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Telkee Key Cabinets and Key Management Solutions

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Lockable Key Cabinets Australia

Telkee Key Cabinets is Australia's #1 Key Management Solution. For over 65 years Newbound and Telkee have manufactured commercial quality lockable key management systems in Sydney, Australia. All Telkee Key Cabinets come with a 5 year warranty, have a 100% guarantee and are shipped super fast Australia wide.

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Telkee Key Management Solutions

Every Telkee key cabinet comes complete with cam lock, 2 keys, plastic numbered key tags, alpha / numeric indexing and check-out systems. With over 100,000 cabinets installed whether you are a Real Estate, Police Station, Fire Station, Commercial, Industrial Complex, Mining, Property Management, Government, School, University, SME or large corporate office, you can trust Telkee to keep your keys safe!

All Telkee cabinets are made with 1ml - 1.6ml steel, are wall mountable, and have a powdercoated finish. Cabinets hold from 35 to 550+ sets of keys. Telkee also manufacture Adjustable Shelf cabinets and Filing Cabinet Key Storage systems and Workplace Health and Safety storage cabinets.

5 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world is a challenge. Apart from being forward thinkers that continually push themselves to be game changers, there are a few key habits that all entrepreneurs should aim to embrace. Here’s a look at the top five habits that the Telkee key cabinets team believes to be the most effective. Practice Self Discipline Research has shown that those with high self control are more capable with dealing with goal conflicts and are able to make positive decisions more easily. By removing temptations, allowing yourself the occasional ‘treat’ and forgiving yourself and moving forward if you fails, self disciplined entrepreneurs are able to make more informed, rational decisions on a daily basis without feeling too stressed or trapped. » read more

Lockable Key Cabinets for School Key Storage Management

Many schools use lockable storage cabinets for students to store their school books and personal items. Since these school lockers have lock mechanisms placed on the front to keep student’s possessions secure, it is important for school management to keep an extra set of keys for each locker in a safe place in case students forget their keys or access is required for security purposes. These extra keys can be kept secure and organised using lockable key cabinets which are widely available in Australia. Using Wall Mounted Key Management Solutions Since space is always an issue, consider opting for a wall mounted lockable key safe that’s sturdy and incorporates a sturdy locking mechanism. Telkee Key Cabinets has an extensive array of key cabinets that are suitable for both small, medium and large schools. » read more

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