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  • Telkee Model 347 Vs Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

    Telkee Key Cabinets is Australia’s number one choice for premium quality, affordable key management systems.  All Telkee lockable cabinets come with a 5 year warranty, have a 100% guarantee  and are shipped across Australia which ensures you’re making a safe choice by sticking with Telkee, however with so many models how do you choose? Here’s a closer look at two of our best selling key cabinets, with more info on their similarities and differences.

    Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet

    The Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet is ideal for a business looking to implement a small  or medium sized key management system as key cabinets in this range can hold 35 or 60 keys each. The setup of the key cabinet is ideal for building, industrial, commercial, mining, government and office use, as the Telkee 347 security cabinets can be easily wall mounted if floor space is a problem and includes the standard safety cam lock.

    You can choose to order the cabinet alone or as a bundle with two sets of keys, numbered plastic key tags and perforated number sheets for the key hooks to organise your keys efficiently. The 347 key cabinet can also be upgraded to the 3-digit combo lock or any other Telkee lock mechanisms either by us when you purchase your key cabinet or purchase the locking mechanism separately from us and have any locksmith make the switch for you.

    Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

    Similar to the Telkee Model 347 cabinet, the heavy duty Telkee 530 key cabinets are wall mountable, constructed with all steel components and have a powdercoated finish. Available in a choice of either beige or grey, this lockable cabinet is suitable for medium to large businesses in a range of industries and can hold between 100 - 245 keys. The modular nature of Telkee key cabinets means that it can be easily upgraded by adding on extra key panels to increase the number of key hooks as your business need increases.

    While the basic 530 key cabinet comes equipped with the standard cam lock, the 530 model can be upgraded to include a slam lock door with a mechanical keypad for keyless entry or any other locking mechanism available on our website.

  • Effective Security with Filing Cabinet Key Storage

    If space is an issue for you, but you still require an effective key management control system, filing cabinet key storage is the answer for you. Apart from providing a safe and organised environment for your keys to minimise the risk of theft and loss, the Telkee filing cabinet key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard size filing cabinet - resulting in less floor space being taken up by yet another bulky cabinet. Keep reading for more information on convenient office key storage solutions from the Telkee team of experts.

    Why Keep Keys in a Filing Cabinet?

    Apart from the reasons listed above, depending on your industry you may need to keep a large number of keys organised for instance in the case of a vehicle rental company, car sales establishment or a real estate property management agency. Keeping large bunches of keys in a desk drawer will not work when it comes to keeping your valuable property safe and also results in time wasted when trying to locate the right key in a hurry. Using Telkee’s Filing Cabinet Solutions can really simplify things for you, allowing easy tracking of where each key is stored and who has access to them which will help you reduce the risk of theft and the cost of replacements.

    Key Management Solutions for Business Sizes and Industries

    The great part about Telkee filing cabinet key storage solutions is that it can be used conveniently by small, medium or large businesses in a variety of industries. Easily slotting into any existing standard sized filing cabinet, the hanging panels hold upto 25 hooks that is durable and allows easy hanging of keys. Each key storage solution is available in sizes of 50,100 or 200 hook systems, so that you have control to choose the key management system that suits your unique needs. Telkee key cabinets believes in providing a complete key storage solution, so all key suspension panels are supplied complete with all tags and numbering required to ensure your office key management system is well organised.

    Purchase your Telkee lockable key cabinet today and watch how you effectively reduce losses and control your resources better, resulting in a boost in the overall efficiency and smooth sailing of your company.

  • Automotive Dealership Key Management

    Automotive dealerships and rental car fleets need to be in control and able to track car key activity at all times. With a completely organised key management system in place, car dealerships will be able to reduce unauthorised access and cut down on key loss. One of the most secure ways of doing this is with a Telkee vehicle key cabinet which designed specifically  to control access to keys in a vehicle lot, servicing baby or inspection shop. Each key should be attached to a numbered (either pre-numbered or customised according to your unique numbering system) key tag and placed on a numbered key hook within a durable and secure lockable key cabinet.  Keep reading for a few reasons how a vehicle key management system can help your automotive dealership.

    Dealership Key Management Eliminates Costly Losses

    Without an effective and secure key storage system in place, it’s almost impossible to constantly monitor dozens or hundreds or vehicles for lost keys, mystery mileage and unexplained damage which leads to unnecessary expenses and your insurance costs increasing.

    Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets in Australia  provide dealership key storage systems the ability to track where all their keys are, where they have been and who you needs to be held accountable - minus the delay of having to hunt this information down! By using the vehicle key rack which has specially designed key hooks to hold large bunches of keys, key tags, perforated number sheets for the key hooks and Telkee signature strip which need to be filled out before keys are accessed, you will have all this information at your fingertips.

    Provide Faster, Better Service with Dealership Key Management

    No more  wasting time hunting for keys, while the customer grows impatient! Take a client for a test drive in a matter of minutes and the close the sale faster. Choose to have your vehicle key rack equipped with keyless entry featuring a mechanical keypad locking mechanism, a manager override lock and a slam latch door. This will allow sales staff to access car keys in minutes by entering the pin number. Time does not have time waster locking the key cabinet after removing a key, as the slam latch door features means the key cabinet is secured as soon as the door locks. The manager override lock function allows managers to secure the vehicle keys at the night by locking the cabinet with a key, so no one else has access to keys.

