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Why is Employee Engagement so Important?

Employee engagement is when all members of your team are on board with the company’s goals and values, and are motivated to give their best to contribute towards the success of the company and their own personal goals. We can’t stress enough on how crucial this is for higher business profits and reducing employee turnover. After a bit of research, the Telkee Key Cabinets team have compiled some key tips leaders should keep in mind to increase employee engagement in an organisation Brand Awareness Have your employees use your products to be completely engaged with the service of product you sell. For instance in the  case of Telkee key cabinets, our team members should try out our range of lockable key cabinets to understand the customer's situation and be able to provide better customer service. » read more

What Accessories Are Needed for a Secure Key Management System?

Securing your information, assets, and various valuables is important to any business or office. That’s why you need the likes of lockable key cabinets and other secure cabinets for this very reason. However, not many people know what it entails to efficiently use your secure key cabinets to accord to the right management practices and various other policies. If you have the right accessories, you can make sure that responsibilities and management practices fall into place. Numbered/Stamped Key Tags in Varying Colours and Shapes: With varying colours and shapes being used for your key tags, as well as it being stamped with numbers, you are able to properly maintain a log of the keys being used for which purposes, the location on the key cabinet hooks and as well as when issuing the keys for usage. » read more

Can Telkee Lockable Cabinet Solutions Help You?

Key cabinets, filing cabinets or any other variety of lockable enclosures are important for a company to function properly with all valuables such as keys kept secured at all times and organised well so that they can be easily found. That's why you need lockable cabinets, because they are extremely beneficial to business functionality. Managing the workplace can be difficult and at times quite disorganised if you lack the proper means to promote management and organisation. With lockable cabinets, whether you are planning on storing and safeguarding your keys, files, documents, and other various items, you are assured that they will have a designated spot on a shelf or hook. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we understand your needs, and have products that will help you with these requirements, as well as go the distance and even make sure future expandability is possible, and if you already have filing cabinets, that with suspension panels, you are able to maximise on your storage capacities. » read more

Key Cabinets for Real Estate Agents - Save Money & Time

Keeping things organised when you’re always on the move showing properties to potential customers can be extremely daunting. At Telkee Lockable Cabinets, we have a few office management solutions that will make keeping track of real estate documentation and keys a breeze. In the real estate industry, there are many listings in the market whether it’s for sale or rent, and as a real estate agent, you’ll need to be diligent of the safety of the properties your clients place in your hands. Whether it’s from the various files and papers to the keys, you need to stay on top of things with all important information being secured carefully. For instance with files, the place to store them would be with an alphabetically or numerically catalogued filing system in a piece of furniture that any office will have - a filing cabinet. » read more

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets vs Pull Out Shelving for Offices

Keeping your business organised at all times is a crucial part of being successful in today’s fast paced world. Depending on your industry, business size and office organisation style, there are plenty of different lockable cabinet storage systems to choose from. With most offices, floor space is a huge problem and most Telkee Key Cabinet customers are always on the lookout for office storage solutions that are not bulky, but lean, durable and easy to use. Here’s a quick look at why adjustable shelf cabinets meet the bill perfectly, compared to regular pull out shelving for offices. Telkee Adjustable Shelf Cabinets are Wall Mounted Adjustable shelf cabinets and all other Telkee lockable cabinets can be easily wall mounted to save floor space. » read more

Telkee Model 347 Vs Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

Telkee Key Cabinets is Australia’s number one choice for premium quality, affordable key management systems.  All Telkee lockable cabinets come with a 5 year warranty, have a 100% guarantee  and are shipped across Australia which ensures you’re making a safe choice by sticking with Telkee, however with so many models how do you choose? Here’s a closer look at two of our best selling key cabinets, with more info on their similarities and differences. Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet The Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet is ideal for a business looking to implement a small  or medium sized key management system as key cabinets in this range can hold 35 or 60 keys each. The setup of the key cabinet is ideal for building, industrial, commercial, mining, government and office use, as the Telkee 347 security cabinets can be easily wall mounted if floor space is a problem and includes the standard safety cam lock. » read more

4 Management Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

Ensuring good productivity and efficiency of your team is an important part of being a good manager and keeping your organisation running smoothly. An extremely tough task to accomplish at times, it  may lead you to enforce a lot of rules and restrictions, but this isn’t always the right way as controlling your employees in such a way can affect their morale and negatively impact their productivity. Here are a few quick and easy tips from the Telkee key cabinets to ensure your employees are happy,  which in turn will improve productivity and efficiency quickly. Make your employees feel valued - This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at the number of managers who don’t pay enough attention to doing this. Ask for your employees input when fine tuning work processes or for strategic planning, but make sure to act on it. » read more

Effective Security with Filing Cabinet Key Storage

If space is an issue for you, but you still require an effective key management control system, filing cabinet key storage is the answer for you. Apart from providing a safe and organised environment for your keys to minimise the risk of theft and loss, the Telkee filing cabinet key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard size filing cabinet - resulting in less floor space being taken up by yet another bulky cabinet. Keep reading for more information on convenient office key storage solutions from the Telkee team of experts. Why Keep Keys in a Filing Cabinet? Apart from the reasons listed above, depending on your industry you may need to keep a large number of keys organised for instance in the case of a vehicle rental company, car sales establishment or a real estate property management agency. » read more

Pokemon Go Becoming an Office Trend? How to Keep Your Employees Focused at Work

Pokemon Go has gone international with just about everyone from school kids to office workers and grandmothers addicted to this augmented reality game. While reports have shown that healthwise it’s doing a lot of good by getting you up and moving, it’s not ideal when your office become a pokestop  leaving everyone searching for pokemons instead of focusing on the task at hand. The Telkee key cabinets team is  here to help with some great suggestions to help stop your employees from staring at their phones and slipping away from their desks. Don’t Ban Pokemon Go, Instead Setup a Policy While this may seem like the first step to take, it will just lead to employees coming up with ways to play the game behind your back. Passive aggressive signs like the one below won’t work either as they’ll just be ignored. » read more

Why is Key Control and Security Important?

This may seem like a simple question enough to answer, but there are still a lot of business owners who don’t understand the importance of establishing a secure key management solution. While staying organised to save time locating your keys is an important  part of it, keeping your keys safe in a lockable key cabinet can also help save you money! Keep reading this Telkee blog post to find out how. Reduced chances of loss and theft Whether you’re running a car rental business or in the real estate management industry, keeping your keys secure plays a critical role in saving money wasted on replacing lost keys and reducing theft of your valuable possessions. Use premium quality key racks and lockable key storage cabinets that are upgraded with locking mechanisms that reflect your business need. » read more

5 Tips to Organise Your Small Business

Everyone knows that an organised business is most often a productive business! While staying organised doesn’t come naturally to many of us, it really isn’t hard to get your small business and workspace organised with these effective tips from the Telkee Key Cabinets team. Organise and Secure Valuables Keep your insurance and replacement costs down by keeping your valuables safe in a lockable cabinet. Choose from a range of cabinets that are specific to your business need, for instance store keys in a secure key cabinet, while vehicle key safes are ideal if you’re running a vehicle fleet management company. Adjustable shelf cabinets can be used to keep other business resources secure such as dvds, laptops etc. Keep Your Notes Organised Inspiration can strike at any time, so it’s important to choose the ideal note-taking tool to suit your requirements. » read more

Effective Security with Filing Cabinet Key Storage

If space is an issue for you, but you still require an effective key management control system, filing cabinet key storage is the answer for you. Apart from providing a safe and organised environment for your keys to minimise the risk of theft and loss, the Telkee filing cabinet key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard size filing cabinet - resulting in less floor space being taken up by yet another bulky cabinet. Keep reading for more information on convenient office key storage solutions from the Telkee team of experts. Why Keep Keys in a Filing Cabinet? Apart from the reasons listed above, depending on your industry you may need to keep a large number of keys organised for instance in the case of a vehicle rental company, car sales establishment or a real estate property management agency. » read more

What Makes You More Productive at Work?

There are plenty of articles talking about the importance of being more productive at work, but there are very few that address simple ways to increase your productivity. We took on the challenge and have compiled some quick and easy ways to improve your productivity without having to change too much! Look at Tasks Differently! What does this mean? Quite simply, it means out with the negativity and in with the positive! Instead of looking at the negative in every situation, teach yourself to accept tasks and rise to the challenge with a positive mindset. Instead of worrying about stress and the number of tasks on your plate, identify the reason you’re stressed and spend a few minutes developing a plan of action to work through the tasks. » read more

Why Does Your Construction Site Need a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet?

Weather resistant, Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are perfect for construction sites, as well as regular offices to keep all vital WHS manuals and information in a centralised secure location to avoid the risk of loss and being held liable  in event of a contractor accident. While you probably know this lockable cabinet will be an asset to your construction site, here’s a more in depth look at the Telkee WHS cabinet,it’s features and benefit. Sturdy Construction and Ideal for the Outdoors Telkee WHS Cabinet is available in a durable 2mm thick rust resistant Aluminium construction along with a full length stainless steel hinge that is built to last. The neutral Nurse Grey colour it comes in, allows the cabinet to blend well into its surroundings and it’s weather resistant design allows it to be used outdoors or indoors as well. » read more

Automotive Dealership Key Management

Automotive dealerships and rental car fleets need to be in control and able to track car key activity at all times. With a completely organised key management system in place, car dealerships will be able to reduce unauthorised access and cut down on key loss. One of the most secure ways of doing this is with a Telkee vehicle key cabinet which designed specifically  to control access to keys in a vehicle lot, servicing baby or inspection shop. Each key should be attached to a numbered (either pre-numbered or customised according to your unique numbering system) key tag and placed on a numbered key hook within a durable and secure lockable key cabinet.  Keep reading for a few reasons how a vehicle key management system can help your automotive dealership. » read more

5 Tips to Improve Work Productivity

While it maybe winter, summer and the distractions that come along with it will be here before we know it. While staying productive during the winter months isn't too hard, with schools closing, the sun shining and nonstop daydreams of enjoying the beautiful outdoors, work productivity can take a severe beating during summer. How do you manage your workload in the most efficient manner with all the excitement that summer brings? Keep reading for 5 simple tips that will help you shine at work, while still enjoying the glorious summer weather when it finally arrives late this year! #1 Take it Outside This is a great way to get through those long strategic planning meetings that are usually held in air conditioned meeting rooms! Take the meeting outside for some Vitamin D packed sunshine that has several health benefits if enjoyed safely! » read more

The Top 3 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Key Cabinets

With a wide variety of lockable key cabinets to choose from, finding the ideal key storage system for your company is no simple task. The easiest way to approach the procurement is to first spend some time assessing your unique need and then move onto  researching different storage cabinet vendors. Here are three questions to keep in mind, that will help you speed through the process. How many sets of keys do I need to store? The answer to this question has two parts…today and in the future.  This will help you identify the kind key storage capacity you require, which will help you filter your choices of key storage cabinets. It’s important to choose a key cabinet that is modular and capable of expanding as your business grows and the number of keys being stored increases. » read more

Quick Tips for Setting up a Workstation at Home

Whether you run a business out of your home or you work for an organisation that offers flex hours with working from home as an option, setting up a designated workstation is important! When setting up a home office there are three areas you should take into consideration to ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your home. Ensure Proper Circulation Your work from home station should be positioned in an area that does not affect the movement of other residents and is away from the hustle and bustle of the house activity. Thebest area to set it up would be in locations that are least used by the other occupants such as under the stairs, right beside the foyer if the house has one, or old cabinets can be redone to form part of the furniture of the homework station. » read more

Purchasing Real Estate Management Key Storage Solutions

Implementing a secure and organised key storage system is crucial for all real estate agents and property managers. Not only does this ensure properties are kept safe, but real estate lockable key cabinets also ensure the smooth access to these properties by a number of real estate agents. With so many different lock boxes available in the market, here are some key factors to consider when making your choice. How Reliable is the Key Cabinet? When choosing a lockable key cabinet, it’s important to consider the durability of the cabinet. Avoid purchasing a high maintenance product, instead opt for a weather resistant, strong framed cabinet such as Telkee key cabinets which are made with 1ml - 1.6 ml steel, are wall mounted and have a powdercoated finish making them a reliable choice. » read more

4 Tips for Organising your Workspace

Staying organised can be tough, especially if you’ve got a lot of things that lend themselves well to creating clutter. Hiding things away in desk drawers and boxes may seem like an easy office storage solution, however this does not fix the problem in the long term as chances are you won’t be able to find important resources when you require them. Here are some of the Telkee key cabinet team’s favourite go-to organisation tips to ensure you’ll not only have a clutter free workspace, but also be able to find your important resources in seconds. Tip 1 : Trash all outdated paperwork and resources This is obvious enough, but designate some time to declutter your workspace monthly. Most of the items you are keeping have no further use. » read more

Purchasing Telkee Key Cabinets Online

Telkee Key Cabinets offers the convenience of ordering your lockable key cabinets, storage cabinets and other key storage management accessories via our website online. Your order can be paid for by credit card or EFT using our easy online payment gateway, after which your key racks will be delivered super fast Australia wide. Keep reading for a step by step tutorial to placing your Telkee order online. Setup a Telkee Account While you can checkout as a guest, it’s always best to first  setup an account when placing your order so that you track your orders and also store multiple shipping address. Click on the Create an Account button and provide the required information. Don’t forget to select the Newsletter subscription checkbox to ensure you receive our monthly newsletter filled with great tips and offers. » read more

