain organisation, and will be a point of reference for future use in terms of naming & dating conventions, security guidelines for access to said information, procedures for archives, style sheets and templates too. With a better organised system in place, you will find that you, your work colleagues and/or employees will spend less time looking up files and items for reference as they have been duly indexed in an efficient manner. Often with the case of sensitive information being saved in either lockable filing or multi use cabinets, you will also need a system for managing your keys!  The TelKee Lockable Cabinets for key management as ideally suited for this purpose as they also offer keyed and keyless entry locking systems for improved security.

    Syncing Project Management Information - From project scopes, timelines, progress reports to calendars are important and should be easily accessible and synced to your project team's devices.​​

    Printing Services - Despite being in the digital era, we can avoid printing out critical papers. When you're working in a large office you need to use your resources efficiently and with the case of printers, many will find it cumbersome as they wait for the printer to be available. A new way of helping manage your office printer is with cloud based solutions.

    Technology Maintenance Plan - Developing a long terms plan to maintain your technologies is crucial to better foresee and manage breakdowns due to systems becoming obsolete. Staying on top of the technological curve is a good rule of thumb as properly functioning equipment is crucial to any productive and efficient office.

    Look into the Simple Things - Every little effort put into making things easier on your office goes a long way. An easily accessible system, aesthetically appealing workplaces, regular scheduled breaks and downtime (for recharge), team building exercises and more is the ideal solution. When creating a work environment that is desirable, you are looking towards a happy workforce for productivity and efficiency improved.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia Government workplace productivity tips

    Stay tuned to the TelKee Lockable Cabinets blog for more insights into office tips and solutions!

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