    Telkee Vehicle Key Cabinets

  • Purchasing Telkee Key Cabinets Online

    Telkee Key Cabinets offers the convenience of ordering your lockable key cabinets, storage cabinets and other key storage management accessories via our website online. Your order can be paid for by credit card or EFT using our easy online payment gateway, after which your key racks will be delivered super fast Australia wide. Keep reading for a step by step tutorial to placing your Telkee order online.

    Setup a Telkee Account

    While you can checkout as a guest, it’s always best to first  setup an account when placing your order so that you track your orders and also store multiple shipping address. Click on the Create an Account button and provide the required information. Don’t forget to select the Newsletter subscription checkbox to ensure you receive our monthly newsletter filled with great tips and offers.

    Browsing for Specific Telkee Key Management Solutions

    The Telkee website features an easy access dropdown menu with our different Telkee product categories. Click on the specific category that you’re after and then use the filter options on the left menu to find Telkee products to meet your specific needs.

    All Telkee key cabinets are supplied with a standard Cam style lock, but you have the option of upgrading the locking mechanism to a Mechanical Keypad Keyless entry, 3 digit Combo Lock or for our larger key racks to a slam door with mechanical push button keypad and manager override cam lock.You can also choose to either purchase the lockable key cabinet only or with the storage panels, perforated number sheets, keytags and signature strips.

    You can compare two or more products by clicking on the Add to Compare link below each product. This pulls up a separate window with an easy to read comparison of the products which can be easily printed too.

    Placing your Final Order

    Once the items have been added to your shopping cart, click on My Cart located on the top right hand corner of your screen and go to Checkout. Enter a billing and shipping address if you haven’t already done this when setting up your Telkee account, select your chosen payment method and finally click on the Place Your Order Now button.

    It’s as simple as that! You’ll receive an email confirming your order, along with delivery notice as soon as your order leaves. If you require assistance at any point, please click on the Leave a Message button on the Telkee website to speak with a live agent, email us at or call us on 02 9684 6999.

    Customer satisfaction is very important to all of us at Telkee Key Cabinets and all our products are covered by a 100% guarantee. Please note that refunds are available for 30 days after purchase and the product must be returned in original packaging.

  • How to Sell More at Your Car Sales Business

    Whether you’ve been in the car sales business or if you’re just getting into it without much training, here are some great techniques to use that will generate more car sales, while also helping you stay more organised and thus reducing the risk of theft and replacement costs.

    Personalise Your Greeting

    A good greeting is an important part of getting the sale off right! It lets you get control right off the bat and makes a potential customer feel welcome and appreciated. Instead of the usual “How can I help you?” which can be easily brushed by “I’m just looking”, try something a little more personable like “Good morning and welcome to ABC Motors”. This will give you an opportunity to continue to interact with the client since they will usually respond to this with “Thank You”.

    Don’t stick to just one option, try out a few different greetings to see which one works for you and the sales pitch you opt for.

    Using Lockable Key Cabinets to Save Time

    Keeping a potential customer waiting while you locate the keys to a car you’re trying to sell is a disaster. Avoid this time wastage by ensuring all car keys are securely stored in a purpose built Telkee vehicle key cabinet that can be easily wall mounted. All durable Telkee car yard keysafes are supplied with keyless mechanical keypad lock that allows car sales team members to easily access keys during the day, while the additional manager override cam lock provides security at night.

    Test Drive with Your Customer

    While a lot of old timers prefer to let customers test drive vehicles by themselves, you’re missing out on valuable time that could help you close the deal. Spending this extra time with your client is a great opportunity to get to know them a bit better, figure out what pushes their buttons and build a rapport with them inorder to really sell the car according to their unique needs.

    If a customer prefers to test drive the vehicle alone, always let them but never suggest it. Test driving the vehicle with your client will allow you to trial close the deal when you’re returning with something simple like “go ahead and park it over on the Sold line, to avoid anyone else trying to buy your car”.

    Don’t forget to replace the vehicle keys in the lockable key cabinet on the matching key hook if the customer needs more time to reach a decision to ensure an effective key management system is in place at all times.

  • Keeping Your Home Business Organised

    The key to a successful and productive business is staying organised! When it comes to running a home business this is extremely important and whether or not you’re naturally blessed with organisational skills, here are a few tips that can be implemented using lockable key cabinets, along with other storage cabinets and solutions.

    Identify Trouble Spots Before Decluttering

    The first stage of showing your clutter who’s boss is taking a couple of minutes to look at your workspace and identify key areas that have a lot going on. Doing this can be hard while you’re standing right there, so perhaps take a few photos of your desk and you will be surprised at the messy spots that pop out in the photos!

    Organise Your Home Office Quickly and Easily

    Using Storage Lockable Key Cabinets to Tame the Mess

    Adjustable shelf cabinets are a great way to enlarge your workspace as they can hold a variety of important resources that won’t fit on your desk while keeping it secure. Make your resources easily accessible by clearly organising and labeling storage cabinets and aim to put things back after using them. Maximise space in your home office by using available wall space to mount office storage units or if there’s room available place them under your desk.