How to Sell More at Your Car Sales Business

Whether you’ve been in the car sales business or if you’re just getting into it without much training, here are some great techniques to use that will generate more car sales, while also helping you stay more organised and thus reducing the risk of theft and replacement costs. Personalise Your Greeting A good greeting is an important part of getting the sale off right! It lets you get control right off the bat and makes a potential customer feel welcome and appreciated. Instead of the usual “How can I help you?” which can be easily brushed by “I’m just looking”, try something a little more personable like “Good morning and welcome to ABC Motors”. This will give you an opportunity to continue to interact with the client since they will usually respond to this with “Thank You”. » read more

Work Safety Tips to Secure Your Workplace

Making your workplace safe and secure is nothing something that can be accomplished overnight and not updated. Continuous improvements are required to ensure your work safety is not jeopardised at any point. This can range from the use of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinets for managing the duty of care and WHS requirements for work on-sites to conducting training sessions for employees to keep them aware of their surroundings and helping them recognise potential hazards. Even the smallest daily tasks, can make a huge difference when it comes to significantly reducing risk - keep reading for some great tips from Telkee Key Cabinets.   Maintaining a clean work area is of paramount importance. This will reduce the risk of injury by letting employees clearly see potential hazards, which they would otherwise miss in a cluttered environment. » read more

Finding Your Most Productive Time to Work

If the standard 9am to 5pm work hour schedule doesn’t work for you and leaves your work productivity in dire need for a boost, what do you do? You are not alone, there is an increased number of employees  reporting back that despite their best efforts and boosted caffeine intake, they find themselves hitting a productivity slump during the workday. Telkee key cabinets did some research and here’s a few ideas to help you get through it. Finding the most productive work schedule isn’t that hard to do - it just requires you to pay close attention to your habits. This will help you identify if you work better at night or during the day, which you can than amend your work hours to reflect  if you work from home or have a flexible work arrangement. » read more

5 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world is a challenge. Apart from being forward thinkers that continually push themselves to be game changers, there are a few key habits that all entrepreneurs should aim to embrace. Here’s a look at the top five habits that the Telkee key cabinets team believes to be the most effective. Practice Self Discipline Research has shown that those with high self control are more capable with dealing with goal conflicts and are able to make positive decisions more easily. By removing temptations, allowing yourself the occasional ‘treat’ and forgiving yourself and moving forward if you fails, self disciplined entrepreneurs are able to make more informed, rational decisions on a daily basis without feeling too stressed or trapped. » read more

Lockable Key Cabinets for School Key Storage Management

Many schools use lockable storage cabinets for students to store their school books and personal items. Since these school lockers have lock mechanisms placed on the front to keep student’s possessions secure, it is important for school management to keep an extra set of keys for each locker in a safe place in case students forget their keys or access is required for security purposes. These extra keys can be kept secure and organised using lockable key cabinets which are widely available in Australia. Using Wall Mounted Key Management Solutions Since space is always an issue, consider opting for a wall mounted lockable key safe that’s sturdy and incorporates a sturdy locking mechanism. Telkee Key Cabinets has an extensive array of key cabinets that are suitable for both small, medium and large schools. » read more

Choosing the Right Key Cabinet Solution for your Business

The Telkee team have received so many questions on choosing the ideal lockable key cabinet, that we thought we should put together a quick “how to guide” with some importants pointers on making this decision. No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, a good key management system is a necessary part to keeping your property secure by minimising theft and loss - but with so many Australian lockable key cabinet options, how do you find the right one? The first thing to consider is what type of keys you’re looking to house in your key rack. If you’ll be using it for the storage of regular key bunches such as for buildings, school lockers, office, rooms, cupboards etc a regular key cabinet will do. However, if you are in the car sales or vehicle rental business and will be storing larger bunches of car keys, you will need to purchase vehicular key cabinets which have been customised with the right depth and spacing. » read more

3 Toxic Work Habits to Avoid in 2016

While we would love to pretend that bad work habits are not our forte,  we all do pick them up at some point or another in our work journey and shedding them can be quite a struggle. While bad habits are usually just annoying to others and can impede work productivity, toxic work habits are on a whole other level. Toxic habits have more long lasting effects that go beyond merely annoying co-workers, instead they can drastically reduce employee morale, sabotage overall team performance and destroy work relationships within the office and outside too.  At Telkee key cabinets we are are constantly trying to find ways to evolve our personal work ethic, along with the service we provide our customers, so here’s a look at some of the most important habits avoid at work. » read more

Health and Work: Creating the Perfect Mix

Safeguarding your employees from any potential risks at work is fundamental to ensuring they stay happy, healthy and at your organisation, which in turn results in continued success for your business. When it comes to creating the perfect mix of health and work to ensure the safety of your employees, there are a couple of key rules that should be followed consistently to produce the perfect result. Here’s a look at six of these rules that can be easily adapted to suit your organisation’s requirements. Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards This is an important first step to take when aiming to create a safe workplace. For example, when working in a warehouse environment, ensure floors are free of “slip and trip” hazards by carrying out regular safety checks. » read more

3 Common Myths About Time Management

To be highly productive at what you do, managing your time well is important. You need to be able to focus on core tasks and manage distractions to ensure you’re on the right path to achieving your goals. There are several common myths when it comes to time management that can affect your productivity negatively and lead to time wastage - Telkee Key Cabinets is debunking three of them for you today! Myth 1: To-Do Lists Help You Effectively Manage Your Time Just listing your tasks down can actually be counterproductive to effective time management, however to-do lists can be great tools depending on how you structure your list and work through it. Aim to prioritise the tasks you have to complete for the day or week and itemise the tasks that are the most important first, then work your way through the list. » read more

Keeping Your Home Business Organised

The key to a successful and productive business is staying organised! When it comes to running a home business this is extremely important and whether or not you’re naturally blessed with organisational skills, here are a few tips that can be implemented using lockable key cabinets, along with other storage cabinets and solutions. Identify Trouble Spots Before Decluttering The first stage of showing your clutter who’s boss is taking a couple of minutes to look at your workspace and identify key areas that have a lot going on. Doing this can be hard while you’re standing right there, so perhaps take a few photos of your desk and you will be surprised at the messy spots that pop out in the photos! Using Storage Lockable Key Cabinets to Tame the Mess Adjustable shelf cabinets are a great way to enlarge your workspace as they can hold a variety of important resources that won’t fit on your desk while keeping it secure. » read more

What are the Different Lock Mechanisms Available for Telkee Key Cabinets

When choosing a Telkee key cabinet for your business, different factors should be considered. The size of your business, industry you’re in, as well as the unique requirement for a lockable key cabinet are just some of the questions you will need to think about as they affect the final decision you make. One of the key advantages of purchasing Telkee key cabinets is that they are modular and offer easy expansion by just slotting in new panels to make room for extra keys as your organisation grows.  Telkee also allows easy lock upgrades to suit your needs. Here’s a brief look at the  key cabinet lock upgrades available for Telkee cabinets. 3-Digit Combo Lock This combination lock is the entry level option for strong keyless security in a lockable key cabinet. » read more

3 Simple Ways to Inspire Employee Motivation

Everyone knows that motivated employees play a vital role in the success of a business as the more motivated an employee is the more productive they are and a productive workforce are more adept at meeting business objectives and goals. While most managers believe employee motivation is simple, there is a certain level of strategic analysis required to ensure you develop the right environment to motivate and retain the best employees for your business. Here’s three simple ways to achieve this easily. Praise and Encourage Your Employees Show your employees that you appreciate their effort and hard work instead of solely basing it on  outcomes. Praising employees only for their achievements or criticising employees for short-term failures builds a mindset that every mistake is a failure. » read more

Do Car Dealerships Need Effective Key Control Systems?

Yes, not just car dealerships but any small, medium or large business will require some form of a key management system for easy and secure organisation. While that was just the short answer, keep reading for a more detailed look at why vehicle yard key management solutions are important along with some important options to look for. Take Control of Your Keys This may seem like the most obvious answer, but there are so many businesses in a variety of industries that overlook this important step and instead run the risk of losing or not being able to find keys in real-time! Especially when it comes to a car dealership where time is of the essence, spending time locating car keys can result in losing a sale. Keep an organised key inventory using lockable key cabinets that have perforated number sheets slotted in behind the steel hooks of the panels to match key tag numbers to the hook where the key should live along with pre-numbered or branded key tags. » read more

Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

Given the limited number of hours in a workday, being efficient with time management is crucial. One way to do so is to work smarter as opposed to worker more hours. The only factor that requires merit is the need for more deliberation with your time management. Here are some tips on how to increase productivity at work by working smarter! Track and limit the time spent on tasks: Become an expert in gauging time to be spent on certain tasks with the help of the Rescue Time app. Take breaks regularly: Whilst some will contest this, taking scheduled breaks will allow your brain to jumpstart it’s concentration levels. It’s been said that a person’s concentration starts to wane after 45 minutes on the same task. Set manageable self-imposed deadlines: Setting deadlines especially to open-ended projects can greatly affect the focus and productivity as you are watching the clock. » read more

How to Choose a TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet

If you are looking to purchase a key cabinet solution from TelKee Australia, and you are not too sure which one to get, we are here to help. We have for you, not only ways in which you can use your TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet more efficiently but ways in which you use the accessories that come with the purchase as a value added service and what else you can do to ensure maximum key control and management. First off, you should be aware that TelKee Key Cabinets are ideal for offices and homes too, but some of the industries that the key cabinets are extremely beneficial to include government and state offices, hospitals and care institutions, real estate agencies, property management companies and automotive businesses that require key control and management. » read more

Secure Cabinets as Key Management Solutions

Acquiring a secure cabinet to help you maintain your keys is a recommended step towards effective key management. With TelKee Lockable Cabinets, your key management solutions come with locking mechanisms that you can upgrade (if the standard cam lock isn’t preferred) and not to mention with various accessories and means of expansion to fit your requirements. TelKee’s key management solution is simple. The secure key cabinets are made of 1.6ml steel and treated to make it weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor sites and uses.  It’s available in baked enamel finish of either beige and gray being the standard interior design colours offices tend to lean towards, these cabinets are also wall mountable. As the models available for purchase ranges between small to extra large, there are certain factors that comes into play when you purchase a lockable secure cabinet such as being able to expand the capacity with the use of panels that can be fitted into the cabinet allowing for more key storage. » read more

The Importance of Key Management Systems

Keys and locks come with a level of reliability and effectiveness in terms of physical protection and prevention that cannot be matched. They are also easy to install, requires low maintenance, and comes with a minimal cost.  That is why effective key management is important, however not as a standalone security solution. To maintain the integrity of the key and lock system you have in place as well as ensure that you reduce risk exposure, it needs to be coupled with an effective key control and management system. When you take into consideration your key system, it needs to be paired with a key management system where you store the keys safely in a lockable key cabinet that offers the desired level of security and is also tamper-proof. » read more

Key Control Systems and How They Help Real Estate Management

Real estate is an ever-necessary industry being one of the vital necessities for survival – a roof over your head.  If you were to pick up a newspaper, you would notice the rising number of real estate listings with rising price tags as well (after the recent drop). Therefore, real estate agencies will require various management options to secure their listings for the clientele, including key management solutions. To ensure that the homes and properties under your purview is safe while it’s listed on the market for sale, real estate agents make sure that they only show them to potential buyers on an appointment basis. This is a much safer option that the old method of having a lockbox on site. Setting up viewing on appointment basis is a common practice when selling upscale properties and this method has become quite safe and secure with concern to real estate management. » read more

Professional Tips for Real Estate/Property Management

When you work with several clients or projects, there will come a time that you will start to feel overwhelmed and often feel worn down. In order to avoid such situations, we have with us a few professional tips for you. Real estate and/or property management agents who juggle many items on their task lists, often running between properties may find the following tips extremely useful in terms of keeping up with different turn of events and more. Setting Expectation Levels When working with clients, it is important to let them know what they are getting from you in terms of service and what they should expect. Having processes for everything from returning missed calls and replying to emails within a certain time frame, to mapping out a route when showing various properties to clients is always something and can really impress. » read more

5 Tips for Stress Management at Work

Stress is one of the worst ways of killing your productivity and efficiency. When it comes to stress management at the workplace, not many people are aware of what steps you need to take to relieve yourself from it. Some say it is the role of the Human Resources department to help with this regard. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we value our employees and work towards helping them with workplace stress management. Here are the top 5 tips for managing stress in the workplace that we follow. 1. Create a schedule that reduces stress – to reduce the stress in your life, you will need to add “gap time” to your daily schedules. Experts in stress management have said that adding five gaps in throughout the day – waking day, 10am, 2pm, 4pm and at bedtime. » read more

Tips for Handling Corporate Life and Work Management

Corporate life can be quite stressful and with the current uncertain climates, you need to have somewhat of a coping mechanism. Often stress can hinder productivity, and can also affect your health. TelKee Key Cabinets has some tips for handling corporate life and work management so that it need not always be the case. Tip 1: Recognising the Warning Signs of Stress Being overwhelmed at work can really impact your attitude and confidence, often making you less productive and effective in your day-to-day work. These are some of the signs and symptoms of workplace stress: Muscle tensions/headaches Concentration/Stomach problems Social withdrawal Apathy Anxiety, irritability, and depression Substance abuse as coping mechanism A common cause of excessive job/workplace stress levels would be pressure to perform with great expectations compared to no increase in job satisfaction. » read more

