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Telkee Key Security Management Solutions

Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets has been owned and operated by Newbound Pty Ltd, an all Australian owned and operated company, located in Sydney, Australia for over 50 years!

We pride ourselves at offering the finest quality products for your key security, and key storage, along with our faultless customer service wherever possible. We have an unblemished reputation for supplying the highest quality key control cabinets on the available on the Australia market today.

All Telkee cabinets are made with 1ml - 1.6ml steel, are wall mountable, and have a baked enamel finish. There are sizes and models suitable for all types of industries, including Real Estate offices, Government departments, Hospitals and Schools. Also available is a range of Adjustable Shelf cabinets and Suspension File systems .

We have key security cabinets with models ranging from 35 hooks up to our largest cabinet at 550 hook capacities. Most are available with a range of locking options including keyless entry and manager override locks, and come complete with all the required accessories to complete the key management system in your office or business.

The key management systems offered by a Telkee Key cabinet are guaranteed to help your key storage problems disappear.

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    Stress is one of the worst ways of killing your productivity and efficiency. When it comes to stress management at the workplace, not many people are aware of what steps you need to take to relieve yourself from it. Some say it is the role of the Human Resources department to help with this regard. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we value our employees and work towards helping them with workplace stress management. Here are the top 5 tips for managing stress in the workplace that we follow. 1. Create a schedule that reduces stress – to reduce the stress in your life, you will need to add “gap time” to your daily schedules. Experts in stress management have said that adding five gaps in throughout the day – waking day, 10am, 2pm, 4pm and at bedtime. By allowing yourself time to reboot (which often involves deep breathing, and other exercises) you are able to manage stress reactions and adjust yourself accordingly. 2. Become assertive – learn to say “No” to avoid becoming overwhelmed with work by bringing awareness into your current full schedule whilst maintaining a positive and team-oriented attitude. 3. Take a break – make sure you take vacation or your personal days to relax and unwind to get away from workplace stressors. 4. Unplug from work/disturbances – when you leave work, make sure you leave it behind. However, you should also consider unplugging yourself from technology and spend time doing things that would bring your relaxation. Consider switching off your phone and reading a book, perhaps. 5. Let it out – one of the best ways to deal with stress is to talk about it. Talking about what is bothering you can pinpoint the issues at hand and help you take steps to remedying it. Another way to deal with it is to use exercise and break a sweat – it’s a known fact that physical activity is a known stress buster. Even if it’s a quick but brisk walk during lunchtime to get your meal, it can help get the blood pumping and releasing endorphins to help with stress management. Did you know that the earliest signs of workplace stress include decrease in concentration and memory, increase in fatigue, poor sleeping, increase in headaches and more? These stress symptoms should be enough to make you want to make a change. Make a change today with the above tips for stress busting at the workplace! >>Read 5 Tips for Stress Management at Work

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Having various listings and properties to maintain, the Telkee Lockable Cabinets for key management have been very effective in managing them, and ensuring that our clients property is in safe hands.
- Amanda Burrows, Real Estate Executive