    Keeping Your Keys Organised

    When your business involves dealing with a lot of keys, keeping them organised helps you save time searching for them and money for ordering replacements in case you lose them. Keep your keys secure by using a lockable key cabinet and plastic colour coded keytags. Don’t forget to use perforated number sheets for your key hooks on the lockable key cabinet, as it allows numbered key tags to be placed on the matching hooks for quick and easy location.

    Replace Clutter with Inspiration

    Once you’ve cleared up your messy office space, keep those creative juices flowing by placing a few inspirational objects in visible spots. Perhaps a quote on the wall with a few photos or replace a pile of messy papers with a vase of pretty flowers - whatever you find inspiring can be added for a personal touch.

    Your workspace is bound to get messy during the day. Don’t stress, but instead make sure you take a couple of minutes at the end of the day to reboot your workspace, so that everything is straightened up and you have a clean desk the next morning to work your magic.

  • Do Car Dealerships Need Effective Key Control Systems?

    Yes, not just car dealerships but any small, medium or large business will require some form of a key management system for easy and secure organisation. While that was just the short answer, keep reading for a more detailed look at why vehicle yard key management solutions are important along with some important options to look for.

    Take Control of Your Keys

    This may seem like the most obvious answer, but there are so many businesses in a variety of industries that overlook this important step and instead run the risk of losing or not being able to find keys in real-time!

    Especially when it comes to a car dealership where time is of the essence, spending time locating car keys can result in losing a sale. Keep an organised key inventory using lockable key cabinets that have perforated number sheets slotted in behind the steel hooks of the panels to match key tag numbers to the hook where the key should live along with pre-numbered or branded key tags.  

    Telkee key cabinets are ideal for new and used car dealerships, service departments and car rentals as they are modular in nature allowing easy expansion of your key storage system completely. Simply purchase a new panel to fit your existing key cabinet, providing more space for your new keys minus the cost of having to replace your key cabinets completely.

    Keep Your Car Dealership Keys Secure

    Using an effective key control system you can dramatically reduce liabilities of theft and possibly also reduce floor plan insurance premiums too.By keeping your car keys secure in a durable key rack you eradicate the risk of losing keys and and remotes which can be expensive to replace.

    Telkee lockable vehicle key cabinets offer a range of  tamper-proof locking key mechanisms that  range from the standard cam lock to the more advanced keyless entry complete with a slam latch door and manager override lock that’s ideal for a car dealership. This is more than a standard lock as it allows push button code access which gives your sales team members access during the day, but at night the manager can secure the key cabinet with a standard lock which won’t allow access using the mechanical keypad.

    Advanced Lock Mechanisms for Telkee Key Cabinets

    Telkee vehicle yard cabinets eliminates the mess and hassle of pegboards and lockboxes, while retaining customer’s excitement for that first drive and minimising frustration while you search for those keys! Reduce mystery mileage and damage that could occur and contact Telkee for more details on our extensive range of vehicle key cabinets.

  • Key Cabinets for Car Dealerships

    Are you an automobile lover? Does your professional life also revolve around it? Maybe you own a car dealership! You're in luck, because we've got a fabulous product for you that will help with key management of your vehicles up for sale. With a great range of Vehicle Key Management Solutions by TelKee Key Cabinets, find out what makes them an ideal choice for your car dealership business.

    Vehicles Key Solutions TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets 347C 20 Keys Vehicles Grey

    Maybe your car dealership business deals with a large number of vehicles, or requires you to stay on top of things with regards to car rental keys if one of your supplementary businesses is that too. One thing is for sure, you will definitely benefit by using the TelKee Key Cabinets that are specially designed for vehicles.

    The concept of the TelKee vehicle key cabinets is about being organised and to offer security & control of the multitude of keys. It can be easily done in an efficient & effective manner with this key management solution due to its various features as well as the accessories it comes with that offers ways of managing your keys.

    These vehicle key cabinets are convenient, easy to use but extremely secure. With the keyless mechanical keypad that comes with a manager override feature, the added security is definitely reliable. When dealing with a large number of keys on a daily basis and traffic in terms of sales personnel, the use of a keyless access control option not only allows secure access but also it comes with a logging function which documents who has accessed the vehicle key cabinets too.

    Vehicles Key Solutions TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets 686LC 150 Vehicle Beige

    Available in four sizes, the TelKee Vehicle Cabinets offer the diversity of being a great solution for businesses big and small. The design of the key hook panels accommodates the possibility of a bulky key tag (which is usually the case with automobile keys). The models available catering to the size and capacity of your requirement include the following.

    The model number is made out of three components denoting the specific product where the initial numbers refers to the height of the vehicle key cabinet; the "C" and "LC" refers to the type of cabinet where "LC" offers more key storage capacity; and the number at the end signifies the number of keys that can be accommodated inside.

    These vehicle key cabinets are also ideal for car park management companies, fleet management services, and more. Opt for TelKee's Vehicle Key Cabinets for your business!

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