5 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

If you’re looking for ways to ease your burden with your never ending to-do lists but achieve results and feel accomplished at the end of each work day, we’ve got news for you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the pile of documents on your desk (easily stow those away in a lockable cabinet) and get to work with these 5 tips on how to be more productive at office. First off, you need to understand that an unproductive day is a day wasted and you will only have another day to cover up the work you had missed – which will only burden you more. Also move away from work myths of yesteryear of looking busy and stressed. Attending day long meetings and answering a hundred emails doesn’t mean you have accomplished something. At the end of your work day you need to assess what results came from your time at office. » read more

Workplace Health and Safety Regulations by TelKee Lockable Cabinets

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", that's Murphy's Law, and for this fact and for the general wellbeing of the populace, taking proper care to enforce security and safety to workplace and its surroundings is critical, to the employer, employees and the population. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers some insight into workplace health and safety. One rule of thumb that is advised by TelKee is to maintain a Workplace Health and Safety cabinet to keep all WHS Acts, Regulations, Policies and Procedure documents and manuals in order for all personnel in the organisation will be made aware and you are able to take steps to ensuring a safe working environment for everyone. Each of Australia's state has a regulator for Workplace Health & Safety. » read more

Indexing/Classification Systems for Key Management Solutions

Keyed locks for all assets and sensitivity/high-value information is a necessity, and where the key will serve as a security token in order to access the contents locked within, where persons possessing the key will be able to gain access. Managing these keys falls on the duty/responsibility of security officers of your organisation and it helps to have key management solutions. A physical attack on your assets could be detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of your office or business, and in order to safeguard these assets as well as ensure the duty of care of these personnel, it's important to enforce all these security measures. With the aid of key management solutions in the form of a lockable key cabinet offered along with accessories and a choice of indexing management system. » read more

Office Organisation Tips Using Lockable Cabinets

Are you looking for office organisation tips to put away items into lockable cabinets, These can anything from keys, miscellaneous office, digital media items such as DVDs, CDs, external hard drives, flash drives and backup devices, to physical office file boxes for documents and more? We have some tips. First off, take some time to figure out what is needed and what isn't and can be put away in boxes and put into deep storage. Next, figure out what type of lockable cabinets you may need. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers various types of models for your choosing along with accessories for better management. One of the first steps to organising your office would be to do the following; Clean out your Desk Drawers: Empty out your desk drawers and start separating items and put them in piles of what is necessary and what is unnecessary. » read more

Why Lockable Multi-Use Cabinets are Good Choice

Let's face it, being organised is a key component of office management and having the tools to carry it out is crucial. That is why multi-use cabinets are great office assets to have. Whether you're looking to put away miscellaneous office items from your stationery, to important digital media items, or even file away documents and file boxes, they come in pretty handy at the office.  The latter two items may carry sensitive material and it's crucial to enforce the necessary security measures and it's in such a scenario that a lockable cabinet is most useful, especially if you can pick and choose the type of locking mechanism you prefer (that fits into your business environment and/or job responsibility). There are many reasons why a multi-use cabinet is a good choice for your business (or home) office. » read more

Efficient Key Management Systems

Setting up an efficient key control system is a vital factor in ensuring your physical security system runs smoothly. When making a purchase decision for a key management and control system, choose lockable cabinets that offer options in terms of sizing, capacity, locking mechanisms, and the provision of accessories too. A good place to start with figuring out the what kind of key cabinet solution is needed, is by determining the problems that needs solving and finding out the types of solutions available, and which meets the necessary criteria. By following this problem solving process you are able to find the key control solution with features that you're looking for and addresses the challenges at hand. There are many industries and examples in which secure lockable cabinets can be used in practical applications. » read more

Workplace Health and Safety Tips from TelKee Lockable Cabinets

Workplace health and safety is serious business.  From the duties of an employer to the practises and policies pertaining to dealing with issues, workplace health and safety (WHS) laws denote necessary measures to be taken before, during and after incidents occur. TelKee Lockable Cabinets which offers  workplace health and safety lockable cabinets in order to ensure that employees and employees all alike are made aware of the various WHS laws deemed by your Australian state or territory. Workplace Health and Safety As an employer or a business, even as a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU), they are obligated to follow the rules and regulations classified by not only WHS laws but also those of worker's compensation laws too. » read more

Office Key Management Cabinet Solutions

Keys for infrastructure and vehicles, workplace health & safety manuals, policy documents, digital media, backup files, and other various high value items needs safeguarding and the perfect place for these would be inside secure lockable cabinets. From storage to office key management cabinet solutions, TelKee is fully equipped to aid in fulfilling your duty of care with concern to office management responsibilities. Catering to many industries, these Australian-made secure cabinets and accessories are ideal choices for reinforcing security around assets that can easily be stolen or misplaced. From government divisions, real estate agencies, schools, universities, hospitals, aged care institutions, apartment complexes and more have found these secure cabinet solutions invaluable. » read more

Telkee Key Security Management Solutions

Are you looking for an all Australian-made product for office key security? TelKee Lockable Cabinets is an Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Offering high quality key security management solutions as well as for the storage of keys and miscellaneous office items, TelKee offers a complete solution alongside faultless customer service wherever possible. Catering to various industries from real estate offices, government departments, hospitals & schools (whether as a whole infrastructure or per wing/floor), and even companies with vehicle fleet management (including valet services), TelKee Lockable Cabinets and its product catalogue offers complete solutions that looks into various requirements in these industries and more. » read more

TelKee Key Control and Management Systems

In the market for key control and management systems? Have you had a chance to gleam through the options made available through TelKee Lockable Cabinets? With various models spanning from the business size/capacity to use, you are able to make an informed decisions when it comes to protecting your keys and other assets.  We've highlighted a few of the TelKee Cabinets available for purchase on lone or through the distribution network in order for you to make an informed purchasing decision. The following includes some choice models from the TelKee Lockable Cabinets range. All key cabinets include Removable panels (based on capacity ordered), Numbered key tags, Alpha and Numerical Indexing Systems, Signature Strips for Key ‘Check-out’, and Perforated Numbers for slotting in behind hook. » read more

Key Control Procedures and Filing Systems with Telkee Cabinet Accessories

With a system and the right tools, anything is possible, especially when it involves the workplace. When it comes to setting office filing & key control, TelKee's array of lockable cabinet models and accessories can indeed be helpful. However first off, you should set in place a policy document in order to systematically highlight, each factor that goes into ensuring proper management - this is mostly applicable with concern to Access Control.   Essentially, key control systems focuses on offering an organised and formal security procedure that not only handles the control of master keys to a building, facility, room or important lockable cabinets,  as well as utilitarian keys too. The use of a key control system prevents unauthorised access to said assets by means of documentation, management as well as status reporting of critical items bringing up red flags when they are not within their parameters. » read more

Productivity Solutions for Government Offices

Working for a high traffic office with critical information passing your desk daily? Being in the digital era, these documents are usually stored virtually, perhaps on a cloud based system or in-house data centre. However it's no surprise that there are many times that physical records are needed and you need to rely on filing cabinet solutions, multiuse lockable cabinets and a means to safeguard the keys for these very cabinets - secure key cabinets. Here are some productivity tips and solutions we've compiled that may be beneficial working in a high paced office. Creating a DMS - A document management system can be implemented both virtually and physically. This is set in place in order to maintain organisation, and will be a point of reference for future use in terms of naming & dating conventions, security guidelines for access to said information, procedures for archives, style sheets and templates too. » read more

Real Estate Office Productivity Tips

Productivity is a three-pronged principle encompass of luck, activity and efficiency. Whilst the former cannot be influenced, the latter two can, especially when looking for real estate office solutions. TelKee Lockable Cabinets has put together some productivity tips to ensure that real estate agents are able to better manage their time and efforts in order to focus on the tasks that bring in returns. The Importance of Prospecting It's important to take time to plan out your business/project/task as it leads to market development. Taking 20% of your weekly hours, and making it first priority at the start of the week/day is a good rule of thumb. For instance, cold calls are important task for a real estate agent and should be given first priority. » read more

What You Need to Know about Lockable Cabinet Solutions

Lockable cabinet solutions can make for effective storage with due safety given to the contents and assets. Sometimes doubling up as a safe of sorts for multi-use or key management solutions, lockable cabinet solutions by TelKee Australia, are durable and reliable Australian-made products that are ideal for your office or business. There are many products that cater to various needs and uses, depending on the type of industry - a commercial or an automotive-centric business, or whether you're looking for specific solutions such as a key cabinet alone or you're looking for means to expand your options with your existing cabinets. Whether you're opting to purchase a key cabinet, a multi-use cabinet  (even a Workplace Health & Safety cabinet) or looking to expand your existing filing cabinet to accommodate key management, TelKee Lockable Cabinets can definitely help in that regard. » read more

Quality Lockable Key Cabinets

A sturdy and reliable choice of office solution is hard to find when there are many imported cheap and low quality items in the market. That's why you should choose Australian-made quality office solutions such as those available through TelKee Lockable Cabinets. There are many choices of lockable key cabinets in terms of purpose, sizing, capacity and aesthetic. Depending on these factors your requirements may change, however, it's a good thing that TelKee has a large range of models to suit most business requirements. Looking for an office cabinet solution to store your administrative keys to access various facilities and assets? What about a key cabinet for the likes of storing auto vehicle keys for various motor vehicles that will be used for your business, be it a fleet management business, car dealership, or valet services operation. » read more

Key Fleet Management Solutions & Tips

Thinking of getting into the fleet management business? Maybe you're already a full-functioning company but need some assistance with key fleet management solutions and tips for maintenance. TelKee Lockable Cabinets that offers key management solutions as well as storage solutions to this industry has put together some tips for get your started. When it comes to Fleet Management, you need a strategy in place and principles to facilitate it. These include the likes of; Procurement: When purchasing vehicles for your fleet, assessing whole life costing of the procurement options before you can help a business secure its fleet in the most cost-effective way possible, Maintenance: With effective service and maintenance of your vehicle fleet in a timely, professional and legal way, you're looking towards the upkeep of a safe and cost effective fleet. » read more

Metal Storage Cabinets and Solutions in Australia

Looking for home or office storage solutions to keep your important document folders, miscellaneous items and keys? Metal storage cabinets are ideal choices for this requirement. A lockable storage cabinet with various choices of locking options and functionalities to choose from can be extremely beneficial to a home or business. This home or office metal furniture can either be large or small depending on capacity, preference and/or number of users as well as maintaining a record of who has access to it. If you have one person who is responsible for managing or maintaining the items within, then a lock and key metal storage cabinet will be ideal, whereas if you have a number of people who require access to the same contents, then a mechanical keypad lock would be ideal. » read more

Office Management and Maintenance Tips

It's always a good practice to be aware of management and maintenance tips, because you never know when they become handy, and not to mention that it would be extremely convenient if you used these tips to management your storage solutions such as with multi-use, filing or key cabinets, a process for your office work, and so forth. Here are some tips for you to become an authority as an office organiser. File Organising - Create a filing system depending on the type of file as well as alphabetise them or number them accordingly and designate drawers for those files. If you are working for a real estate company, it may help to keep deeds in one drawer and use a key hook suspension panel (available at TelKee Lockable Cabinets) to store the corresponding master keys for each property. » read more

Wall Mounted Cabinets for the Office

When you're in need of a lockable cabinet but you don't have enough floor space, you can resort to using your vacant office wall space to utilise your office to the fullest. Whether you are looking for key cabinet or storage solutions to hold the likes of Workplace Health & Safety manuals and guidelines and other objects that require it be under lock & key for safety reasons or general policies. If you're looking for cabinets for key management solutions, then your need differs from that for storage solutions as it implies a "system" is needed. With a wall mounted lockable key cabinet you can store and manage as many keys as the maximum capacity allowed. When you buy lockable cabinet solutions from Australia you can do so online or via distributors or resellers, you get the option of choosing the sizing and capacity you require (as expansion panels are provided to accommodate more storage than the default), and not to mention the security features (lock & key or keyless). » read more

Office Furniture: Secure Storage Cabinets

If you are in the market for secure storage cabinets that will match your office furniture and interior aesthetics, TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers some great options as part of their office management solutions.  With storage cabinets that can easily be locked, you will be assured that your assets and items will be safe and secure.  The following include some of the products that are offered by TelKee Cabinets in Australia. Secure Key Cabinets When you need storage solutions that offer both safety and management of your key assets such as keys, you will be in the market to buy some secure key cabinets, whether they are for commercial/residential keys to vehicle/bulky keys. With separate cabinets made specifically for these types of keys as well as with a system suggested along with key management accessories to make the processes easier, you will be purchasing a complete secure key management solution. » read more

TelKee Lockable Cabinet Solutions with a Key Filing System

Every office needs a system or a way of managing the assets that form an important part of everyday work. Keys are important and essential office items that are required to access assets that require safeguarding. As part of TelKee’s lockable cabinet solutions a key filing system is also provided via the accessories that accompany each purchase. A key filing system provides many advantages, one such benefit would be security whilst another could be facilitating and maintaining a personnel’s duty of care. A key filing system starts with the products at hand – the keys. One of the first things you need to do is categorise the keys according to types – are they office keys, building keys, or vehicle keys? Depending on the type of keys they are and the size (vehicle keys have bulk heads and require more space), you will need to separate them accordingly. » read more

Key Management Systems in Australia

Are you in the market for some reliable key management systems in Australia? TelKee Lockable Cabinets has the best solution available in the market. These Australian-made secure key cabinets offers simple & efficient key filing with unparallel security and durability. With measures taken to foresee expansion of capacity, you are set for the foreseeable future. Being the leading key management systems supplier in Australia for over 50 years, TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you complete control and a systematic method for filing your keys with security and convenience at your fingertips. Whether you are looking to store a few keys or a large number of keys for whatever requirement, be it residential or commercial, TelKee will offer you the best solution in terms of key control. » read more

Choosing TelKee Lockable Cabinets & Products for Office Management Solutions

In the market for office management solutions, that ranges from lockable key cabinets, multi-use storage cabinets, or key hook panels that can be fitted into existing filing cabinets in order to utilise your space efficiently? These are all great ways in which you can put to use products by TelKee Lockable Cabinets. If you need a reason why you should pick TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we have not one, but a few great reasons why! The TelKee Lockable Cabinets are the best Australian made key cabinets available in the market today, offering easy solutions ranging from small and medium to large enterprises. With the benefits that include ease and increased efficiencies, reduction in insurance burdens, minimising the risk of theft, and taking control over duty of care towards key management, TelKee Lockable Cabinets also provides some other additional features that make it the best lockable cabinet office management solutions in Australia. » read more

Key Cabinet with Combination Lock

A key cabinet is a useful piece of office equipment to any business organisation, whether large or small. Offering more than just a means of storing your keys to your premises or vehicles safe and sound, it also offers numerous advantages in managing your keys too. When you choose a lockable cabinet, make sure to be aware of all the features it provides, along with the standard model combination locking mechanism and not to mention the complementary accessories you are offered along with the purchase of this secure key management solution. The following includes some of the features included in a TelKee Lockable Cabinet for key management. Whether you’re looking to store standard keys or you need to store oversized keys individually or in bunches, TelKee’s key cabinets have accounted for this possibility, where the capacity is designed based on 1-2 regular house sized keys per hook. » read more

How to Organise Your Key Management Tasks

As an office employee, whatever industry you may be in or committee that you are to part of, management duties can be at times difficult especially a responsible task such as key management (for a room and its contents, a floor, a department/unit, a building and more). Having the appropriate tools can greatly help in ensuring that your duty of care is fulfilled. First off, you need to know your requirement. You need to answer questions such as; What are you storing? What is the capacity? Will your capacity requirement increase, ie, will you need more space and storage options? Who will be in charge? What security measures are needed? How will management and maintenance occur? These are some valid questions you can ask yourself before you commit to your key management solution. » read more

Government Office Key Management Policy

It’s important to enforce office key management solutions, policies and protocols when working with/in the government sector of your country. TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia knows this requirement and its importance, especially so that the product catalogues including models and accessories take these factors into account to offer personnel tasked with physical security of persons and assets the convenience of using key lockable cabinets or office cabinets. First and foremost, the objectives of creating Key and Lock Management Policy for your government office should be identified and highlighted. These may include; Enforcing/maintaining maximum security of premises with reasonable usability of physical assets Maintaining strict control over government office key and lock systems including Master keys & duplicates as well as distribution amongst key authorities/personnel Measures taken to record chain of accountability for key issuance and use/management of lockable key cabinets The general rules and protocols should also be clearly stated, such as offices and building will need to be locked outside of normal working hours  in order to maintain safety of physical assets on premises, it’s content in terms of intellectual property and personnel (inclusive of persons on premises that are tasked to secure the compound/premises). » read more

University Key Management Solutions & Procedures

Proper solutions and procedures for key management are vital for both safety and security of persons living/working on campus and the physical assets too. Setting up procedures to standardise office key management with an effective system implemented by all cost centres involved, duty of care responsibilities can be upheld with ease. Cost centres in a university can include the likes of the following where key management and duty of care falls onto the following personnel. Department /Centre /Unit: Manager/Senior Manager Faculty: Assistant Manager / Manager/Senior Manager Hostel: Hostel Assistant Manager If an office doesn't fall into a specific cost centre, the responsibility or duty of care of keys will usually fall into the hands of the senior officer. » read more

Key Management Solutions and More for Offices

Office administration needs to operate much like running a tight ship; there needs to be various factors set in place to ensure that everything is running as it's supposed to. One important thing to consider is that especially in the  case of office storage and key management solutions is that ensuring a secure cabinet for keys or other items  are  secure   and tamper proof is vital for business continuity as well as the safety of tangible assets, whether they are  structural or operational  assets. At Telkee Lockable Cabinets Australia, there are many office storage and key management solutions that can definitely help in making sure you run tight ship. If office administration falls under your duty of care purview, then you may find the following solutions ideal for your business/organisation. » read more

Key Cabinet Solutions for Storage and Management

Our assets are important to us and we keep them under lock and key to ensure their safety. This is especially true in the corporate world as there are many assets that are vital to the continued operations of a business. Key cabinet solutions are ideal for storage and management. With TelKee Lockable Cabinets you are able to do so and more. Telkee There are many types of key cabinet solutions to choose from, ranging from the variety of uses to the sizes/capacity and not to mention locking mechanisms and more. If you have an idea of your requirement in terms of how many keys you are looking at storing, the type of keys (whether they are regular keys or keys with bulky heads), in which type of scenarios it will be used in (high turnover/large number of users, etc), or the way key management should happen, then you are closer to figuring out what you need. » read more

Key Cabinet Accessories

When you are tasked with ensuring your building is secure, as well as responsible for the duty of care of the assets within, you probably need various office management solutions such as storage and key cabinets. You probably also asked yourself “which key cabinet is right for me” at some point in your requirement gathering stage. You may have stumbled upon this post when looking for options and reviews so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your key cabinet accessories. A key cabinet can be small enough to hold your home keys (to doors and various other locks) and large enough to house hundreds of infrastructure keys or even vehicular keys with bulky heads. There are many features that make them attractive to a buyer, not forgetting their aesthetics to match the office or interior and also the accessories it’s accompanied by. » read more

Key Storage Solutions

Are you on the lookout for key storage solutions? We have a great range for your selection at TelKee Lockable Cabinets. Here are our popular choices for you to have a look at! Small Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: All our TelKee Key Cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and match most office interiors with their sleek look and beige/gray tones. Within our range of small key management solutions, we can easily first break them down into categories by the type of security being used. Are you opting for a lock-and-key control system, or would you prefer to go with a keyless entry system via the use of a mechanical keypad.  You can opt to upgrade your security mechanism as per your wish as they are all upgradable. The models within Small Key Storage Solutions Range allows you to store from a maximum of 35 keys to 60 keys with the expansion panels that are easily latched onto the interior of the lockable key cabinet. » read more

How to Choose a Key Cabinet

When purchasing office management equipment, you need to address why it's needed and the features you will be requiring from it. These are all great things to consider. We have put together a "How-to" about choosing and purchasing a key cabinet, all courtesy of TelKee Key Cabinets. First off, let's address the types of Key Cabinets that are available to you. You can categorise the key cabinets by purpose, that is, will these cabinets be used for storage of infrastructural keys (consisting of buildings, offices, rooms, cupboards, etc) or will they be used to house vehicular keys (that are bulky in nature). The latter falls into the Vehicular Key Cabinets range. Then there's the matter of security, in terms of how you lock your key cabinets. » read more

Workplace Health and Safety in Australia

Working in the land down, there are many things to look out for when it comes to Workplace Health and Safety. If you're an Australian business, you need to ensure that your workplace is equipped with a WHS lockable cabinet to store the manuals, guidelines and policies that should be followed to ensure that your employees' health and safety is upheld.   There are many items to look out for; especially when it comes to the particular industry you work in. Keep in mind that you need to adhere to these regulations and codes of practice to ensure the standards are in place. These can range from anything from using asbestos in the home or workplace, to managing risks, medical solutions and worker's compensation to name a few. When it comes to maintaining a Workplace Health and Safety lockable cabinet you need to ensure that it holds all the items necessary for your employees as well as you, the employer, to know the ins and outs of the standards. » read more

Workplace Safety Tips by TelKee Lockable Cabinets

At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, Australia, we strive to ensure that proper measures are taken to promote a stress free and safe environment to work in. With our lockable cabinets, key panels and various key & storage management solutions & products, we aid taking one step closer to the achieving the ideal work place balance. This week, we focus on Workplace Safety Tips that are ideal choices when working in office management in Australia. TelKee Lockable Cabinets and its solutions can definitely aid you in this regard. Maintain a Clean Work Area. This will help remove hazards by keeping it clean and tidy. Prevent Exposure to Hazardous Situations with Due Care. Use Guard and Engineering Solutions to Protect Oneself from Exposure to Hazardous Situations. » read more

Key Cabinets for Estate Agents

When you're in the market of selling and renting out houses for your clientele, it can be a daunting task to keep everything organised. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we have a few office management solutions that will make keeping track of real estate documentation and keys a breeze. In the real estate industry, there are many listings in the market whether it's for sale or rent, and as a real estate agent, you'll need to be diligent concerning the duty of care of the properties your clients place in your hands. Whether it's from the various files and papers to the keys, you need to stay on top of things. Concerning files, the place to store them would be with a alphabetically or numerically catalogued filing system in a piece of furniture that any office will have - a filing cabinet. » read more

Best Way to Organise Keys Using Key Cabinets

The road to a self-sufficient office is with proper management and organisation of your assets. That's why TelKee Lockable Cabinets has on offer some great Key Cabinets, Multi-Use Cabinets and not to mention accessories for organisation and management of various key and miscellaneous items in an office. In this blog post, we'll be looking at the Best Way to Organise Keys Using Key Cabinets courtesy of TelKee's products available for purchase in Australia! Here are a few preliminary steps you need to take to best use your secure key cabinets to the fullest and make it work for you in the best possible way for hassle-free and efficient duty of care. 1. Find out Your Key Management Requirement First off, find out what you actually need. » read more

Property Key Cabinet Solutions

If you are in the real estate market, property key cabinet solutions can definitely come in handy.  Whether you are in the business of selling or renting properties such as house, office space and buildings alike, or even employed to take care of them as a custodian/care taker, you will be responsible and tasked with safe guarding and being accountable for the keys to those properties. Therefore, you will find that the key cabinets will not only prove to be the right solution for the job, but the most efficient one as well. The number of properties under your wing may be a few or they may be a lot, therefore according the quantity you require, the size of the bulk of keys you will need, the total number of hooks and space needs to be figured out. » read more

Key Cabinets for Car Dealerships

Are you an automobile lover? Does your professional life also revolve around it? Maybe you own a car dealership! You're in luck, because we've got a fabulous product for you that will help with key management of your vehicles up for sale. With a great range of Vehicle Key Management Solutions by TelKee Key Cabinets, find out what makes them an ideal choice for your car dealership business. Maybe your car dealership business deals with a large number of vehicles, or requires you to stay on top of things with regards to car rental keys if one of your supplementary businesses is that too. One thing is for sure, you will definitely benefit by using the TelKee Key Cabinets that are specially designed for vehicles. The concept of the TelKee vehicle key cabinets is about being organised and to offer security & control of the multitude of keys. » read more

Great Organisation and Management Tips with Lockable Cabinets and More

Is your office a clutter with heaps of items lying around your desk and work surfaces whether its office supplies, keys, paper and much more? How about we put those things away and design a system that really works when it comes to organising your office for efficiency and productivity.  Let's get to it! Clean out your Desk Drawer. If this is the first place you reach for once you are seated in your desk? Then you should make sure that you keep the essentials in it, in a manner that makes it easier for you to get to them. You can utilise a lockable multi-purpose cabinet to store the stuff you have cleared out from your desk drawer. If you have keys that need storing but don't own a key cabinet, opt for a filing cabinet suspension panels and hang all your keys there. » read more

Setting up Policies for Key Control & Management with TelKee Key Cabinets

The purpose of a Key Control & Management Policy is to ensure that there is reasonable security to the likes of members, employees, residents of a property for their personal protection as well as the property/properties in it. Key cabinet solutions can greatly see to it that it's fulfilled with the help of such a policy system set in place. In order for you to set up a Key Control Policy, you'll need to define the following areas of scope and concern. 1. Definition of Key Control Department: Define the department which is responsible for key control, management and maintenance and assign responsibilities, roles and action plans. 2. Personnel Authorised to Issue Keys: Denote how the issuance of keys is authorised, by which personnel and the procedure required to accomplish it 3. » read more

Tips for Organisation in the Workplace with TelKee Lockable Cabinets

There are many types of workplaces in the world, depending on the type of occupation you've chosen. Some of us work behind a desk or computer, some of us at sites and some of sit in board meetings. No matter what you do, you'll need some form of organisation to get you on top of things concerning your job. This week at TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we bring you some tips to staying organised in the workplace, and how you can use secure lockable cabinets to help you in that regard. 1. Clean up, Tidy Up: It may come as no surprise that the first order of business to organising your workplace, would be to start by cleaning and tidying it up starting with your work desk or area. File papers away into filing cabinets, put things that need safeguarding into lockable cabinets with adjustable shelving (these are convenient because it can be adjusted to fit a certain height you require), and not to mention keys should be safely stored in their lockable key cabinets to ensure your responsibilities are well secured. » read more

5S in your Workplace with TelKee Lockable Cabinets

The 5S methodology is essentially a Japanese discipline that has been proposed for workplace productivity. What 5S will do is to make the workplace more pleasant, improve work efficiency & safety, as well as improve customer satisfaction and more. With TelKee Lockable Cabinets, you are able to easily supplement and facilitate the execution of these disciplines with the aid of the nature and functionality of products offered by TelKee. Be it key cabinets, multipurpose cabinets, Workplace Health & Safety cabinets, or other accessories made available to you, they will be able to bring you one step closer to achieving the desired benefits of a 5S system. Being a methodology founded by the Japanese, there are few steps involved in 5S, which stand for Seiri (sort), Seiton (straighten/streamline), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize), Shitsuke (sustain). » read more

TelKee Key Cabinet Locking Systems

Finding the right key cabinet is important when you are making an investment for your business. The size, capacity, sturdiness and security of said lockable key cabinets and multipurpose cabinets are important as you'll need them for your day to day activities as well as integral to your duty of care responsibilities. Therefore be wary of what's available in the market and choose wisely when you are investing in a lockable cabinet. Here's what you should opt for when you are about to buy a lockable cabinet for your office. Sturdiness: Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminium construction, with durable stainless steel full length hinge for high use sites. Security: Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock with mechanical keypad keyless entry or standard bi-lock keyed entry security, coupled with auto-latching door. » read more

Secure Storage Cabinet

Security is a must in this day and age. Whether it's physical, cyber or intellectual, you need to make sure that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your assets and intellectual property is safe and guarded. One way to do that is by ensuring you keep things under lock & key, be it in a room or safely away in a cabinet. But where would you keep those keys? Have you considered a secure storage cabinet to ensure that physical intellectual property as well as keys to assets would be safeguarded? It would be a great idea, in fact.   There are many types of secure storage cabinets for you to choose from when you looking for reliable storage solutions in Australia. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of cabinets that serves all these purposes and caters to commercial and industrial sectors be it real estate, transport, government offices, hospitals, and more. » read more

Industrial Key Cabinets

Are you looking to reduce theft? Minimise your insurance exposure? Meet your 'duty of care' needs and enhance inventory control procedures? If you are looking for a solution to all these requirements, we've got it for you! Industrial key cabinets can help you with all of them and more. Catering to industrial, commercial and even residential requirements for key management, and ranging from small secure cabinets to medium and then large, you are assured that the industrial key cabinets available for purchase courtesy of TelKee Lockable Cabinets and their distributors Australia wide can help you improve efficiency and effectiveness in your workplace. These industrial key cabinets are ideal for industrial estates, mining sites, corporate offices and buildings, estate management firms, architecture firms and sites, government offices and complexes, aged care centres and hospitals too. » read more

Organising your Office with the Aid of Lockable Cabinets & Accessories

When it comes down to it, you know that your office needs to be in tiptop shape to get your work done. Gone are the days that you'd be hiding behind skyscrapers of files and paper, and a bowl full of keys and various other miscellaneous items strewn on your desk. With lockable cabinets and accessories, it's truly a thing of the past. You can easily bring order to chaos with the use of filing cabinets, key cabinets and not to mention multipurpose cabinets, along with accessories such as key hook suspension panels for filing cabinets and key/hook expansion panels for key cabinets to accommodate more capacity and much more. Let's find out how you can put these secure cabinets to work for you in your office. Filing Cabinets are usually used just to store and organise files, right? » read more

Your Office Secure Storage Cabinet

Keys, files, documents, CD, DVDs and other digital storage devices such as pen drives and external hard drives are extremely important to the continuity of a company and its intellectual and physical property. That's why is crucial that you invest in secure storage cabinets whether it's for filing, keys or multiple purposes. With the right storage cabinet, the proper security in place and not to mention the fitting accessories provided, you can definitely make your corporate life easier and more efficient by doing research on the best option in terms of secure storage cabinets and their accessories. Here's what TelKee Lockable Cabinets has to offer. Key Management Solutions Keys need to have their own place, proper labelling and above all a system to figure out who has removed it from its place. » read more

Key Storage Solutions

Is your office or company going through structural or policy changes, and one element of change is the fact that all items require its own a place in terms of storage and accountability for the person who is charge of them or who uses said items. In the case of key management, your best bet would be with key storage solutions. Now, you may think what is there to think about when deciding on a storage cabinet for keys, it's pretty simple right? Essentially it is, but there are many components and features that come with quality key storage solutions, like those offered by TelKee Lockable Cabinets. You are probably wondering what makes the key storage solutions at TelKee so good. It's the fact that not only is it a reliable product, but it offers a well-rounded solution with its features, upgrades and accessories that provides proper means of key management that is every so necessary in the real world, corporate or otherwise. » read more

Things about Your Security Cabinets that you need to Know

When you are considering the purchase of your security cabinets, first you should know exactly what its purpose will be. Will be it to hold your documents and small to medium sized office assets that need safekeeping, and maybe even your keys? What other accessories will you need along with this security cabinet, an also how will this purchase of a security cabinet help you do your job better. These are all things you might be considering, and they are all important questions and justified as well. To clear up any thing you should know about security cabinets, we've taken the liberty to give you some pointers on what to consider and to look for.   Purpose The purpose of a security cabinet is pretty self explanatory. It's about making sure that the contents you choose to put inside it will be secure. » read more

Key Safes

If you are shopping around for key safes, then you are at the right place. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of reliable, sturdy key safes across various sizes, models and even industry uses. Whether you need it for the home, or the office, they come in handy because let's face it, we all need a place to keep keys, right? That's why these lockable key management solutions are such a hit! It follows the simple rule, a place for everything. Different Sizes of Key Safes When it comes to choosing a key management solution, you might look at the size of your company, and the requirement at hand. If you are a home office, then a small key safe cabinet would be ideal, however if you are growing enterprise, the largest option would be what you are thinking about. » read more

Key Storage Cabinet

When selecting items for your office, whether it's a home office, or you are part of a growing enterprise, there are many things to consider. If you already have certain office essentials already bought, you need to figure out how well you can use them, and what you will need. A filing cabinet is something an office always has, but have you purchased a key storage cabinet for your important and essential keys.  Keeping your assets and information (confidential or otherwise) safe is crucial for a business, therefore you need to find proper place for the keys that are responsible for the security. However, have you considered whether those keys itself are secure. In such cases, secure key storage cabinets are the ideal solution to your key management requirement. » read more

Key Cabinets for Real Estate

When you are in the real estate market, you know that you can't lose important client information and assets such as deeds or the keys to their properties. Whether you are in the business of flipping houses, or rentals, it's important to be on top of your game. One way of doing that is with key cabinets for real estate keys, and the likes of filing cabinets for deeds and other client information. It's the same with real estate agents, rental properties, and even hotel and inn accommodation properties. A proper and designated place for your keys can definitely help in ensuring that you not only know that your keys are in a safe place but they can be accountable with the features included with the key cabinets you are using. With two types of key cabinets on offer, being key entry and keyless entry, you are provided with tracking systems which will help accountability. » read more

Security Cabinets

As a company specialising in ensuring that your assets and important information is kept safe via the use of security cabinets, secure key cabinets and more, TelKee Lockable Cabinets is committed to offering you quality and secure products for your requirements. Apart from security cabinets, you may also purchase the likes of adjustable shelving for key cabinets, vehicle cabinets, workplace health & safety cabinets, suspension key panels for filing cabinets, printed key tags and other various key management accessories. Each of the security cabinets made available by TelKee Lockable Cabinets comes with a standard cam lock which is supplied with 2 keys. You are also offered a 3-digit combo lock as an upgrade feature which comes with a three digit changeable combination that works the same way that a cam lock would, where you will not require batteries, maintenance and is quite ideal for all your security cabinets. » read more

Secure Key Cabinets For Around Proper Management of Keys

If you lead a busy life and hold various responsibilities around the office, then you will need all the help you can get to be on top of things. Usually such help comes in the form of being organised and having a system at office to ensure everything runs smoothly, and it helps to have certain items to make it happen, such as secure key cabinets. When it comes to keys, as well as important files such as bank documents, deeds and so forth, it's always best to have them under lock and key, safe and sound, basically, secure! With TelKee Lockable Cabinets you can, because it has some great models that aren't just secure key cabinets, but also offer the likes of multi-purpose and workplace health and safety document storage cabinets, key hook suspension panels for filing cabinets and more. » read more

Safety Key Cabinets for the Workplace

When it comes down to it, you know that an important part of running a business is to make sure that not only are your documents and other assets organised neatly in their designated places, but also, for them to be safe. Keys are one of the most common things that can be easily misplaced, lost or stolen. That's where being equipped with effective safety key cabinets come into play. Making life easier in terms of not only key management but securing and safeguarding the keys, they are a life saver to most employees who are responsible for such assets. When it comes to key management and security, lockable key cabinets or safes, or as some refer to them, safety key cabinets are ideal. Their sole purpose should be the safety of the keys being stored, but as secondary functions, it should complement ease of use, organisation and also accountability to make sure that your office processes function without a peep! » read more

Key Safe Cabinets and Lockable Multi Purpose Cabinets

Your office is where you spend most of your daytime, and you need things to be available to you for your day-to-day activities. You also need them to be methodically placed and organised in order to increase your productivity and efficiency. Key safe cabinets, secure multi-purpose cabinets or even filing cabinets are ideal for just that. What's more is that your things will definitely be secure. Key Safe Cabinets Key safe cabinets are important, some say vital for a proper business to function because there are many things under lock and key, and you need a place for it to be safe such as in a lockable key cabinet where proper accountability and management is in place. The fact that each key has a proper place via an index card or book, denoted with a printed tag for what purpose it serves as well as means taken to ensure accountability with the use of signature strips. » read more

Key Safe Cabinets

Your keys need to be kept safe, as they may be needed for various needs and requirements in your daily personal and business lives. That's why, maintaining your key in a secure place is important, and that's where key safe cabinets come in. Whether it's to get into your home, car or office, or even the various lockers and cupboards, they are crucial for properly management and maintenance in order to access your assets and other items. Ranging from varying sizes and facilitating various capacities, you are assured of its security, but above all, proper management and accountability that is ever so important in the business world. Let's find out which Key Safe Cabinet is suitable for your requirement. All of TelKee's Lockable Cabinets for key management are made out of 1ml-1. » read more

Secure Lockable Cabinets for Government Offices

Living in the speedy lane can be daunting. It's the very same when you are working in the fast paced world of business too, and it's none the truer for government offices. They require accuracy, efficiency and above all, proper management. That's why you will find that secure lockable cabinets are the ideal solution when handling, storing and securing your important data and valuables. Putting extra practices in place with its accompanying accessories is just another way to save time and make sure everything is in place at your office. Whether it's paperwork and various bulky items that needs safeguarding or the keys of your offices, other assets, a secure lockable cabinet can be extremely useful because. Not only are you making sure that your belongings and assets are safe, but you are allowing for accountability (when a person checks out an item from the cabinet, especially in the case of key management solutions). » read more

Beneficial Uses for Lockable Cabinets

Key cabinets, filing cabinets or any other variety of lockable enclosures are important for a company to function adhering to the practices of ensuring that what you need are readily available but also safe in interim. That's why you need lockable cabinets, because they are extremely beneficial to business functionality. Managing the workplace can be difficult and at times quite disorganised if you lack the proper means to promote management and organisation. With lockable cabinets, whether you are planning on storing and safeguarding your keys, files, documents, and other various items, you are assured that they will have a designated spot on a shelf or hook. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we understand your needs, and have products that will help you with these requirements, as well as go the distance and even make sure future expandability is possible, and if you already have filing cabinets, that with suspension panels, you are able to maximise on your storage capacities. » read more

Secure Lockable Cabinets by Telkee

With over 50 years experience in Australia, Telkee Lockable Cabinets are renowned for their key management solutions. Shipping to any corner of the Land Down Under, with swift and efficient services of any key management solution, big or small, you are assured of reliability and quality when it comes to secure lockable cabinets, whether it's for storage of keys or any other assets that might require safeguarding. The secure lockable cabinets can be used for many uses, be it for personal use, commercial or even industrial needs and scenarios. Whether you need it for your personal home office, office department, or even a job site, these secure and lockable cabinets are ideal. Not only can you store the likes of keys (both building and vehicles), but also other small to medium sized items such as files, folders, books, CD/DVD cases and much more depending on the size of the cabinet capacity you have chosen. » read more

Benefits of Metal Filing Cabinets & Security Cabinets

Organisation and proper management is crucial for business growth, and a lockable cabinet aids in the process greatly. Across various industries, there have been many great uses for secure cabinets, whether they are for filing and storage of various items. Types of Lockable Cabinets There are many types of lockable cabinets available out in the market, ranging from wood, plastic and metal. Wood though quite the sturdy option is costly and can depreciate over time due to wear and tear, as well as be affected by nature. Plastic, is the cheapest yet, not the most reliable. Metal lockable cabinets are the best option, especially in an office environment. Made in the likes of aluminium, which offers a solution against rust, they are available in different styles and sizes, be it a key cabinet, or a shelving or filing cabinet available with various accessories to such as adjustable shelving and also suspension style key hook panels to be installed into these metal lockable cabinets. » read more

Security & Key Management Lockable Cabinets

Finding the right balance between organisation of your work space and items, and ensuring proper security is placed where needed is indeed important for office management, efficiency and productivity. With the help of lockable cabinets for security and key management you can do just that and more. At Telkee Lockable Cabinets, there are a number of solutions for key management, ranging from small and medium solutions to large scale cabinets with a capacity of over 250 keys. But that's not all that is offered, with  multi-purpose and work place safety cabinets, as well as the option of using existing cabinets to house keys to name a few. Let's look at the categories of products available at Telkee Lockable Cabinets. Small Key Management Lockable Cabinets: This range of cabinets is ideal for home offices (and even homes), small scale firms and agencies that require a key storage and management capacity of up to 60 keys. » read more

Security Cabinets

Security is an essential requirement when it comes to running and managing an office, whether it's physical security with guards, the security of your physical documents and keys, to cyber security as well. No matter whether we are in the 21st century, we have physical assets that rely on the likes of documentation and keys for proof and access. These can be anything from deeds and bonds, to rooms, safes and much more. This is why security cabinets are a must in any organisation, big or small. There are many things that you might want to consider when browsing to purchase a security cabinet. The most important feature would be safekeeping, and so, in which capacity your security cabinet safeguards your contents, that is, with a key or keyless entry. » read more

Physical Key Management Solutions

Your keys could very well be everything to you. You need it to get into your home, car, personal belonging and much more. This is the very same in the business world, as there are so many valuable assets that need safeguarding, therefore key management solutions have become a necessity across almost every industry, from health care to education, motor, real estate and much more. When it comes to selecting physical key management solutions such as utilising secure key cabinets, there are several things to consider no matter which the industry sector. Let's look at the features of a secure key cabinet for physical key management that should be considered during the selection process. 1. Determine the Requirements By this, we mean to say is to identify the need for key management solutions, and why the current solution, if there is one, isnt feasible or effective. » read more

Security Cabinets

We keep our loved ones safe and sound within our homes, so why shouldn't our assets and information be safe as well? With security cabinets, you can find a home for your items of importance, whether it is for small items, keys, files and folders of documents and other similar articles. There are a few necessary features that a cabinet requires for it to be secured. The first would be a locking mechanism. This should be the right type for your requirements too, that is whether it's a lock and key system, a keyless entry system, and also whether it has override features in the case that an emergency requires you to access the contents within. The types of locks offered by Telkee's security cabinets include the likes of the following. » read more

Workplace Health & Safety Lockable Cabinet

There are many policies and practices that a business or office can or should adhere to, such as the 5S Methodology. It's quite clear that with those methods put into practice, you will find a smooth-sailing ship at your workplace, and with a little help from lockable cabinets, you will find it even easier. The 5 S Methodologies involves 5 processes; sort, straighten, sweep, standardize, and sustain, in an attempt to eliminate waste of any kind. By ensuring that you have proper areas for storage of particular items, you can adhere to the workplace health and safety regulations too. Lockable cabinets can be used for any means of secure storage, from keys, to files, and not to mention an ideal place to store the workplace health & safety guidelines and documentation. » read more

Multi Purpose Cabinets

Keeping your office organised is instrumental for efficiency, as well as keeping in line with the 5S concepts of productivity. With multi-purpose cabinets you can make sure that you securely store various items that are necessary for the smoothing running of your operations.  These metal cabinets can offer so many conveniences especially with its adjustable shelving options, and different sizes and models that allows for growth and expansion. These lockable cabinets with adjustable shelves is provided by Telkee Lockable Cabinets and is perfect for storing small office necessities, whether they are files and stationery, to digital media items such as CDs and DVDs, to manuals, OHS documents, medical and first aid supplies, and much more. » read more

Managing your Keys with Wall Mounted Key Cabinets

Everyone knows that our keys help keep our assets and valuables safe. To keep those keys safe, we rely on the likes of wall mounted secure key cabinets, and appoint people responsible for them to ensure that they are always accounted for and available when you need them.  Whether it's for a home or a facility that requires a certain level of security, these wall-mounted key cabinets can be placed anywhere, whether it's at a security post, an administration office, or any place that you see fit. There should be a balance between security and convenience, from the building/office/assets being reinforced with proper security to the convenience placed on the person responsible for the keys to these various assets, regardless of whether it is physical or informational. » read more

Wall Mounted Key Cabinets Uses at Hospitals/Aged Care Institutions

Hospital, and various institutions in the medical and care sector have numerous needs for keys. They could be to open doors to various building, rooms, offices, or even to access lockers, medical cabinets and much more. In such cases wall mounted key cabinets are a god-sent. Making sure these keys are safe, organised and managed properly is very important in ensuring that operations run smoothly. Key cabinets offer you the convenience of having a designated place to safeguard the keys to assets, valuable items, medical and volatile items & substances, and so forth. They are made available to you because there is a dire need, where without such means, you will end up with disarray. These key cabinets allows an appointed person who is responsible for the keys stored to be able to withdraw, deposit or account for the keys for proper management. » read more

Securing your Wall Mounted Key Cabinets

Wall mounting your key cabinets can provide you with so many advantages be it with space in your office or building as well as organisation and ensuring that you need not worry about the cabinet itself being moved around. These wall mounted key cabinets are sturdily fixed to the wall via the pre-drilled fixing holes at the back of the cabinet.  Apart from safely securing the key cabinet to the wall, there are also ways in which you can secure the contents within. Let's look at how you can secure your wall mounted key cabinets with the help of access control systems via locks and keys, as well as keyless entry methods. These key cabinets, also known as key cupboards in different parts of the world, are used to safeguard keys ranging from house keys, office and building keys, as well as keys for vehicles. » read more

Putting Wall Mounted Key Cabinets & Accessories to Good Use

You probably are in need of a solution to your key management needs, whether it's to safeguard them or merely store them away in one location for your convenience. With wall mounted key cabinets, you can do all that and much more. Really! It's hassle-free, efficient and you are given the option of models which cater to standard keys as well as bigger or bulk variety of keys as those used for vehicles. When it comes to wall mounted cabinets, we all know how useful they are. They offer means of storage by making space available on walls to use! In the case of lockable cabinets, you may use them for storing multiple items, from books, CDs/DVDs and other such items, and with the likes of wall mounted key cabinets, you can store your keys belonging to various assets be it in the office, or in your building or establishment. » read more

Wall Mounted Key Cabinets

If you are business owner, and you need to safeguard your assets, what would you do? You would probably get yourself a safe. If you needed to safeguard keys, you should definitely invest in a lockable key cabinet, because let's face it, you can't store too much in a safe and it wouldn't be practical to keep opening a safe to put keys to your assets and such, right? The very keys that you are trying to secure could be keys of the establishment, in terms of a warehouse, difference offices, special areas in which requires extra security, or to manage and store types of spare keys to various rooms or even for vehicles and so forth. It's always a good idea to have one place that can keep all these items together with the assurance of it being safe. » read more

Accessorise your Secure Key Cabinets

Ensuring that your keys are safe and secure is very important, especially with the times and the possibility of theft ever lurking around the corner. With secure key cabinets, it ensures that your keys are safe, thereby you are assured that assets to those keys will be too, whether they access building, offices or even desks, cupboards and lockers, and even vehicles! The great thing about these secure key cabinets is that you are safeguarding yourself from the probability of theft whilst organising and enabling key management. The standard locking mechanism that assures safety and security of your keys include the likes of cam style locks with the possibility of upgrading to mechanical keyless entry keypad system or a 3-digit combo lock. » read more

Secure Key Cabinet Management Solutions

If you are on the lookout for some affordable, secure key cabinets that can store up 550 keys, then Telkee Lockable Cabinets can answer your calling! Across a range of options whether your secure key cabinet management solution is to be used in an office or in the likes of a car dealership (catering to the automotive industry), there are models of lockable key cabinets that can ensure your needs are taken care of in terms of security, accountability & identification! The goal and objective of these secure key cabinets is to aid your duty of care, in the task of deterring opportunities of possible theft as well as in the management of assets such as keys for offices, building, and the likes or even vehicles. These key management solutions range comes with standard hook & leaf panel models, suspension hook & leaf panel models, as well as shelf models depending on preferences. » read more

Secure Key Cabinets

If you are looking for a key storage and management solution for your office, business, or establishment, you will find that with the likes of secure key cabinets courtesy of Telkee Lockable Cabinets, that not only does it satisfy that very requirement but also undertakes measures to facilitate key control, and identification too. You may ask yourself how these secure key cabinets that come in an array of sizes with varying features can aid a business owner in ensuring that their property is safeguarded. It's pretty simple, as these key cabinets come with various locking mechanisms depending on the need at hand, ranging from cam locks with keys to keyless entry mechanical keypads that offers a manager override to name a few. With a hardy exterior, these lockable cabinets are very secure in its construction and have been reinforced with locking mechanisms to cater to your various needs. » read more

Vehicle & Car Yards and the Use of Secure Key Cabinets & Management

Asset management is a broad subject, but when it comes to the security of physical assets, there are ways in which you can ensure that proper measures are taken to safeguard them. If you are a business owner of a car dealership, vehicle & car yards or parks, then the likes of secure key cabinets for vehicles would be the ideal choice for safeguarding the keys to those assets. As a business owner  in the motor industry, you will need flexible solutions to match your growing business needs and requirements, such as the management of a large number of keys whether they are for new vehicle keys (which come as a bundle), cars that are being rented or have been sent for servicing, or merely keys for vehicles in a car yard or car park. » read more

Helpful Tips for Organising Your Storage Cabinets

Keeping your storage cabinets organised is an extremely important part of ensuring your workplace runs smoothly. Taking the time to purchase cabinetry that’s suitable for your business will ensure minimum time wasted searching for things, which inturn makes office processes that much more efficient and productive. We understand that getting paperwork and loose office supplies arranged can get downright messy sometimes; here are some simple, but useful tips to keep your storage key cabinets and filing cabinet solutions in tiptop shape! Organising Key Cabinets Ideal for decluttering large amounts of keys, key cabinets are popularly used in a variety of different occupations from real estate agents to vehicle hiring firms. From small key management solutions for a single emergency key box to larger options for over 400 keys, you will ideally need secure key cabinets to maintain authorised access to restricted areas, especially  if the key cabinet is located in a public area. » read more

Choices of Secure Key Cabinets

At Telkee Lockable Cabinets there are a lot of solutions for you to choose from across the board in terms of industries and their different requirements, as well as the types and models of secure key cabinets from the barest of minimums to concise solutions for your requirements. In this article, we will go through the choices of secure key cabinets on offer at Telkee Lockable Cabinets and its uses depending on the range of requirement. Key Storage Cabinets This type of key storage cabinets are available and facilitate the basic requirements you may have, being to store your keys. However, with the right tools and accessories, you can definitely enforce proper key management practices along with it too. These secure key storage cabinets come with standard security and locking mechanisms using locks and keys such as the bi-lock, cam lock and 3-digit combo lock. » read more

Secure Key Cabinets

You may have many requirements when looking for secure key cabinets. Whatever your need may be, be it a high security key management solution, an expansion friendly key storage solution, or a systematic means of issuing and tracking keys being stored in these secure key cabinets, Telkee Lockable Cabinets has a solution for your fits all your needs. There's a great need for security and accountability in today's world, with the need to lock up and secure assets, whether it's your home, office or a continually expanding company. There are numerous amounts of keys that are stored and logged, in order to prevent unauthorised access without the proper channels of communication or authority. In such cases, you will require secure key cabinets, to store these keys, assure accountability and also prevent unauthorised access. » read more

Key Cabinets and Key Tags

Let's face it; being assigned a bunch of keys can be a real hassle, especially if you have to carry them around in a big old key ring with so many dangling keys attached to it. You might spend ages trying to figure out which key opens which door and it can be a real headache. That's a thing of the past with key cabinets and key tags that allows you to only carry one master key to the key cabinet itself on your person. All those other keys you are responsible are happily stored on hooks according to their number which corresponds to that of the key tag, and is catalogued in the index cards or book. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers a great range of lockable secure key cabinets as well as a range of printed key tags for your convenience. » read more

Make Life Easy with Lockable Key Cabinets

There are many things that you need to consider when attempting to be organised and ensuring that your valuables are safeguarded. It's not easy to keep track of everything, and mistakes can happen, but if you had a little help in terms of keeping track of things, maybe with the use of lockable key cabinets and a little help from the accessories that go with it, wouldn't your life be a little easier? Key tags, and other accessories such as signature strips, index cards and so forth makes organisation simpler and more straight forward. However, if you already have a requirement for the likes of key tags, with Telkee Lockable Cabinets, there are some special key tags that come with the cabinets being sold. These include the likes of one plastic key tag bag that has been sequentially numbered from the starting point of one (1) to the number of hooks available in that particular model of lockable key cabinets which is available in either blue or red. » read more

Tips When Buying Lockable Key Cabinets

When deciding on office equipment and furniture, you might have an interior design aesthetic in mind. However, when it comes to ensuring that your property, assets and information are safeguarded, with the likes of lockable key cabinets, you may have to consider more criteria. In this article, we will be offering you tips on the decision making process when purchasing lockable key cabinets. Consider the following criteria when deciding on the type, size and features of your lockable cabinets. 1. Types of keys being stored, i.e., will they be stored as bunches, or are the keys oversized?  ♦ Consider the space that each hook capacity allows for hanging keys. The standard is to hold 1 or 2 regular house keys per hook. ♦ Oversized keys, such as car keys with insignias and bunches are by standard possible, however, they do take up a lot more space and can reduce overall capacity. » read more

Key and Lockable Cabinets for Schools & Universities

Let’s face it, lots of places need proper control and organisation, not to mention management practices. Without these in place there may be some form of chaos, especially when it comes to schools and universities, where you have so many requirements whether its key management or safeguarding personal information. For this very reason, that is why key and lockable cabinets are ideal solutions to those needs. Let us look at how schools and universities can make use of Telkee Lockable Cabinets. Schools and universities have a large number of rooms and as well as building complexes, not to mention cupboards, lockers, offices and the list goes on. For all these situations, the responsible staff will need to make sure that they are safeguarded during closed hours, or in fact if there are items that are not always needed in demand, ensure that they are locked away for safeguarding. » read more

Real Estate Key Management Solutions

In the real world out there, there are many needs to be met. What we do not always see is the need of the real estate offices, agents, and dedicated people who make a living by ensuring that people have a home to live in. Real estate key management solutions can help in ensuring that their work lives are made a little easier with property management, organisation, and coordination. With the rising population, one essential need would be a roof over one’s head for oneself and his or her family. For this very need, the real estate market exists with various properties on sale, on rent or long-term lease up for grabs. Therefore managing all these properties can be a hassle if not properly managed, and that is where real estate key management solutions come into play with the aid of secure lockable cabinets. » read more

Getting Yourself Organised When Using Secure Key Cabinets

Running an office is not easy, but if you are part of administration responsible for tasks, proper management and organisation goes a long way in ensuring that things do not go wrong, or missing. Secure key cabinets are the perfect solution for your key management requirement, whether you opt for a wall mounted option, or a filing cabinet addition, you need to be on top of things to ensure that they are utilised to the maximum potential and your administration requirements and needs are met. The first step in making sure that your keys are stored securely is to acquire or purchase a key cabinet with the right tools. That is with hooks for hanging the keys, a numbering system or slots to add them and preferably some form of expansion capability in case you feel there will be a requirement for it in the future. » read more

Telkee Lockable Cabinet Locking Options

Ensuring that your valuables are safe is important to us, whether it is for personal usage, or when it comes to corporate life. If you were to purchase a Telkee Lockable Cabinet, there are several choices of locking options for you to choose from, depending on your needs and requirements, and the level of security that you want included in your secure cabinets. Let us look at each of the locking options in order for you to make an informed decision. Standard Cam Lock: This is the standard lock that comes with the products made available at Telkee Lockable Cabinets and is included in the pricing as well. Each of these locks comes with two keys, where one will act as the master, and the other, the duplicate, or reserve key. Mechanical Key Pad & Manager Override Lock: A keyless entry option with a lock and key override feature provided for the managers, this locking option for secure cabinets is quite popular. » read more

Key Security Cabinets

There are many solutions available to you when it comes to key security cabinets. There are also various sectors and industries that require these types of cabinets for their day-to-day functions, but that does not mean that you, as a small business or office, or homeowner might not need them, because you might. For you to make an informed decision, here at Telkee Lockable Cabinets, we are .listing down the various SKUs (also known as Stock Keeping Units) for your convenience along with their features, capacity and specifications to make your decision easier. This week are focusing on the 347 key security lockable cabinet models. 347 Key Security Lockable Cabinets This type of key security cabinet falls under the Small Key Management Solutions category, whereas models that come under its purview include cabinets that are sized within dimensions and measurements of 47mmH x 280mmW x 80mmD. » read more

Secure Key and Storage Management for Real Estate Offices

Everyone needs a place to live and real estate offices are there to help you make sure you have a roof over your head, whether you are renting or becoming homeowners. They have a lot of information that needs safeguarding, whether it is the properties and their keys, to the data and files on each rental or house on sale. That is where secure storage cabinets come in handy, whether it’s for key storage, or for filing away important data and files that need proper security. A real estate office usually has teams of agents that handle their properties and have a system in which a certain property is assigned to one team or agent. However, in terms of managing the assets and items related to the property, it is up to the office to make sure that proper means are taken as your clientele depends on you and your assurances. » read more

Using Accessories to Your Secure Key Cabinets Efficiently

Securing your information, assets, and various valuables is important to any business or office. That’s why you need the likes of lockable key cabinets and other secure cabinets for this very reason. However, not many people know what it entails to efficiently use your secure key cabinets to accord to the right management practices and various other policies. If you have the right accessories, you can make sure that responsibilities and management practices fall into place. Numbered/Stamped Key Tags in Varying Colours and Shapes: With varying colours and shapes being used for your key tags, as well as it being stamped with numbers, you are able to properly maintain a log of the keys being used for which purposes, the location on the key cabinet hooks, and as well as when issuing the keys for usage. » read more

Choosing a Lockable Key Cabinet

The right solution for your key security requirements may be right in front of you but because you are not sure of what they offer, or how they can be of an advantage to you, you might be going home with a secure key cabinet that does not really fit into your requirement and the solution you were looking for. That is why, we at Telkee Lockable Cabinets, want to make it easier for you to understand what we offer and how you can put it to use. The reasons why you want a lockable key cabinet would be to secure your keys, of course, but how you do it whilst still ensuring that you have taken the necessary precautions and also management techniques to ensure that you are on top of things is something that is also important. You will proper locking mechanisms, and at times, something other than the usual standard lock and key, giving you more flexibility. » read more

Secure Office Storage Cabinet Solutions

Your office, no matter what the size may be, may have different requirements in terms of organisation and management. In turn, it will require the appropriate means and measures of office storage solutions. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of products that can cater to these requirements, in terms of key storage, file storage and as well as other assets and items that might need safekeeping. Let’s look at the different solutions Telkee Lockable Cabinets has to offer. Secure Lockable Key Cabinets These key lockable secure cabinets are handy for several reasons. They come in different sizes to fit your organisation or office size, as well as the capacity, depending on your key storage requirements. Expansions are possible using panels that can be fitted into the secure cabinets and they can be locked away using different means of security, whether it’s a key lock or even a keyless entry solution. » read more

Secure Key Cabinet Solutions

Security and safeguarding our assets is now a norm, but how well you do it can be somewhat daunting. There are many ways in which you can safeguard precious items and data, and one way is with secure key cabinet solutions, filing cabinets and other multi purpose cabinet solutions. No matter how you attempt to lock things away in the likes of filing cabinets, multi purpose cabinets, in safes, behind locked doors, where do those keys go? You will need a safe place to store those very keys and lock them away for safeguarding as well, right? That is why the likes of secure key cabinet solutions are available with a variety of options that comes with different types of locking mechanisms, as well as expansions systems. The are brought to you along with proper accessories and stationery for organisation control is made available to you by the likes of Telkee Lockable Cabinets. » read more

Telkee Multi Use Cabinets & Accessories

Requirements for security are many, and at Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets, we understand that your assets are important to you, as they are important to us. Ensuring they are safeguarded can mean a lot of things, but in terms of key management and security solutions, we have offered our lockable key cabinets for use. But, for other requirements, such as file storage as well as the storage of other important items, Telkee also offers Multi Use Cabinets and Accessories to make life more easier. There are many options to choose from the cabinet selection available depending on the sizing of each product, the colour, as well as the security measure offered. These models include the likes of the below mentioned; Telkee 530 Cabinet Model – measures at 530mmH x 330mmW x 165mmD and can be fitted with the cam lock or mechanical keypad. » read more

Hospitals and Aged Care Uses for Key Management Solutions

Hospitals and Aged Care Institutes have hundreds or thousands of people though the doors, whether it is for routine checkups or hospitalisation, or long-time assisted residence, the facilities, assets and information contained are numerous. To safeguard and ensure that they are safe, key management solutions are put into place all over the facilities, whether it is the security posts, administrations and more. Lets first look at Hospitals and how they are segmented, and what information and assets they could carry. There are departments for administration to lab work and pharmaceuticals, and then there are hospital wards for various treatments and so forth. All these departments, sections, and wards hold different forms of data that is also considered private and confidential and should be kept under key due to confidence between the patients and their caretakers. » read more

Miscellaneous Accessories for Lockable Key Cabinets

Protecting your assets is vital, especially when you utilise key management solutions such as that of a lockable key cabinet, it is important that proper protocol and organisation be upheld along with ensuring that these assets are also safeguarded. For this, you will require miscellaneous accessories such as locks, expansions, and even accessories. Locks for Lockable Cabinets When it comes to locks and the organisation you work with, they requirements and the preferences for locks will vary, depending on the use of the lockable key cabinet or even filing and storage cabinet that possess or you will purchase in the future. There is a variety of locking mechanisms available in the market and industry, from the standard locks, bi-locks, 30 digit combo locks, and mechanical keypads. » read more

Benefits of Key Lockable Cabinets

Whether it is for personal reasons or professional requirements, most of us will have come across the need to safeguard items of value in key lockable cabinets, whether it is the keys of various possessions to assets, documents and other items. With some great products available in the market, whether it is the size, the features, and accessories to the security that is integrated into each key lockable cabinet, there are many benefits that one will be offered when using such cabinets. A home or even a business will use various keys from the doors of the property, to office furniture, storage supplies and cleaning closets, vehicle fleets and much more. That is why the need for key storage and security is a necessity to ensure that proper management and organisation is upheld, especially when it comes to the backup or replacement keys of the originals that you are using currently. » read more

Organising Your Multi Use Lockable Cabinets

Being organised is a crucial requirement in the busy world that we live in. Being proactive and efficient relies in getting the right information and things for proper management, and the likes of multi-use lockable cabinets; you can be assured that is exactly what you will get. The means to being organised is finding the right type of lockable cabinet, in terms of the requirement at hand, functionality, and also the features and accessories that are offered along with it.      Ensure that it has a good suspension and counterbalance system, so that no matter what items you opt to store in the lockable cabinets, from keys, to papers, files, and even objects that need safeguarding, your multi-use lockable cabinet comes into use. What you might use your multi use lockable cabinets could be to store keys, in which you will require key panels with hooks, preferably on either side along with perforated key numbering sheets to be attached to each hook for better key inventory and management, as the keys itself will be supplied with the own numbered tags. » read more

Choosing The Right Key Cabinet

Management and the security of your assets is important, just as important as safeguarding vital information, whether it’s about your company, our clientele and so forth. That is why lockable cabinets with key and file management systems are in need and demand. Some of the main industries in the world require cabinets that allow you to safeguard your assets, files, and keys with proper management accessories. These include real estate agency offices, government offices, vehicle, & car yards for auto retailer to rental service providers, schools to universities and institutes, and not forgetting hospitals and aged care institutions and the likes. Real estate is ever the buzzing industry, with properties being put for sale and real estate agents handling the brokering of a properly by presenting and marketing it. » read more

Ways to Organise and Maintain Your Lockable Cabinets

A filing cabinet is usually an essential part of office furniture. Usually Filing cabinets are used to store files and documents. Most Filing cabinets come in different sizes. Depending on if whether you want the items stored secured or not, some cabinets have locks to prevent unauthorized access, while other cabinets are easy to transport and accessible by anyone. Businesses with large amounts of files, such as hospitals, law firms or schools, often maintain cabinets that cannot move easily. The thing that most don’t understand is that filing cabinets can be used to store much more than files and documents. We at Telkee can show you Ways to Organise and Maintain Your Lockable Cabinets so that you can store a lot more than that. What Usually Happens The main use of Filing Cabinets, as mentioned earlier is to store files and documents. » read more

Put Cabinets and Key Solutions to Use in Education Systems, Schools and Universities

When a person thinks of places or establishments that people should be mindful of the security of the keys they use, government offices and private organizations, real estate businesses or car rental places are the first ones that come to mind, Yes those places can be very, very busy places usually and a lot of emphasis would fall on the security of keys they use in that place. But when you come to think of it, the amount of work that goes on and the resources that need protecting in places such as Education Systems, Schools and Universities actually it might often be greater than anything that comes through a government office or in a private company. The amount of paperwork among other things that gets accumulated in a School or University can be huge. » read more

Types of Key Management Solutions

Key management or access management is one of the biggest responsibilities in any organization or institution. Depending on your requirement the kind of key management solutions that has to be applied varies. We here at Telkee offer 3 types of key management solutions which you can select from; namely small, medium and large. Small Key Management Solutions Small Telkee cabinets are the perfect answer to any small office key storage, and key security problems. With choices for cabinets from 35 hooks up to 60 hooks, a small, wall mountable key security cabinet from Telkee will suit small real estate offices, government departments, apartment building property management, small business and corporate services, providing an efficient and effective solution for the ‘duty of care’ you need to have in place for any office key storage. » read more

Need for Key Solutions and Cabinets in Hospital and Aged Care Centres

I am sure that if you work in office or any other workplace for that matter keeping track of all your office stuff can be an arduous task. With so many files and folders and other things to store and classify, unless you have a good working solution you might be in deep trouble before long. And also if you are working in a special area such as a hospital or and aged care center, storing things such as key take utmost importance. When the need for Key Solutions and Cabinets in Hospital and Aged Care Centres become increased, here is where Telkee lockable cabinetry and Key solutions will come to your rescue. The Benefits of Telkee Key Solutions and Cabinets Cabinets have been in use in offices for as long as one can remember. They offer an easy way to organise your office inventory in separate categories. » read more

Uses of Multi-Purpose Cabinets in Government Offices

Usually Government offices are very, very hectic places to work in. The amount of work that happens in a government office that goes on is not second to any private establishment; actually it might often be greater than anything that comes through an office in a private company. The amount of paperwork among other things that gets accumulated on citizens living in the region and are serviced at a government office can be huge. And usually government offices have to deal with various different things on a daily basis. This is where advantages of Uses Multi-Purpose Cabinets in Government Offices will be greatly beneficial. Key Management Solutions for a Government Office It may be government, it may be a private organisation but when it comes to key management you can’t be satisfied with normal file or resource management solutions in your office. » read more

Access Control Solutions with Lockable Cabinets

Keys have become an integral part of everyday life for every one of us. I am sure you can picture what sort of chaos would ensue if we lost our key chain even for a few hours. Yet, that is for single individuals; imagine how would it be if that same thing happened in an office or an organisation? The pandemonium and confusion would be incomprehensible. This is where Access Control Solutions with Lockable Cabinets introduced by telkee becomes a great option for key safety. Benefits of Key Protection If an individual loses their keys that can often mean the stress and hardship of having to wait until a new set is made; but for an office or a company or organisation it can mean the tipping point between a positive or negative balance sheet. » read more

Key Security and Storage Solutions

Keys have always held a position of almost fearful reverence from the earliest days of humanity. Perhaps it was because they had the ability of giving access to wealth and other important items which were stored away securely. Since those days the person who had access to key or the person in charge of the keys had great importance, thus securing the keys and keeping them safe became high priority as well. As time went by the methods of key security and storage solutions for keys may have changed but as we at Telkee are displaying, there still are quite a few ways to innovate key security and storage solutions. Different Solutions for Different Requirements When it comes to Key security and Storage Solutions you will find out that no one method will work for them all. » read more

Various Types of Cabinet Solutions and Models

Knowing where all your things are at an office is a job and a half. With so many books, ledgers, files and folders to stock and catalogue, unless you have a working dedicated solution you might be in deep trouble before long. And that too is if you are an ordinary office, what if you your office is in the business of real estate or managing a vehicle rental yard and have to keep lots of keys at your disposal at all times you have you might have your work cut out. Here is where the Various Types of Cabinet Solutions and Models offered from Telkee will come to your rescue. Our Very Own Key Storing Filing Cabinet Solutions One of the versions that Various Types of Cabinet Solutions and Models that Telkee offers are Suspension File key storage systems. » read more

Telkee Adjustable Shelves and Suspension Files Systems

The most essential things in an office environment are order and organization. Without order or organization the efficiency of the workplace usually takes a goes down and lack of efficiency usually means an operating loss at the end of the year. So many corporations tend to invest heavily on organization in their offices. There are several different ways to go about organizing the things in your office but usually the most tried and tested method is the way to go most cases. In the case of organizing, the best in the business is cabinets. With Adjustable Shelves and Suspension Files Systems we at Telkee offer the best multi-use lockable cabinets out there to get your office organized to a tee. What Telkee Gives You? A Telkee Adjustable Shelves and Suspension File key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard filing cabinet. » read more

Multi-Use Cabinets

I am sure that you would agree that the most important things in a work/ office environment are order and organization. If you lack order or organization the productivity of the office is greatly reduced and loss of productivity usually spells bad news for the end year balance sheet. Lots of organizations tend to put a lot of effort into the organization of their workplaces. If you want to organize office resources, the best out there are cabinets. And we are can tell you that we at Telkee offer the best multi-use lockable cabinets out there to get your workplace in the best orderly condition. For Your Special Needs At Telkee we have a firm belief that well-organized storage of general office apparatus lays the foundation of any disciplined business. » read more

Filling Cabinets Solutions

Whatever your work is or wherever you work, a well organised working environment has the ability to increase the effectiveness of the work that you are involved in. This is the reason why numerous offices or even large corporations invest a lot of time and money, commit resources, to raise the organisation level and ultimately the productivity of the offices. Of the various ones out there, one of the most prevalent methods of office organisation is the filing cabinet. With their space efficient build and easy of use it has developed into an essential item for any office. Then again, what if the job of your office is to store and secure keys, This is where Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions become useful. How It Works Now a problem may arise as to why have cabinets to store keys? » read more

Great Tips for Selecting Key Cabinets

When you are in the business of storing and securing keys then you know how important it becomes to find good equipment that helps you in this endeavour. Telkee offers you a wide range of these such as lockable key cabinets to satisfy your needs. But what if you are not sure of what exactly you need to satisfy your requirement or if you have question with regard to your selection; well, Telkee offers you great tips for selecting key cabinets to resolve exactly these kinds of situations. Can I store oversized keys or keys in bunches? With these great tips for selecting key cabinets you will be able to solve many trivial but all the same important queries. One of these is if the key cabinet is able to store huge keys or key bunches. Telkee cabinet’s capacity is designed based on 1-2 regular house sized keys per hook. » read more

Get Organised with Printed Key Tags for Your Lockable Key Solutions

When you keep a lot of valuable resources in your office or at your workplace your first action would be to ensure the security of those resources. The best way to ensure resources security is to ensure the security of the keys to whatever places or receptacles in which those resources are stored in. With a company such as Telkee you will find plenty of key security solutions for your company so I think you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to the safety of your keys. The next thing that you would be concerned about is the organisation of the said key. Because we all know with all those keys to be stored and protected, it will be very easy to misplace one key. This is where getting organised with printed key tags for your lockable key solutions from Telkee will help lessen your burden. » read more

High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia

No matter in what sort of field you operate in or whatever sort of office you work in keeping and protecting access to your valuable resources is essential for any enterprise or organization. If you are in a country such as Australia with vast expanses of distance between major cities, and even more when it comes to smaller towns in the outback, keeping track of all the resources spread around all your separate branches in those places will be an arduous task. The only way you can do this is by Key control by using methods such as lockable cabinetry. When it comes to High Quality Key Control Cabinetry in Australia Telkee is at the forefront. Securing Your Keys in Australia If you are working in an office in Australia and wondering about how to protect your keys, which give access to your securities and resources, you don’t have to look further than Telkee. » read more

Key Security Management Solutions

Keys, there is a reason why keys have been held in an almost mystical reverence since ancient times is the fact that they have the power to give you access to things stored away securely. That premise is just as good today as it was during those times. Keys are the objects that nearly all of use to keep us safe as well as our belongings and resources safe. Be it in your house or at your office the safety of your keys will ensure the safety of a lot items important to you. Telkee Key Security Management Solutions is here to offer you a variety of ways in keeping your keys safe. Vehicle Yard Key Security Management Solutions When it comes to managing access, nothing will come even close to the level of workload that you will have to deal with when managing keys to vehicles at a vehicle yard. » read more

Offices and Uses for Lockable Cabinets

You can never shy away from storing things if you work in an office. Be it a government office, a private institution or even a site overseeing office of a real estate management firm; you will always have something to store and secure at the premises. Sometimes the misplacement of valuable resources without any record of who was using it can lead to a bad profit-loss account at the end of the year. No matter what kind of office you work at you can find plenty of uses for Telkee Lockable cabinets. Efficient Key Management The most secure way to protect your resources is by efficient key management. And this is exactly what you get by using Telkee Lockable Cabinets. Keeping the keys of your workplaces sorted and at your fingertips has never been this easy. » read more

Key Management Solutions and Cabinets for Government Offices

Government offices can be very, very busy places usually. The amount of work that goes on in a government office that goes on is not second to any private institution; actually it might often be greater than anything that comes through an office in a private company. The amount of paperwork among other things that gets accumulated on citizens living in the region and are serviced at a government office can be huge. But sometimes the government office might have to deal with something different, something like keys, when you have to, keep track of access to a premises or store resources. This is just the kind of situation that Key Management Solutions and Cabinets by Telkee would be perfect. Key Management Solutions for an Office It may be government, it may be a private organisation but when it comes to key management you can’t be satisfied with normal file or resource management solutions in your office. » read more

Multi-Use Lockable Cabinetry

Order and organization are two of the most essential things in an office environment. Without order or organization the efficiency of the workplace usually takes a nosedive and lack of efficiency usually means an operating loss at the end of the year. So many establishments tend to put in some serious thought into organization in their offices. There are several different ways to go about organizing the things in your office but usually the most tried and tested method is the way to go most cases. In the case of organizing, the best in the business is cabinets. And we are here to tell you that we at Telkee offers the best multi-use lockable cabinetry out there to get your office in prime condition. Multi-Use For Your Specific Needs We at Telkee believe that efficient storage of general office equipment forms the basis of any well-organized business. » read more

Lockable Cabinetry and Industry Solutions

Keeping track of all your office stuff can be an arduous task. With so many files and folders to store and categorize unless you have a working steadfast solution you might be in deep trouble before long. And that too is if you are an ordinary office, what if you your office is in the business of real estate or managing a vehicle rental yard and have to keep lots of keys at your disposal at all times you have you might have your work cut out. Here is where Telkee lockable cabinetry and Industry solutions will come to your rescue. Lockable Cabinetry Cabinets have been in use in offices for as long as one can remember. They offer an easy way to organise your office inventory in separate categories. If the items that you store are normal files and folders then you would be satisfied with nearly any generic form of cabinet but if what you are storing are keys, things which can allow access to a whole other range of valuable resources, then you might better off using the form of a Telkee lockable cabinet that actually offer a better industry solution for your specific form of requirements. » read more

Filling Cabinets Solutions

No matter where you work or what you do, an organised workspace will always raise the efficiency of the work that you are doing. This is why a lot of offices or even huge companies pay a lot of attention and commit resources to increase the organisation and eventually the efficiency of the workspaces. One of the most popular methods of workplace organisation has become the filing cabinet. Space efficient and easy to use it has become a must have for any workplace. But what if your office is in in the business of storing and using keys? This is where Telkee Filing Cabinet Solutions will come in handy. Cabinets for Keys? Why do you need cabinets for keys, you may ask? Why not keep it in the old fashioned way in a desk drawer or a cupboard? » read more

Locking Options for Key & Storage Management Solutions

Keys, the magical devices that save and protect all those valuable resources that you hold dear; all of the things that you value and cherish. Keys have become an integral part of everyday life for every one of us. I am sure you can picture what sort of chaos would ensue if we lost our key chain even for a few hours. Yet, that is for single individuals; imagine how would it be if that same thing happened in an office or an organisation? The pandemonium and confusion would be incomprehensible. This is where locking options for Keys & Storage management solutions become important. Save Your Keys, Save Your Profits If an individual loses their keys that can often mean the stress and hardship of having to wait until a new set is made; but for an office or a company or organisation it can mean the tipping point between a positive or negative balance sheet. » read more

Vehicle Yards Key Management Solutions

When it comes to managing access, nothing will come even close to the level of workload that you will have to deal with when managing keys to vehicles at a vehicle yard. With transportation facilities taking more and more significance in an increasingly competitive corporate world, who better manages their transportation resources can hold the edge in day to day activities. Due to this efficient key management at your vehicle yards becomes essential. Telkee offers you some valuable vehicle yards key management solutions to achieve just this. Location is Everything The difference with vehicle yards, when compared with other places that require key management is that sometimes they can be housed in very remote locations. This can be quite a common situation when it comes to corporations that give services such as telecommunications, power or even transportation itself. » read more

Real Estate Property Management Solutions

When it comes to real estate you know that the instant thing that one does is to evaluate the value of that place or area. This is an understandable reaction. When we calculate this, some of the most obvious things that we consider are the location of the property, the resources that it has access to and the kind properties adjacent to it. But all of this would be moot if you disregard the most important aspect of them all – accessibility. Unless have control of the accessibility, everything else would be worthless. This is where the correct Real Estate Property Management Solutions become important. When it comes to Real Estate Property Management in a Real Estate office a huge importance should be given to key management. Seriously, imagine what sort of chaos would ensue if you lose a key, or mix up a couple of keys out of a set that looks identical? » read more

Uses for TelKee Lockable Cabinets

We all know that workplaces can be hectic and confusing places to navigate sometimes. When multiple people use the same work area and also the same resources during work hours, it can be very hard to keep track of who was where and during which time. This can sometimes lead to the misplacement of valuable resources without any record of who was using it. The key to solving this problem is to regulate access and this is where Telkee Lockable Cabinets can come in very handy. Way to Go – Key Management The most direct method that can achieve this solution is by efficient key management. And this is exactly what you get by using Telkee Lockable Cabinets. Keeping the keys of your workplaces sorted and at your fingertips has never been this easy. » read more

TelKee Lockable Cabinets

When it comes to key management solutions, TelKee Lockable Cabinets are the renowned key management solution providers in Australia. With over 50 years experience, shipping to any corner of the land down under, swiftly and efficiently, you are assured that your assets are safeguarded when you bestow into these cabinets for safekeeping. TelKee Lockable Cabinets can be used for numerous reasons, whether it is for personal, commercial or industrial use. If you have a need  for closed or lockable cabinet solutions, then TelKee is ideal for you, as not only does it provide you with options related to your need, be it for storage of documents, keys or even items of great value, there is an item for everyone. Let us look at what the options are. » read more

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